OnePlus 7 Latest News February 2020: Rumors, Leaks, Images, Launch Date and More

Waiting for OnePlus 7 to come out in 2020? Well, who isn’t?

Going back three to four years in time and we will be waiting for a flagship from either Apple or Samsung or both. But since OnePlus started releasing its flagship killer every year, our brand choice seems to have changed.

OnePlus 7 news

OnePlus started releasing a smartphone not giving up on essential flagship features while costing half of what a flagship from Samsung and Apple would do. But they have been increasing the price and now have reached the bracket where flagship used to stand 3-4 years ago. Of course, the modern flagships from Samsung and Apple cost almost twice of what they used to earlier.

OnePlus 7 2020

In this coverage today, I’m going to talk about what OnePlus 7 will come with. Yes, the expected features, on-going rumours and what will be the price of OnePlus 7 when it makes it to the stands. Let’s start with each of them one at a time.

OnePlus 7 Design

There will be few exciting changes in the design department while the rest of the rectangular slab will be similar to what we’re already familiar with. Those two will be the internal design changes to officially become a water and dust proof handset and the use of new design tech to avoid using the not-so-favourite notched display.

Let’s talk about the notch first. In 2020, we have already seen how Huawei implemented a drop-hole design at the front, keeping a circular hole for the front camera at the top-left corner, just to avoid the notch. It still isn’t something that would bring back the lost order but it’s definitely not a notch of which most of the people are not okay with.

2018 also showcased use of motorized and sliding parts to house the front-facing camera and sensors. But the tech isn’t something practical and I’m not sure if OnePlus will be betting on any of those. The safe bet here will be to move ahead with the choice Huawei made recently and avoid the not-so-favourite notch design. If not be anything extremely useful, it will at least help OnePlus to stay away from the top-notch-memes.

There are high chances that they will also go with a motorised part to put the camera and sensors, allowing them to go into full screen mode and finally making it a reality.

Now the second design change I was talking of, the internal architecture that will help the device to officially get the water and dust proof feature and use it in all of their marketing materials. Not sure of many of my friends, but for a traveller like me, it will be a game changer feature.

In the design department, one can expect few small changes like they did in the case of OnePlus 6T McLaren edition. Yes, a couple of small cosmetic changes to change the way how 7 looks, giving it a fresh start.

OnePlus 7 Leaked Picture

Here I’m putting the only OnePlus 7 leaked picture which we can believe to be somewhat true.

OnePlus 7 leaked picture

OnePlus 7 Display

OnePlus has kept the display resolution limited to full HD+ till now which help them keep the cost of the device in control, further helping in delivering a full day battery life. But, as this ‘7’ variant of the flagship killer will be coming close to $700 price tag mark, customers won’t be happy with full HD+ resolution. They would be hoping for an upgrade and why shouldn’t they?

The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 inside supports up to 4K HDR resolution with support for HDR10+, 10-bit colour depth and Rec 2020 colour gamut. In laymen language, if OnePlus upgrades the resolution to 2K, the display on this device will look gorgeous. They don’t have to stretch things up to 4K mark as the 2K will be enough.

Added with the HDR feature, the screen will be able to make everything look exceptionally pleasing to human eyes. In short, such a display on OnePlus 7 will look stunning.

In case they chose to keep with full HD+ resolution in 2020 as well, the added support for the HDR10+ will still put significant changes on the table.

OnePlus 7 Processor

This is the most exciting part of 2020 flagship killer smartphone. The 7 will be equipped with the tech that will have support for 5G cellular network, having the maximum possible data speed on a cellular network. This will be a game-changing feature this year as only a handful number of smartphones will be equipped with 5G support. Of course, the number of 5G compatible smartphones will increase in the later part of the year but at the launch of 7, the competitors will be very few.

oneplus snapdragon 855

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 will be running the show under the hood which will bring this 5G support to the table along with all the latest generation Smartphone-CPU architecture. Snapdragon 855 SoC will house the X50 5G model that will be equipped with multi-gigabit 4G connectivity as well. The Wi-Fi modem onboard will also be an improved version than of what was part of 845 SoC.

This chipset is manufactured using the 7nm process, making things extremely small and powerful. It will open new doors for AI integration, allowing the software to control better part of the hardware to do the AI things on OnePlus 7.

I won’t be surprised to see 8GB RAM in the base model while the upper model getting a 10GB RAM pair. In fact, there is already a OnePlus handset with 10GB of RAM available. It’s called the OnePlus 6T McLaren, released in December 2018 with 256GB of internal storage.

So, seeing a OnePlus 7 with 10GB RAM won’t be a big surprise after all.

OnePlus 7 Storage

It’s a no brainer for anyone. 64GB will be the entry-level offering while the maximum one can get will be 256GB. However, I’m definitely in for the 512GB variant but judging from their current marketing tactics, a 512GB variant will be launched with the ‘limited edition’ tag.

Whopping 512GB of internal storage with WHOPPING 12GB of RAM? Kaboom!

OnePlus 7 Camera

The Snapdragon 855 SoC that will be powering OnePlus 7 comes with support for HDR10+ videos and the world’s first Computer Vision (CV) ISP that can deliver 4K HDR video recording capabilities. What it means in laymen language is that the rear camera module of OnePlus 7 will have more advanced hardware than the current 6T.

Whatever mega-pixel count the company picks to go ahead with, there will be an exceptional difference in terms of quality along with significant improvement in the capture speed. The 10GB RAM variant will further help the camera hardware and software combination to function at its fastest possible track speed.

The camera app will be equipped with new AI-powered features, allowing them to swap backgrounds in no time and without learning any photo editing skills.

There will be a dedicated focus on the front camera as well as that’s what most of the modern smartphone users look for. New AI-powered features will make their best to capture the best version of you and no doubt, the current portrait feature will receive software upgrades as well.

OnePlus 7 Software

In terms of software, there won’t be anything new which we are not aware of. Android Pie will be running the show since day one, juiced up with OnePlus’s standard additional features and tools.

As always, we will get near to stock Android experience and it’s going to be as awesome as always.

OnePlus 7 Battery

A full day battery is what we all expect and OnePlus 7 is definitely going to deliver it. The Snapdragon 855 paired with near to stock Android OS is going to make rooms for smoother operations which will further help the battery life.

The Dash Charge technology has been around which is still among the fastest charging technology. A new feature that is rumoured to be part of OnePlus 7 is the wireless charging and that too of ‘fast’ mode.

What’s your take on wireless charging feature? In my opinion, it shouldn’t be added just for sake of it as it’s going to make the device costlier than what it already is.

What do you think?

This was all we know of OnePlus 7 smartphone as of now which will be definitely branded as flagship killer in 2020. What do you think about all the aforementioned points?

Any particular OnePlus 7 feature you have been waiting for and hoping to get in 2020? How much this 2020 flagship killer should cost? I think it will cross the $700 mark as the 6T almost touched it last year.

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