AsRock G10 Review 2020- The Unusual Wireless Router Choice

Are you looking for a decent wireless router that is good enough for streaming, gaming and be competent enough for day-to-day internet and browsing? Well, I think we have one on our radar, although a bit unusual, so check out our ASrock G10 router review.

We’ve got the right router for you then, no need to hide in shame because the ASRock G10 takes modern to another level and can also be considered as a rad art ensemble that’s entitled to be put under the spotlight or at least on top of the table that is.

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Asrock G10 Review 2020

Although the ASRock G10 router looks good, the engineers added way more than that. We call it the Internet of Things tech which makes the router not only look nice but even more practical than average. Infrared receivers and transmitters have been added to the ASRock G10, which means that you can now control remotely your home appliances just with your mobile devices.

The ASRock G10 has an extension that can be transformed into a travel router; the said extension has an Ethernet adapter and an HDMI dongle hybrid called H2R. What does this mean? You can plug it anywhere a LAN connection is available to get high-speed WiFi and wireless sharing! It can serve as a streaming TV Box as well so you won’t have to buy one.

WiFi Performance

AsRock G10 Dual Band Gaming Router + TV Stick

The ASRock AC2600 G10 Gaming Router has 4 high-performing internal antennas that provide a combined speed of 2.53Gbps, not bad and a good deal too. The router is also perfect for households wherein there are high volumes of traffic and congestion in the network.

This router offers a “Gaming Boost” function that is similar to Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS), which means that the device optimizes the performance of WiFi devices connected to the network. The ASRock G10 also has its own app which you can download on your phone – it’s called the ASRock APP. You can control remotely your appliances at home and are able to access storage devices without any complicated configurations. The AsRock router also has an advanced Remote Control technology, which enables a guarded, and hassle-free connectivity across multiple NATs. The setup up of all options as fixed private IP, fixed public IP, DDNS, port forwarding and firewall rules are a thing of the past now. Why? It is now easy as one, two to set up the router by signing up for a user account and registering the ASRock G10.

The ASRock G10 also has 4×4 built-in high sensitivity antennas that have a maximum of 1733 Mbps on the 5Ghz band and 800 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. We would also like to give credit to the 1.4 GHz dual-core processor, the beam forming, and MU-MIMO (multi-user MIMO) that allows multiple users to be able to surf the Internet, stream videos, and game online with exceptionally high-speed connections. Anywhere at home or office, the ASRock G10 provides a stable Wi-Fi signal that emphasizes on your location for optimal speed.

Wireless Performance

What is a router review without the ASRock G10 wireless performance figures? Here it did not disappoint although we got some interesting results in our test. While the 5Ghz band offers stellar performance, the 2.4Ghz ones leave something to be desired. It is not particularly bad and that might be rectified already with a firmware update, but it is a bit strange keeping in mind the market positioning and the price of the router.

While testing the 5Ghz band we managed to achieve download speeds of 401Mbps which is not bad at all! Large files transfer in an instant and streaming should be no problem at all. With various traffic optimizations and QoS, most people in the household should have no issues using the router to even the most demanding tasks such as 4K streaming and bandwidth-heavy internet gaming.

The 2.4Ghz band is an interesting one. We managed to achieve only about 80Mbps which is not very good for an AC router. Yes, we checked our settings on all devices – the results never peaked above 80Mbps no matter of the distance or settings. We tried different devices – laptops, tablets, mobile – nope, all the same – they top up at 80. Similar results were recorded by our colleagues at Trusted Reviews. Other reviewers on the net got well over 170-180Mbps but we didn’t. Strange, it could be due to a firmware issue or older router software – we don’t know. Keep in mind, as always, your mileage will vary!

Wired Performance

When we talk about a router we can’t afford to skip on the wired performance. While WiFi is catching up with cable, it is still not quite there yet. Yes, there are routers who claim to have a WiFi speed of up to 5300Mbps like the ASUS RT-AC5300 but we all know that the reality of it is a bit different.

Here are the G10 wired networking figures. LAN to LAN performance was a respectable 941Mbit per second, while the WAN to LAN performance was close to 870Mbps. Very respectable numbers nevertheless but we didn’t expect anything less from the ASRock gaming router.


AsRock G10 Dual Band Gaming RouterWhile the Asrock G10 might not be the cream of the crop or not even amongst the top 10 routers for gaming, it provides more than adequate performance for a reasonable price. While the price may seem too high to some, keep in mind that you can connect it to smart home devices, take it on the go and you can also stream your favorite TV shows without shelling out for extra devices. It is an all-in-one super device that provides exceptionally stable WiFi signal, comes with plenty of traffic optimizations and overall top-notch performance.

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