Super Mario Odyssey Review: Best Super Mario Game Ever Made

Nintendo is a true gaming company which has brought a lot of memorable and remarkable games for players all over the world. I’ve played many games from Nintendo in my childhood few of which still remain my favorite like Super Mario. Well, if you have ever played video games, you know who Super Mario is. A smiling face with a huge mustache covering his lips and who jumps on birds and flying turtles, fights a dragon to save the princess, remember him? But at the end of October, Nintendo released a new installment to the Mario series, Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch and which is by far one of the greatest game of all time and the best Mario game till date.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Game Review


There is nothing much to expect from the story of the game. It is same like the other ones, neither very complex nor very simple. However, keeping the young players of Nintendo Switch in mind, the game is pretty simple to understand.

The game starts with a long introduction to the story before you actually start playing it. The developers knew that there is nothing kept in the story, but it is the gameplay which makes a game entertaining. This explains why the game does not possess an outstanding storyline.

The story starts with Mario boarding the Bowser’s airship. He is after Bowser, a giant overgrown turtle who has kidnapped Princess Peach once again. He again wishes to marry her and Mario takes it on himself to stop it from happening. I expected a new plot this time, but reviving the old plot with better and new gameplay is what we see in this game. They both fight with each other but soon Mario is sent under the clouds where he falls without control leaving his cap and the Princess behind.

Mario lands in the Cap Kingdom, a terrifying place where you meet the Cappy.  Cappy is a big ugly looking being who is also called a Boneneter. He also tells Mario that his sister has been kidnapped by Bowser as well and he left the Cap Kingdom in ruins.

We see different items coming from various kingdoms to realize that Bowser is actually in process of marrying Princess Peach. You also see the wedding planners, the Broodals, who are are huge rabbit henchman evil in nature. The come as the mid-bosses between you and Bowser.

But luckily, Cappy has the power to possess the objects as well as sentient beings around you. So he comes along with Mario to rescue Princess Peach from the Bowser by taking form on your Cap. Yeah, we did miss the cap while Mario didn’t wear it. Then they discover a working airship using which both, Mario and Cappy travel from one kingdom to another in pursuit of Bowser and facing his henchmen rabbits, but causing chaos and madness everywhere they go.

Features and Gameplay

Initially, the player is offered with different types of playing style. However, the company recommends you to play is at your home with each Joycon in each and so that you can easily enjoy the motion-controlled actions as well. However, this does not stop you from playing it in handheld more or using a Pro controller or JoyCon.

For people who do not want to think too much about the game and rather focus on enjoying it, there is an Assist mode. Assist mode keeps the player from falling off the map as well as also tells the direction where you need to head from where are in the game. Obviously, they have this mode keeping in mind the small kids that will play the game. Some gamers might not like this inclusion, but after all, Mario is a game that will still target the current children. It would be bad if half of the young growing children don’t play this game just because they can find a way. After all, they are kids.

But on the other side, there is a co-op mode available as well on the menu by which any of your family or friends can join in controlling Cappy, but you will have to bear capless Mario for some time then.

You learn the basic controls as soon as you start the journey in the first kingdom, learn them well as you are going to use them in the entire game. These basic moves include running, jumping, somersaults, making triple jump etc.

To bring up the map, you just need to press the small button. Not only the map displays your location as well as also acts as a small handy guidebook that contains all the information that you might be looking for and also of the people living on each side of it. The players also have an option to warp to any of the flagged checkpoints that you have already discovered.

There is a Crazy Cap shop in each and every kingdom that the players can use in order to purchase any kind of souvenirs or items. The shop also gets you different outfits, extra health, and caps. You can use the coins as well as the local currency to purchase these items.

There are hint paintings scattered around the kingdoms as well that you can find in the way of your adventure. These paintings act as portals taking Mario to a whole new world. The best thing that we liked about this game was that the players can throw the Cappy or the Cap to interact with creatures, other beings, and objects. You can capture these objects as well as enemies just by tossing your cap.

Power Moons and the Captures

In the game, Marios also has the ability to possess the body of other beings. The very first character you will possess is a frog. All in all, there are 52 targets in total that you need to capture in the entire game. The best part is that each and every character has a different gameplay. Some of them might be even specific to particular kingdoms, which in turn makes the game even more unique.

As you possess a character, you get some unique abilities as well which include fishing, lightning sparks, high jump, the T. rex etc. The player needs to use these abilities along with swapping different forms in order to solve the puzzles in the game, discover new areas and mainly to defeat different kingdom bosses.

The player also needs to collect the Power Moons in the game. You can find many of them scattered around in the different kingdoms.  Power Moons are the main power source of the Odyssey. You need them in order to use them as fuel for your airship to travel from kingdom to kingdom.

There is a huge difference in the kingdoms as well. You will find a color food land, a tropical island full of dinosaurs, a modern city and what not. They also differ in size and it falls upon the player whether he wishes to stick to the missions or go for the Power Moons exploring kingdoms before accomplishing your goal. You will find different interesting characters in the kingdom as well, along with various collectibles, secrets and a huge area to explore.

There are other ways to earn Power Moons as well. You can get them as rewards for completing a challenge on time or in the objects or sometimes right under your feet. You get it as rewards as well for just walking in the perfect circle or for herding sheeps or from the slot machine, growing plants etc.

You are definitely going to need them a lot and that is why we are focusing more on the Power Moons. The main fun of the game lies in the exploration and for that, you need the Power Moons.

Different kingdoms have hidden doors which take you to different segments of the game with new challenges and puzzles.


Super Mario Odyssey has beautiful graphics. Definitely, Nintendo Switch is not a super powerful console like PS4 or Xbox One, but still, it offers great details in the game. The developers have tried their best to include realism in the game. You can see the shine off the body of Mario after he comes out of the water.

There is just a mini-map that is on one corner and along with that you also see your health, local currency count as well as coins on the screen while playing. On the performance side, the game runs flawlessly on both the handheld device as well as on the TV.  You are definitely going to miss the motion gestures in the handheld mode, but that is not much a loss.

The Verdict

All in all, Super Mario Odyssey is an amazing game that we have seen since long. They have taken the old super Mario and have re-created it with complete genius making it one of the most enjoyable, varied, adventure full and fun video game which is available for Nintendo Switch in the market right now. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the best 3D platformer game that has been ever made.

The game is perfect and is a must play the game if you have Nintendo Switch. If you do not own a Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey is a good reason to get one for you this holiday season.

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