Nvidia Volta Release Date, Specs, Price and All You Need to Know

Nvidia Volta Release Date, Specs, Price and All You Need to Know

Nvidia is one of the best GPU maker in the market and all thanks to them, millions of gamers out there are able to play and enjoy their favorite games on their laptops and PCs. However, the next big thing coming from their end is the brand new Nvidia Volta graphics card which features a brand new chip architecture. The first professional version of this ultra-expensive processor has already been unveiled by the company as V100. But if you have loved the Titan XP and GTX 1080 Ti GPUs, you will be glad to know that the Nvidia Volta is the successor of the Pascal generation, the architecture generation on which these two mighty cards are based upon.

Nvidia Volta Release Date, Specs, Price and Everything Else You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

Nvidia is planning to bring this the Volta GPU’s to the PC, and if they do so, we are going to see a huge boost in our Gaming machines similar to we have seen with Tesla V100. The Volta GPUs are way faster and better performer than the Pascal graphics cards, to be more precise 132% better than the Pascal GPUs.

The Volta design came into picture long back in the year 2013. However, at that time it was just a concept and just in the theoretical form. Initially, they imagined it as a simple silicon GPU that will follow the Maxwell architecture. However, that resulted in the GTX 900 Graphics card units. But soon after that, they come up with the Pascal architectural design what is also the latest addition to the already existing GPUs.

It seemed like Nvidia did forget their original plan, but now they look back on track. If we believe the rumors from various Chinese websites and other sources, we might see something big coming from them very soon.

Nvidia Volta Specifications

There have been a lot of rumors circling the specifications of the upcoming Nvidia GPU. The rumors tell us that the transistor and other different parts will be manufactured by the TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). They have been working on a 12nm Volta GPUs. Before this have had also produced 14nm GP107 silicon chips for Samsung.

By now, we can tell that the Tesla V100 Volta chips will be featuring a 12nm FinFET architecture. There will be 21bn transistor on the board with 5120 CUDA Cores. The Die size is going to be 815 mm square, a memory of 16GB HBM2 and memory bandwidth of 900GB per second.

We have heard from the TSMC that they are going to manufacture 12nm FinFET in large scale by the fourth quarter of the year. This could also be linked with the plan of Nvidia of launching Volta in early 2018.

Nvidia initially planned Volta to be based on 10nm chip architecture, but that was not possible due to one or the other reasons. Also, the rate at which the size of the transistors has been shrinking has been really slow in last few years that it was a decade back.

There are some other rumors as well which tell us that they might stick with the 16nm architecture and stick to the existing roadmap to present the GPU in early 2018.

If we look at the TSMC 10nm process, that might be more of a hindrance than performance booster, along with the current process and the 7nm lithography. TSMC has already announced this stop-gap, which they also have been promoting as the 12nm process. More or less it will be based on the 16nm process only, but with more density, we get the benefit of better performance, efficiency, and energy.

The news is that Nvidia has picked this 12 nm design for the new Volta GPUs and with the new architecture that are expecting to get huge boosts in power efficiency and performance. Since the process is based on the 16nm node, they should not face any problem in presenting a whole new GPU with new lithography and architecture in the market. However, it will be a risk just similar to what we have seen with their GTX 480 GPU that suffered from a lot of overheating issues.

In addition to that, we also know that the Nvidia Volta GPU will be running HBM2 memory. This was announced by Jen-Hsun when he introduced this new architecture to the world in the Oak Ridge Summit in the month of May. It is also possible that the HBM2 memory might also feature the cut-down. Right now the company is trying to run Pascal GPUs both on HBM2 as well as the NVLink right on the Tesla accelerators. A switch to GDDR5X and PCIe 3.0 for producing the cheap and less expensive variants. But that is hardly going to affect the Volta GPUs as they will be sporting the whole new GDDR6 technology and GV102 parts.

The upcoming Nvidia Volta GPU will be the GV104 chip that you might see in the coming GTX2080 as well as GTX 2070 graphics cards. Both the chips will be manufactured using the GDDR6 technology that could push a huge chunk of power to support the fast switching frames without requiring the need of HBM2. There might be some extra chunk of bandwidth as well in the GPU since it is going to offer 16GB per second data transfer rate when compared to the former GPU that offered just 14GB per second data transfer rate. The GDDR6 is not as speedy as the HBM2 but it is definitely faster than GDDR5X.

