Top 10 Brand New Gaming Monitors Released in 2017

You cannot compare anything else with computer gaming experience. It is because the games released now days take you to a whole new world, with new rules and into a different character’s body whom you can control. There are different gadgets and methods available that could take your gaming experience to a whole new level. And one such way is by adding a new gaming monitor to your game setup. You can have a setup of there displaying or could even stretch it up to 3 displays side to side which is way better.

Even if you are planning to get a new gaming monitor, you must be wondering, what are the things that make a particular screen stand out from all other monitors available in the market? Well, there are many types of monitor available out there and it comes down to your personal preference and the type of games you play, that decide the type of monitor you require. For example, if you love open-world RPG gaming, you need a monitor that could display high detailed images like a 4K monitor without any problem, but if you love fast first-person shooter games, you need a monitor with good reflexes and high frame per second rate.

So, this takes us to the new best gaming monitors that are available to you. Given below is a list of top 10 brand new gaming monitors released in 2017. All the monitors mentioned below are tested by us and deserve to be on this list. You will find a mixed variety of monitor types in the list and you can pick the one that satisfies your requirements from them, so you can enjoy all the latest games on all these monitors.

Top 10 Brand New Gaming Monitors Released in 2017

Acer XR382CQK

Acer XR382CQK

Acer XR382CQK monitor is a new 35.7-inch huge ultra-wide gaming monitor which offers you a screen resolution of 3440 x 1600 pixels. The best bard about this monitor is that it offers you a curved screen that offers great color reproduction and crystal clear images with a brightness of 300 nits. The aspect ration it offers is 21:9 and the curve radius of 2300 R.

Acer has optimized the monitor with the AMD FreeSync technology so that the users can get tear-free as well as stutter-free images and videos to your eyes. The response time of this curved gaming monitor is just 5ms and the refresh rate is just 75 Hz. The refresh rate might look less but the 178-degree viewing angle compensates for it making sure there is no action that you are missing on your screen.

In addition to that, you also get the GameView technology where the users have an option to switch between three different gaming profiles that are available to the user. There are 7-watt speakers included in the monitor that offers decent sound output. Also, the flickerless technology from Acer prevents your eye from any stress or strain when you are into a long gaming session. The Acer XR382CQK gaming monitor is available in the market for $1299.

BenQ PD3200U

benq pd3200U

BenQ PD3200U gaming monitor is the first 4K monitor on our list. It has a screen size of 32 inches and thus reduces scaling to a huge extent, the problem which is very persistent in small monitors and screens. However, with less scale on the screen, you are benefited with excellent pixel density on the 32-inch screen. There are a lot of positive points about this monitor which is hard to explain in this small post.

Talking about the specifications, apart from the 32 inch IPS display panel, the monitor features a 10-bit color as well as 4-millisecond grey to grey response time. The monitor is specially designed for business as well as CAD professionals, but that came as a benefit for gamers as well. You get great viewing angles in this monitor. So even the spectators sitting beside you can see clearly whatever is displayed on the screen. There are a lot of game modes and you won’t have to tweak your settings again and again to get the right image.

You will have to pay around $800 for the BenQ PD3200U monitor, which is not bad keeping in mind that it is a 4K display monitor.

BenQ Zowie XL2540


Truly saying, BenQ Zowie XL2540 is a monitor that has been manufactured for professional gamers only. However, the monitor is a bit small in size with a 24-inch display screen, an aspect ratio of 16:9 as well as the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The brightness of the monitor is 400 nits with the response time of 1ms which is pretty impressive.

You will be pretty surprised at the first look on the monitor as it looks really like a gaming monitor at first glance only. You will feel the real power of the monitor when you start using it. There are no dazzling effects in the monitor, but the refresh rate of 240 Hz and response time of 1ms is really superb while gaming. There is no G-Sync or FreeSync technology available in the monitor, but that is not required since the small screen is enough to eliminate all those factors. The monitor also offers you a lot of pre-existing presets that you can switch using the “S Switch” control pod. In case you are really a professional gamer, this is the best gaming monitor that you can get on the market right now.


For those who have used this monitor have rated AOC Agon AG35UCG as one of the best gaming monitors out there. It is a not a simple monitor, but ultrawide monitor spanning 35 inches with the screen resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels and aspect ratio of 21:9, and guess what, it even has G-sync.

The G-sync means that if you use this monitor with Nvidia graphics card, your system will automatically use the G-Sync technology to get rid of all the screen tearing and stuttering without laying any kind of stress on the CPU processor. You get 300 nits of brightness in the monitor with the response rate of 4ms.

The AOC Agon has a response rate which can be compared with many of the competitor monitors in the market, thus resulting in the low latency rate while you play heavy games requiring fast pacing on your PC. The only problem with the monitor is that it is quite bulky as well as pricey too.

