Windows 10 ISO File Direct Download without the Media Creation Tool

An ISO file or ISO image is a file contains similar data as found on an optical disk. This similarity is the reason that they are called ISO. Usually optical media uses the file system, ISO 9660. ISO files are often used for managing large files that are supposed to be burned to optical media. They are also used for keeping a back-up of optical media like CDs and DVDs.

Most of the operating systems use ISO image as a virtual disk. We can download `Windows 10 ISO file using a number of methods. Here you will see how to download `Windows 10 ISO file without the `Windows Media Creation Tool.

Windows10 ISO direct download is possible and is available for every updated release, but it is hidden for the ones who are already using Windows 10.

When a `Windows 10 user approach the support site for `Windows 10 ISO direct download, the Microsoft support site detects the OS you are using. The Microsoft wants the `Windows 10 users to download `Windows 10 ISO file using the media creation tool. But we have a way out, and it is as simple as showing the support site that you are not using `Windows 10. To pretend in front of the web server, we need to change the user agent of our browser.

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Using Google Chrome

Open the following link in Google Chrome.`Windows10

Now press enter, it is normal that you will be redirected to the `Windows support page. But this web page will not show you the option for `Windows 10 ISO download, as the web server knows that the request has been sent from a `Windows based browser. Now let us pretend that the request is from some un-supported  (not `Windows based)  browser.

Press the combination of keys, Ctrl+Shift+I or click on the menu icon of Google Chrome and goto more tools, from the extended menu click on “Developers tools”

Development tools window will be opened. On this window click on the menu icon. Go to “more tools” and then click “Network conditions”. A new tab will appear on the console window.

Click on the new tab. Uncheck the checkbox with the label “Select Automatically”

You will see a drop down menu just under the check box. You must change the user agent from this drop-down menu. The new user agent must not be `Windows based. For example, you can choose any one from Blackberry group.

Keep this developer tools window open and then refresh the `Windows support that you opened first. This time after redirection you will see a dropdown menu on the web page, that allows you to select the edition.

Select the desired edition and click the “Confirm” button.

Now select language.

Now select the desired architecture (32-bit or 64-bit)

Windows 10 ISO file will now start downloading. You can see the progress in the downloads bar.

Make sure that during the process you do not close the developer tools window, as the user agent changes back to default once you close the develop tools window.

Using Internet Explorer

Open the Microsoft support site by writing the address in the address bar.


The browser will be directed to the support site, but the download options will not be shown.

Right click on the screen and select “Inspect Element”

Note: If you don’t see the “Inspect Element” option, type “about:flags” in the address bar. Then go to the context menu and check the check box with the label “View Inspect Element”.

After clicking on “View Inspect Element”, you will see developers pane on the screen.

On this pane, click on “Emulation” tab

Options in “Emulation” tab:

In the mode group, select “Apple safari (iPod)” from the “User Agent String” dropdown.

The web page will automatically refresh. If it doesn’t refresh itself, then refresh the page by clicking on the refresh button.

Now on the refreshed page you will see a dropdown menu that allows you to select the desire `Windows 10 version. Select your desired edition of `Windows 10 and click on the “Confirm button”

Now select the language and again click the “Confirm” button.

Select the system architecture for which you want the ISO file. As soon as you select the architecture, your download will start.


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