Safari for Windows – How to Download and Install Safari Browser on Windows 10?

Safari Web Browser is Apple’s own web browser designed for Apple devices. Just like Windows 10’s default web browser Internet Explorer, Safari comes as a default web browser on Mac systems. It provides an easy-to-use interface with extra space to surf whatever you want from the web-world. If you want to download Safari for Windows systems, then here we will guide you to download and install it on a Windows PC.

Apple Inc. has discontinued its Safari Web Browser for Windows system ever since 2012. This means you can’t get the latest and updated version of Safari Web browser for Windows PCs.

However, there’s an older version of the browser available for Windows PCs. To get the Safari Browser for Windows, you need to install the older version of it on a Windows PC and you will be able to make use of that browser on a Windows PC even if it is not officially available.

Before we jump on to the downloading process of this browser, let’s collect some more information about it first. Safari Web browser was introduced for Windows users to provide a whole new web-browsing environment. Unlike other web browsers, this browser comes with a basic design and an impressive set of features to make your web browsing experience super faster and smoother.

The browser serves a user-friendly interface with less complexity, anyone can easily start using this browser with basic knowledge of web-surfing. There’s nothing special to know about this browser, just install it and start exploring your favourite websites by entering the URL. Let’s check out the list of features available on Safari for Windows Browser.

Safari for Windows- Key Features

Safari Browser provides wide browsing Window which offers more viewing space. It is designed to provide a better browsing experience and not a new browser. You will enjoy browsing through this browser on a Windows system, as it provides the same interface like Apple’s MacBook and other Mac systems.

Super Faster Web-browsing 

Unlike Google’s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers, Safari for Windows provides super faster web surfing experience. It’s the fastest web browser designed for both, Windows and Apple products by Apple Inc.

Better security and privacy 

As far as the security of your system is concerned, no other products are as secured as Apple’s own products. Being an Apple product, Safari for Windows provides extra security with better privacy to make your web surfing worry-free. You don’t need to worry about Internet threats and other malware-attacks while surfing through this browser.

Consumes less energy 

Unlike Chrome and Firefox web browsers, Safari for Windows is designed to consume less energy. It is designed with energy saving technology which requires less energy from the CPU and saves a lot of battery of your Windows laptop.

Pin your Favorite Websites

Just like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, in Safari Browser, you can also Pin down your favourite websites on the browser. You can quickly access the Pinned websites after launching the browser.

Mute Tab feature

This feature lets you mute down the websites containing audio ads etc. You will not hear any kind of audio from that particular tab once you muted it with this feature.

Built-in AirPlay Support 

AirPlay comes enabled in this browser allowing users to instantly play videos from websites directly to the Television connected with Apple TV. All you need to do is, just click on to the AirPlay’s icon and select the device, the video will start streaming on the selected device itself. Make sure the devices are connected on the same Internet network.

These are some of the Key features available on Safari for Windows browser. You will get all these features with a simple yet impressive platform to enjoy your web-browsing. If you work on a Computer or laptop, then you can enhance your productivity by using it for your work. It will surely provide better work experience unlike the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

You are here to download and install Safari Web browser on a Windows PC, to do so, here we have prepared a step by step guidelines for you. Follow these guidelines, get the setup file of the browser, and install it on a respective Windows 10 and other Windows systems now!

How to Install Safari Browser on Windows PC?

Note: As mentioned above, Safari Browser has been discontinued and you will not get its latest version for Windows systems. Here, we are providing the older version i.e. Safari 5.1.7’s setup file.

Step 1: 

The first thing you need to do is downloading the Setup file of the Safari Browser for Windows PC. Since there’s no official website available to do so, you need to get it from the third-party sources. You can Download Safari for Windows from the following link now!

Download Safari for Windows

Step 2: 

Click the above link, the download process will begin itself. It will take a couple of minutes, and you will get a Setup file of the Safari browser for your Windows system.

Step 3: 

Now, you have to extract the downloaded setup file. All the required files and documents can be found in this folder along with a Setup file.

Step 4: 

Double click on to the Setup file of the Safari Browser from the extracted folder.

Step 5: 

Follow the basic instructions during the installation process.

You’re done with the installation process of the Safari Browser on your Windows system. Safari browser has been successfully installed on your Windows PC. You can start surfing the web-world on a new platform by now!



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