Acer Predator XB271HK

Predator XB271HU

Acer Predator XB271HK is a superb gaming monitor with 3840 x 2160 pixel screen resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate with 27-inch screen size. With rock-solid game design and offers you excellent images when you use it at a rate less than the standard refresh rate. Since it is a 4K monitor, you would prefer it to use it at the low refresh rate. But there is not much to worry about that since the high screen resolution makes up for it.

However, some of the graphics cards may find it difficult with coming up with the G-Sync, since we found some kind of stutter while running the game at 35 fps and keeping G-Sync off. However, on turning on the G-Sync, the stutters went away. If you still doubt about them, you can turn on the V-Sync and set down detail a bit low, everything turns flawless. You will have to pay around $713 for the monitor but if you want a decent gaming monitor with good performance, this is one gaming monitor you should check for sure.

Asus MG248Q

Asus MG248Q is a cheap and budget monitor that comes with Adaptive Sync technology. However, the screen size of the monitor is less and it stretches only 23.6-inch. It features full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and response time of 1ms.

Asus MG248Q is a great budget monitor if you don’t care to compromise with some of the non-essential features. First of all, the screen is on TN display instead of IPS display. It makes up for more of the screen problems with its super-fast refresh rate of 144 Hz. It also possesses Adaptive-Sync technology, making it one of the best budget monitor of 2017.

The Adaptive-Sync reduces the screen stuttering and tearing, but you will need to have AMD graphics card on your machine for that. However, we faced no problem while using the monitor on Nvidia graphics CPU as well. But you definitely need a GPU equipped in order to use the G-Synch, otherwise, you can have a look at other monitors mentioned below if you do not wish to save much on getting the better gaming experience.

Asus ROG Swift PG248Q

Asus ROG Swift PG248Q

Asus ROG Swift PG248Q gaming monitor is one of the most affordable G-Sync display screen in the market. The screen is super fast with a screen size of 24 inches, resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 16:9 aspect ratio. The rightness is 350 nits and response time of 1 ms.

You should get this monitor if you really care about the screen resolution as well as the graphics too much. This is because of the impressive 180 Hz refresh rate offered by this monitor. For gaming purpose, the monitors take 60 FPS as the standard refresh rate and then triples it up. However, for that, you should also have a good hardware that could easily handle that much of stress.

Asus ROG Swift PG248Q is a superb G-Sync gaming monitor which could run heavy games without any screen problems with proper hardware support. Not only that, you can get this G-Sync monitor just for $446.85

Samsung CHG90 QLED

samsung chg90

Many of you will be surprised by seeing this monitor on the list, but we think it should be. The Samsung CH

G90 gaming monitor has a massive screen size of 49 inches and a whopping screen resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels. Because of the wide curved screen, we would give 178/178 on the viewing angles.

The first thing that will come to your mind after looking at this monitor is that it is going to take up a lot of space. You should also think of getting a wide table for keeping it. It features an impressive resolution of 3849 x 1080 pixels as we have mentioned above, will blow you with its image quality. In case you do not wish to use the entire screen for the image, you can use other unoccupied space for running a browser or music or something else.

The only problem with this monitor is its high price. It is a for premium gamers only and if you have a tight budget, have a look at a few other recommendations on the list.

LG 34UC79G-B

LG 34UC79G-B

Here is another ultra-wide monitor on our list. The LG 34UC79G-B is a 34-inch display monitor with a very widescreen, 21:9 aspect ratio and 2560 x 1080 screen resolution, the brightness of 250 nits and a bid huge response time of 10.3 ms.

In case you are using Nvidia, AMD or Intel graphics card and wish to use the wide display without spending too much on the monitor, this is the one for you. This huge monitor comes with AMD FreeSync technology that keeps the monitor free from the stutter and tears even when playing heavy games on it. Also, the aspect ratio of 21:9 seems best fit for playing any kind of game as well as a movie.

The resolution of this monitor is quite less when compared to other widescreen display monitors, still, LG 34UC79G-B is capable of pulling off superb images in terms of color accuracy as well as reproduction. You can also change the height of the monitor as per your desire, which is really a very comfortable feature to include with wide display monitors. The LG 34UC79G-B is available for $500 on Amazon.

Lenovo Y27G Curved Monitor

Last but not the least enters the Lenovo curved monitor Y27G which features a curved screen in the common 16:9 aspect ratio. Thus, you get the same immersion and viewing angles as in a premium curved wide monitor while you are into heavy gaming.

The small resolution definitely has some downside but on the positive side, it lays less stress on the graphics card of the CPU as well as on the GPU. So, your GPU will have enough memory to push the frame rate as high as possible. By the way, the standard refresh rate of Lenovo Y27G monitor is 144 Hz which is available along with the AMD FreeSync as well as Nvidia G-Sync technology.

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