Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S – How to Choose the Right Console for Yourself?

xbox one vs xbox one s

Thinking about buying an Xbox but confused about which one you want to get? The Xbox One X and the Xbox One S are both improvements over the original Xbox One and both of them have their own characteristics. You can choose from the two depending on what your needs are. We will be comparing both Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S in this comparison and we will touch all the important points about both of the consoles.

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The Xbox One S was launched last year and brings support for 4K gaming to the masses. It also brings support for HDR content which means you will be able to watch HDR movies and videos on the console. The HDR support is also true for gaming so if you have a TV or a monitor that supports HDR, you can hook your Xbox One S to it and enjoy 4K content with HDR.

The Xbox One X is more powerful and brings a lot of power so you always have the best gaming experience on the console. Let’s start the comparison by comparing the hardware that both of these consoles have to offer.


The Xbox One X comes with an octa-core AMD processor which is clocked at a frequency of 2.3GHz processor. There is also an AMD GPU with 40 compute units that bring six teraflops of graphics processing power and the Xbox One X destroys the PS4 by 1.8 teraflops with that number. The console has 12GB RAM out of which 9GB is dedicated to graphics and games.

The console is cooled by a vapor chamber cooler to make sure that the console and its components remain cool even under the heavy load of gaming.

The Xbox One S, on the other hand, has a 1.7GHz octa-core processor which comes coupled with a 914MHz AMD graphics processor. The whole system is supported by 8GB RAM which is enough to handle 4K gaming.

The Xbox One S is definitely a bit underpowered as compared to the Xbox One X which brings better CPU frequency and GPU performance to the table.


The Xbox One X brings proper 4K gaming at 60fps which even the PS4 Pro cannot match. On the PS4 Pro, you have to choose either 4K or 60fps but the console can’t run 4K games at 60fps at all.

The Xbox One X has plenty of games that support 4K gaming at 60fps which puts a crown on itself making sure it is the most powerful console out there. The console can show a great amount of detail in games since it can handle 4K gaming natively at 60fps without having to trade-off for lower quality graphics.

The Xbox One S, on the other hand, is only able to handle 1080p gaming at 30fps for most games while some games do support 1080p at 60fps but you will have to trade those extra frames per seconds for graphics quality.

Both Xbox One X and the Xbox One S can support HDR playback so you can watch HDR content with both of these consoles.

Keep in mind that if you want to watch HDR content, you should have a 4K TV or a monitor with support for HDR. The Xbox One S can offer 4K content from Blu Ray or Amazon Prime and Netflix.


The Xbox One X comes with HDR support and 4K support for games but you will have to look for games that do support that. HDR with 4K isn’t available in all of the games for Xbox One X.

The Xbox One S also comes with HDR lighting supports for some games and they do make a visual difference when you play these games. You will notice that you have better lighting, better shadows and more accurate colors with HDR. Few games that support HDR are Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy XV, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Forza Horizon 3 and more.

The Xbox One X supports supersampling so if you don’t have a 4K TV, you will be able to run the games in better framerates even on a 1080p screen or TVs. The games will run more smoothly with the Xbox One X for sure.

Storage Options & Optical Drive

The Xbox One X comes with 1TB hard drive and has support for an external hard drive that you can use for installing games.

The Xbox One S, on the other hand, comes with storage options of 500GB, 1TB, 2TB all working at 5,400rpm. The One S also supports external hard drive storage which is a good thing to have in case you are running out of storage on the internal hard drive.

Both of these consoles come with 4K/HDR Blu-ray drive which can read Blu Ray discs easily.


Both of the consoles, the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S have the same connectivity options that include Gigabit Ethernet port for wired connection with Wi-Fi A/B/G/N/AC 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The Xbox One X supports 802.11ac dual-band WIFi at 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Talking about the ports, the options seem the same here too. You get a power connector along with an HDMI 2.0a in, HDMI 2.0a out, three USB 3.0 ports, S/PDIF, IR out.

Compatible TVs

Since the Xbox One X supports 4K gaming with HDR, you can have a 4K HDR TV to enjoy everything that Xbox One X has to offer. But if you have a normal TV with 1080p resolution, you can use that as well and the Xbox One X supports supersampling which will make you game perform butter smooth on a 1080p display.

The Xbox One S only outputs games at 1080p at either 30fps or 60fps so if your main purpose is to game, you will be OK with a 1080p TV. But if you want to enjoy the 4K HDR content from the Xbox One S, you should have a 4K HDR TV to do that. The Xbox One S doesn’t support 4K gaming with HDR at all.


The Xbox One S starts at $299.99 for the 500GB version while the 1TB version costs $349.99 and the 2TB option will cost you $399.99. Inside the retail box of the Xbox One S, you get an Xbox Wireless Controller, an HDMI cable that is 4K capable, power cable, 3-months Xbox Game Pass, 3-months Xbox Live Gold.

The Xbox One X only comes in the 1TB version and costs $499 but it is available on for $484.99. Inside the box, you get one Xbox Wireless Controller, an HDMI cable for 4K support, the power cable, 1-month Xbox Game Pass, 14-days Xbox Live Gold trial.


The Xbox One X is a powerful 4K gaming console that supports 4K gaming at 60fps and also HDR gaming. The Xbox One S, on the other hand, supports 1080p gaming but it can play 4K HDR content through a Blu Ray drive or from Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The decision is ultimately yours. If you want the full 4K goodness with HDR which includes 4K gaming and 4K HDR gaming, you should go for the Xbox One X. Go ahead and buy the Xbox One X if you already have a 4K HDR TV so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. You can alternatively choose to buy a new 4K HDR TV, especially for gaming.

The Xbox One S is good for those who aren’t looking forward to exploring 4K gaming but just want a console that supports 4K HDR content that they can play through Amazon Prime or Netflix.

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