How to Use an Android Phone / Tablet as Keyboard on PS4

I really loved playing games on a computer. But there comes a time when you understand that in order to enjoy gaming to maximum, you definitely need a gaming console. And what could be better than a PS4 for this? When I switched from PC to PS4, I really loved games on the PS4, and they were way better than their PC version. But there was one thing that I found very annoying with PS4 and probably with any console out there. It is really hard to type using a controller on the console. The virtual keyboard is big and you have to take the cursor from one side all the way to the other side and then back. It is a tiring process and was a big headache for me when I wanted to enter some letter in Capitals.

Steps to Use an Android Phone : Tablet as Keyboard on PS4

Well, that was way back and Sony understood this problem, this is why they came up with a method using which people and gamers could use their Android Phone / Tablet as a keyboard on PS4. Yes, many of you might not know about it but it is possible. And all you need is a smartphone and you can type on your PS4 just as simple as you type on your phone. Just follow the steps below to use your Android Phone / Tablet as a keyboard in PS4.

Steps to Use an Android Phone / Tablet as Keyboard on PS4

Step 1: The first thing that you will to use your smartphone as keyboard on PS4 is the PlayStation app. In order to download it, head over to the Google Play Store and there search for the “PlayStation App”. Download it and install it on your Android Phone / Tablet.

Step 2: After the app is installed, open it and then you will have to log in to your PlayStation Now account. It should be the same account that you have logged in on your PS4.

Step 3: Now connect your Android Phone / Tablet to you’re the Wi-Fi. It should be the same Wi-Fi to which your PS4 is connected. This is important to make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Step 4: On the next home screen that you see on the Android device will have an option to connect to PS4. Tap on that.

Step 5: The app will search for the PS4 device and once you see your PS4 on the device screen, tap on it. Your device will connect to your PS4 and you will be prompted to enter a code.

Step 6: Now in your PS4, got to the Settings and then search for “PlayStation App Connection Settings”. Go into it and then select the option “Add Device”.

Step 7: As soon as you select to “Add device”, you will see a code on your screen. You need to enter the same code on your smartphone.

Step 8: Once the code matches, your Android Phone / Tablet will get connected to PS4.

Step 9: You will see a second screen option on the Smartphone app. Tap on it.

Step 10: On the screen, you will see two options on the top left corner. Tap on the icon that looks like Keyboard.

And that is all. Now you just need to type on your Android Phone / Tablet and the same text is going to appear on the PS4. This solved a lot of my problems and if you have been one facing the same problem, get your smartphone and enjoy this handy and useful feature of PS4.

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