New Gmail Design 2018: New Look and More Useful Features

Google has updated Gmail with a completely new design for its free as well as G Suite based email service. The new design brings a lot of improvements along with a bunch of additional features like allowing users to installs add-ons for Gmail from the G Suite marketplace. The new redesign is a big deal since it comes after several years of the older design and brings the design closer to the design language that Google has been using for a lot of its products like Android 9 Pie and more.

The older design wasn’t really that dated but it seems Google wants all their products to have the same UI and UX experience. This is helpful when you have a lot of people using your ecosystem and you want to make the feel of using the components in the ecosystem uniform. In this post, we will explore the new Gmail design and talk about some of the best features that the new design comes with. Some of these features are really nice to use and they also help you remove a lot of additional add-ons/extensions to improve the Gmail experience.

How to activate the new Gmail design 2018?

Before we move any further, we should take a look at the process using which you can get this new design update for Gmail right away – if, for some reason, it is not on by default for you. The process is different for standard free Gmail users and G Suite users.

Get the new 2018 Gmail design – For standard Gmail users

Switching to the new design in the Standard Gmail account is quite easy and straightforward. All you need to do is click on the Gear icon on the top right side of the screen and click on the Try the new Gmail Gmail design As soon as you click that option, the tab which has Gmail opened in it will refresh and you will be able to see the new design applied to your account.

Get the new 2018 Gmail design – For G Suite users

Now, the new design for Gmail is already live for G Suite users but it requires manual activation from the admin of the whole G Suite account. If you are the admin of the G Suite account, you can use the steps listed below in order to enable the new redesign for all the users.

  • Sign into your G Suite admin console by visiting this link.
  • After you have logged into your console, move to Apps > G Suite > Gmail.
  • Now click on User Settings and scroll down to the option that says New Design.

Gmail 2018 design for G Suite

  • Click on the option that says Allow my users access to the new Gmail UI and features and then click on the Save button.

This is all you need to do in order to enable the new design for users on your G Suite account. Users can now switch to the new design use the same method that works for standard Gmail users.

Gmail 2018 Redesign – Features & Useful Info

Now that we have switched to the new Gmail design, we can take a look at everything that the design has to offer. Let us first summarize the top features and then take a look at them one by one.

  • Organize emails right from your inbox – Archive, Mark as read, Snooze and Delete
  • Attachment previews without opening an email
  • Support for third-party apps from G Suite marketplace
  • New confidential mode to prevent unauthorized email access
  • Get suggestions on which newsletters, offers, and email groups to unsubscribe from
  • Receive warnings about potentially risky emails

Keep in mind that we are just mentioning the top features instead of listing every small update with this new Gmail design. Let us now take a look at each one of these features one by one.

Organize emails from your inbox more conveniently – Archive, Mark as read, Snooze and Delete

Gmail 2018 redesign - Organize emails

The main inbox has been redesigned to highlight the emails you are hovering over and the email preview also provides four extra options to manage and organize these emails without opening them.

  • Archive: The Archive button mainly just archives the email and hides it from the inbox. This helps when you don’t want to delete the email/email thread and still want to clean up your inbox.
  • Delete: The good old Delete button works normally and when you click the button, the email is sent to trash from where you can permanently delete the email.
  • Mark as read: In the previous design, you had to either open the email and then mark the email as read or you could click the checkbox next to the email and then select mark as read from the menu. The new option now allows you to mark your emails as read with the click of a button without opening the email.
  • Snooze: The Snooze button will mute the email thread for a set amount of time and you won’t get notifications of new emails on the thread.

These four new options are available right from the Inbox of your Gmail account and the features add a lot of great value to what Gmail is and you don’t need to use extra extensions in order to have the simple features like Snooze or Mark as read.

Attachment previews without opening an email

Gmail 2018 Attachment previews

The new 2018 Gmail redesign brings the ability to have a look at attachments in an email without opening the email. As you can see in the screen cap above, the images attached in the email are available for preview even in through the inbox. Clicking on the attachment will allow you to preview the attachment and then you can download the attachment from the preview itself – all this, without opening the email.

Support for third-party apps from G Suite marketplace

Gmail 2018 G Suite marketplace

The G Suite marketplace is like an app store for your Gmail or G Suite email account that provides you access to the apps listed there. The standard Gmail users can now install apps for their Gmail account from the marketplace and there’s a sidebar in the Gmail window for these apps from where you can access them easily.

Gmail 2018 G Suite marketplace android

The best part about these apps is that they will work even on the official Android and iOS Gmail app and you will be able to use it even on your mobile. For example, the Mailtrack app works great on the Android app as well and it lets you track the read receipts even with the official app.

New confidential mode to prevent unauthorized email access

Gmail 2018 Confidential Mode

The new Confidential mode comes bundled with the new 2018 Gmail design and it has some great features to offer. You can use the Confidential mode to send emails that cannot be forwarded, downloaded or copy pasted from. You can even setup the ability to require passcodes for opening the email which can be generated by Google and it will work just like the Google 2FA authentication works.

Gmail 2018 Confidential Mode - Remove access

You can set the expiration of the email as per your preference which will delete the contents of the email after the specified date. This can be done manually by opening the email from Sent and then clicking on the Remove Access button. Sadly, this only works on Gmail on the web and doesn’t work on the Android or iOS app as of right now. Maybe Google plans to release an update for their app once the new redesign is rolled out to everyone.

Suggested replies in the email thread

Gmail 2018 design suggested replies

Incoming emails will now suggest replies based on the content of the email and as you can see in the screenshot above, these suggested replies are quite accurate and can be used for replying quickly without typing. This was available on the Android and iOS app for Gmail since a long time but the new redesign now brings it to the web version as well. This is one of the many AI based improvements that Google has added to the new design.

AI-based spam and phishing protection

Gmail 2018 spam and phishing protection

Google is utilizing AI and machine learning to protect users from spam, phishing, and other dangerous emails. The new Gmail will display warnings and other information notices if their AI engine recognizes something fishy in the email. You will even be offered an easy one-click way of unsubscribing to emails from a regular sender if the emails are being sent too frequently from them.

Native Gmail offline

Gmail 2018 native offline features

No need to use an extension or an add-on to use Gmail offline. The offline capability has now been made available as a feature in the new Gmail redesign. The new native functionality can be accessed from Settings or you can click this link and access the option directly. You can perform all the actions that you can normally do while you’re offline. The native offline functionality now allows you to store emails on your computer for up to 90 days. This can come in handy to someone who travels a lot and has to work and reply to emails even in sketchy networks.

Wrapping it up!

The new 2018 Gmail redesign is truly one of the best makeovers that Google has given to the most used email service in the world. For an email service that just started as a weekly project hobby for a Google employee, Gmail has come a long way and it still kicks ass when you compare it to other modern email services like Outlook web and more. With the battalion of these new features and a completely new design, Gmail’s 2018 design is definitely the best one since the service ever came into being.

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