Nvidia is planning to include 384-bit memory bus with their new design which is actually favoring their new high-end graphics cards. In these new cards, they are able to offer a bandwidth of 768 GB/s which is not far from what we get 900GB per second from the HBM2 design from V100. The Titan Xp card which is based on the DDR5X which is only able to offer 548 GB per second of transfer rate.

We can not say any more about the Volta GPU as of now since there is not much info coming from the company itself. They need to focus on enhancing the performance of the low-level APIs that are new and upcoming. However, we recently saw an image on the Facebook spotted by a Reddit user who claimed it to be a Volta based Titan prototype GPU. The picture is claimed by a summer intern who worked at Nvidia. He stated that it could be a potential product of the future. We had no comments from the company so is it really a Volta card? It is not 100 percent confirmed.

We personally think that it is not the Volta GPU since it differs a lot from the Tesla V100. Also, it is not even close to the consumer release as of now. It will be really surprising if they decide to proceed on with the Nvidia Titan X Volta graphics card since many of us are expecting a whole new GPU with this new architecture and design.

Nvidia Volta Performance

Nvidia Volta Performance

There have been data around with a proper reference to the Nvidia GV100 Volta GPUs, which simply means that the graphics card is being tested somewhere at this point in time. It is for sure that they have been testing the GV100 Volta graphics card on applications which are hardly common and known to us.

On comparing the performance of the Pascal P100 and the new Volta V100 GPU, it was found that the new Volta GPU is 132% faster in terms of performance than P100. It the news is really true, then we could see a huge boost in the gaming performance as well as the applications that will be running on the new Volta GPU. However, these tests have been run on Geekbench benchmarks and while the card was running on a Linux environment At the same time they used the CUDA API and ran Shadow of War at 4K resolution.

The new Volta cards that Nvidia is producing have been developed keeping the AI in mind, featuring a brand new Tensor core design present in its core. The new silicon slices won’t be hindering or improving the gaming since they are not at all related to gaming. But we expect something more from Nvidia since this alone won’t have much effect on the performance when compared to the Pascal graphics cards.

The only comment that Nvidia has made over the upcoming card came from Jen Hsun Huang who said, “I love the name Volta because it would suggest that it will be even more energy-efficient.”

Nvidia Volta Price

We do not have an exact figure from the company and sources that tell us the price of these upcoming Volta cards. However, we can still try to figure out the price of the upcoming Nvidia GPU. Right now, looking at the rumors from MyDrivers.com, we could see the re-planning of prices of already existing GeForce 20-series GPUs.

Instead of releasing a single GPU with sky-touching prices, it is better to enhance the prices of all the GPUs a little bit. This will help them to generate better profits on overall products than by just generating huge profit from a single GPU. Still, we expect the price to be around $699, as we saw with the GTX 1080 Ti cards. Obviously, this high-end graphics card will be for serious gamers and for those who for whom money is not an issue.

Nvidia Volta Release Date

This is no doubt one of the most important questions that all of us want to be answered. When is Nvidia going to launch the new Volta GPUs? Nvidia themselves have kept their lips tight about the new architecture Volta GPU. Till now we have just seen the changing roadmap about it, but now there are a lot more mentions appearing every now and then.

The most speculated release time when we are expecting the release of Nvidia Volta is early 2018. No matter if they have already finalized the GPU and are testing it, it is very doubtful that the GPU tech giant is going to release it in the last two months of this year.

AIDA64 benchmarking tool makers found the reference to the GV100 Vola GPU in few of the new upcoming Nvidia drivers. Also, if we listen to Videocardz, their developers were trying to find the reference of the GTX 1080 Ti, early in February, which was unreleased at that point in time. Instead, they found GV100, the Volta GPU’s reference in that place.

We have also heard about the GPU in Nvidia’s Graphics Technology Conference that was held in the month of May this year. They also told that the pro Volta graphics cards have already started shipping for those who have cash enough to invest in the advanced accelerator motherboards. Jen-Hsun himself introduced the Volta silicon GPU as a masterpiece in the event, but there was no word on the release date of the Volta GPU.

There might be two variants of the upcoming Volta GPU, the GV104 silicon GPU likely being the one which focuses on the consumer version of the card. The Sl Hynix might also be referring to the same model when the announced the release of GDDR-6 memory standard. They said that they were actually “planning to produce the product for a client to release high-end graphics card by early 2018 equipped with high-performance GDDR6 DRAMs.” I won’t be wrong to link it with the upcoming Nvidia Volta GPU that is expected to release at the same time as well.

Well, whatever be the case, we are going to keep you updated with the upcoming Volta GPUs and all the news around it, right here at TabbloidX.

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