How to Rename Photos on iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads are devices that run on iOS. iOS, as you know, is an operating system for mobile devices from Apple. iOS does a lot of things differently if you compare it with Android. Things like not showing photo names in the Photos app. But what if you want to rename these photos on your iPhone or iPad?

The Photos app does one job and one job only. It shows you the photos on your phone and in your iCloud. Apart from that, there are other functions like editing the photo and that’s all. If you want to rename a photo that you have taken on your iPhone, you won’t be able to do it with the Photos app.

You can choose to do it in a long way by transferring it to your computer, renaming and then sending these photos back to your iPhone or iPad or, you can choose to follow this tutorial and see how you can rename photos on your iPhone and iPad easily.

The process is very easy and doesn’t require any jailbreaking or anything. You don’t have to go through any of that and we will do it with the help of Files app for iOS which you can download from the app store yourself.

Let’s get started with the process and we will see how to rename photos on your iPhone and iPad using the Files app. But first, you need to download the Files app from the App Store and for that, you need to follow the steps listed below.

Download Files app for iOS – iPhone & iPad (App Store)

On your iPhone or iPad, you just need to open up the App Store and search for “Files”. You can download the app from there and it will help you browse the files on your iOS device like your iPhone or iPad.

You can alternatively head over to the web iTunes store and look for the app. You can also follow the link below in order to download the Files app.

The Files app will work on any iOS device but you have to make sure that your device is up to date and on the latest version of iOS to be sure that this will work.

Now that you have downloaded the Files app, you can move on to the further steps and see how to rename photos on your iPhone and iPad.

Rename photos on iPhone or iPad – Procedure

  • Take your iOS device and make sure you have downloaded the Files app on it.
  • Open the Files app and then browse to your photos.
  • Find the photos that you want to rename and then long tap on them to bring up the context menu.

rename photos iphone ipad

  • Choose the Rename option and you will see that a new screen opens up and you need to give the chosen photo a new name.

rename photos iphone ipad

  • Type the new name for the photo you have chosen.
  • After you are done inputting the new name, just tap on the Done key on your keyboard and the new name will be saved.

rename photos iphone ipad

This is as simple as renaming a file on Android and since the Photos app doesn’t let you rename the files, having the Files app will let you do that. The files app helps you do a lot more things like moving the photos from one folder to another which you might feel is helpful if you want to separate a few photos from the main Camera album.

The same process can be used to rename a video file on your iPhone and iPad. The Files app is very helpful on iOS and you can actually rename all kinds of files on your iOS device with it.

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