Nvidia Brings Some Big Surprises for PC Gamers at CES 18

Where people are having a lot of expectations from the big tech gaming giants like Nintendo, Sony etc., Nvidia, on the other hand, had other things in mind. They are expected to make it big at the ongoing CES 2018 with their cloud streaming, a self-driving car technology, and artificial intelligence. However, we are not going into all those futuristic technologies but into what they have planned for the game lovers in 2018.

Their recent success has given a huge boost in trying out their hands in other futuristic technologies without leaving their roots, their graphics cards business, behind. Instead, they are already ready to bring out new products like huge PC monitors, cloud gaming, and super gaming laptops later this year. Now, without wasting any more time, let us look into what we are expecting from Nvidia in the near future.

Huge Gaming Screens

It is almost impossible to have great gaming experience in small screens. Huge gaming screens are very important and that is understood by most of the players out there. And that has also been something Nvidia has been focusing on. We got to see three huge gaming monitors with big BFG-D screens. In case you don’t know what BFG-D stand for, it is “Big Format Gaming Display” which are specially manufactured keeping all the high-end gaming need s and requirements in mind. The CEO of the company, Jensen Huang focused on these initials during the announcement especially because the initials according to game “Doom” stands for “Big Fu**ing Gun”.

AS we said before, the screens are huge and could not be called Televisions because you will not find the normal TV functionalities in it. With the refresh rate of 120Hz, they offer Ultra HD 4 K resolution along with 100 nits of brightness and HDR color reproduction. There was a huge difference in the image when Nvidia showcased a non-HDR image and then an HDR version of the same image in the monitors.

Almost every gaming monitor coming out without G-sync technology embedded in it is waste. Well, that is not the case with the new Nvidia monitors as all of them feature G-Sync so that anything you play on the monitor has an optimum constant refresh rate. The 4K resolution along with amazing refresh rate makes sure that the players do not encounter any tearing or lag whole playing heaviest games on it.

However, there are other competitors out there as well and it is not going to be easy for them to penetrate the current market. But they are not going to sell these monitor under their branding, instead, these monitor will be sold by HP, Acer, and Asus. The basic configuration of these monitors will remain the same but the sellers can definitely add their brandings, speakers and other design customizations as per their wish. The company has not revealed the base price of the monitors but you can expect them in the latter half of the year.

Cloud Streaming

We have been hearing about Nvidia working on some kind of Cloud gaming technology, but till now we didn’t know what it was. They actually want to bring the ability to stream as well as play high definition games through their highly backed and powered servers from any kind of new and powerful to old and slow laptops. They already have a cloud game streaming service available but it is only for the Mac users. It is known as GeForce Now and is available for free in its Beta version. Now Nvidia plans to bring a similar but better version of it for all the PC gamers.

There is no doubt in the fact that Nvidia will require a lot of resources for it since they are going to allow hundreds of thousands of players to play different game titles on the server, and all that at the same time. They will have to do a lot in order to achieve that. Not only they will have to construct a lot of data centers that could handle that amount of load, but also they will have to geo-locate these data centers at different parts of the world so that the players do not face lags, latency or any other problems while playing the games.

If they make it possible, it is going make a huge impact on the gaming world. But there is still no word from Nvidia about the availability of this service and how much is it going to cost. All the gamers can do now is wait for it to get ready.

Nvidia Max-Q Laptops

Nvidia showcased a new design for laptops with the name Max-Q. The new design concept is what many other brands have been trying to achieve since years. Nvidia is putting a lot of focus on bringing out notebooks that could that could take advantage of high-end graphics cards and excellent gaming performance while maintaining very thin and sleek body.

The whole idea is to bring the power of a big huge laptop into thinner machines. The motive behind this is very simple and that is an advancement. Till when are we going to buy heavy thick laptops to fulfill our gaming needs. After trying few of them, we very able to play some of the latest games in their full graphics settings without any kind of overheating and problems. Most of the gaming laptops that we see now days are mostly like VCR and not at all portable. So, if you want to game from your laptop, you have no other choice. With sleek designed gaming laptops, Nvidia wishes to bring those users on board who have been avoiding gaming laptops because of their size.

GeForce Experience

For those who have not used Nvidia graphics card before might not know what GeForce Experience suite is. GeForce Experience is a set of different programs that allow the gamers to manage all the gaming drivers for your card and to take screenshots in 3D of your favorite games. The players can also share these screenshots and recordings with your family and friends on social media.

In the latest CES 18, Nvidia introduced another feature in their software, the Freestyle feature. The Freestyle feature brings a lot of filters that the gamers can use while playing the game to change the visuals a bit. Different filters play with the color, brightness and sharpness settings to offer the best image to your eyes.

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