macOS Catalina Tips & Tricks

Apple has recently released its much-awaited macOS update for the Mac users named macOS Catalina i.e. macOS 10.15. Unlike the previous updates, this new macOS update brings a number of extraordinary features which makes it the most advanced macOS update till now.

If you have been a big fan of Apple during the past years and looking for some more information about this latest macOS update, then here we have enlisted everything that you might want to know about this update. For the advanced users, we have also prepared a list of macOS Catalina Tips and Tricks.

Being the latest macOS edition, it enables you to make use of some of the advanced features and functions by tweaking out with some keys and built-in functions which are included in the system.

The new Catalina update offers a new environment where you can breathe fresh air. The update itself is very powerful and it supports a new framework which makes the developers develop Catalina compatible apps for the Mac systems.

About macOS Catalina or macOS 10.15

macOS Catalina is the latest macOS released for Mac users globally. The update has been rolled out recently and is now available for free to download. You can upgrade your Mac system with the latest macOS Catalina to bring new layout and new interface.

The new update brings a new layout with a changed user interface. It actually makes the interface Pro one and not the ordinary one which is why most people are looking for some new tips which they could use to make it even more powerful in the real-life.

The hardware requirements of the new macOS Catalina is the same as the previous update i.e. macOS Mojave. If your system is running on the Mojave update, then you can install the new Catalina update on it without any hassle. The list of compatible Mac systems is enlisted below.

  • iMac (2012 or later)
  • iMac Pro (2017 or later)
  • MacBook (2015 and later)
  • MacBook Air (2012 or later)
  • MacBook Pro (2012 or later)
  • Mac Mini (2012 or later)
  • Mac Pro (2013 or later)

Anyway, here we have prepared a list of all the useful tips and tricks for the macOS Catalina users. Let’s get on to the list now!

macOS Catalina: Useful Tips and Tricks

macOS Catalina brings the new Dark Mode, Screen Time, Updated Find My Device, Sync with iOS devices and many other functions which you can tweak out to make the most of your Mac system.

1. Quick Multitasking

People use Mac systems as they get the best of performance from their system. When it comes to doing multiple tasks quickly on a PC system, most systems get stuck or interrupt the users by not allowing them to do so.

Once your system is upgraded to Catalina, you will see a Green color icon on the app. You can use this icon to move the app anywhere within the screen. You can use multiple apps by doing so from one single screen.

2. Notes Sharing

The update brings an updated Notes app with a new Sharing menu. You can actually share notes very quickly using the new Sharing option. You can have all the control to the notes you are sharing with your friends or colleagues. You can share an entire folder of notes or can set the privacy of the notes to view only.

The shared notes can be viewed by the recipients but they will not be allowed to edit it. Previously, this feature was not available.

3. Adding Signature to Documents

There comes a time when you have to add a Signature on the documents or PDF files. You can now do so using your iPhone or iPad with the new Catalina update. You can simply use the Markup menu which is inside the Preview menu.

From that menu, you can select the Signature option and can add your signature to the document manually. You would be allowed the access of your iOS device from which you can add a signature with the touchscreen to the selected document or PDF file.

4. Easy Unsubscribing option to Mails

We usually receive unwanted mails in the inbox from advertisers and product promoters which frustrate us sometimes. Well, Catalina will take care of you from now as it brings a new one-click to unsubscribe option to such emails.

If you are using Apple’s own Mail app to receive emails, you can make use of this function within the Mail app. When you receive such email, you would see a handy unsubscribe link on the top side. Just click on to the link to unsubscribe yourself from receiving emails from the sender in the coming future.

5. Availability of the Dark Mode Auto

The much-awaited Dark Mode is now official with the new macOS Catalina update with an automatic option. The Dark Mode was brough up by the macOS Mojave with limitations and manual tasks. But the new Catalina update has a special function that lets your system switch to the official Dark Mode automatically.

macOS Catalina has a new Auto option. That will let you choose from Dark Mode and Light Mode just like the iOS 13.0 update. iOS 13 brings two different modes for the users to choose from, Dark Mode and Light Mode. The same options are now available on the macOS Catalina update for the users.

If you wish to enable this feature, just follow this path on a respective mac system,

Go to: System Preferences>> General Tab and then select an Auto option from the given options.

6. Updated Safari Browser

Catalina update brings new Picture in Picture functionality in the Safari browser. Users can now enable this function from the navigation bar. There is an option to enable Picture in Picture functionality while browsing the web.

Picture in Picture is a good feature which is already available in many mobile apps. By enabling this feature, you would be able to pull out the video Window to the corner while you can surf the website and its content. The Video will be playing itself in the corner.

The same Picture in Picture feature is now available on Apple’s default video player, QuickPlayer. You can pull out the main Video Screen and can explore the library and other videos.

7. Device Syncing

iTunes is officially dead with Catalina which is now Music i.e. Apple Music. Some of the very useful iTunes features are now relocated to the Apple Music app. You can easily sync devices through the built-in Finder app.

When you connect your iPhone or iPad device to the system, you don’t have to launch the iTunes app. You can start syncing your devices with the Finder app itself.

8. iCloud Tweaks

The Catalina update brings some functions for the iCloud users as well. You can now delete the files from your system without deleting them from the iCloud’s library. You can simply right-click on to the Selected file and you would see an option Remove Download.

Once you select this option, the downloaded file will no longer available on the system. But you could explore it from iCloud’s library. You would also see a small iCloud icon beside the file name.

9. iCloud Folder Sharing

iCloud Drive has a new quick file sharing option. When you open iCloud Drive, you would be able to share an entire folder by right clicking on to it and selecting the Share button.

These are the most effective and useful tips and tricks which you could apply to your upgraded macOS Catalina system. These tips are very useful as they open up a new way to explore the web-world by keeping your security ahead.

10. Muting an Email Thread

This is yet another highly expected function added by Apple to the Catalina update. It helps you when you are at the receiving end of mass emails. Eg. if you have an announcement from the office and your colleagues and every other person starts replying to that email.

Whenever they reply, you will receive a notification. It is quite frustrating sometimes. But from now, you can simply use the mute function to such email threads. This new function will turn off all the notifications from the thread. You will not receive a notification from the people associated with it.

You can find Mute option from the email thread itself. Just right click on to such email and a pop-menu will be presented to you from which you can select the Mute option.

11. Blocking Sender

After muting an email thread, you could also block the sender from the default Mail app in the macOS Catalina. Of course, you can block out the users by using the traditional blocking method which consumes a lot of time.

But with the updated Mail app, you can simply block down the Senders in no time. Updated Mail app has a new Block Sender option. This new option does everything for you.

You can enable blocking by selecting the name of the Sender from the Block Sender’s list. It’s a very simple and quite useful feature.

You can find out this option inside the Junk Mail folder. Just head over to the Junk Mail folder and select Blocked option. From here, you can manage the list of the Blocked Sender easily.

Alternatively, you can also do a lot of customizations to your Mail app by using the Preferences option. All the newly added functions can be accessed from the System Preferences Window.

12. Use iPad as Secondary Screen

Catalina update brings new Sidecar option for the users of iPad who can use iPad’s screen as a Secondary screen while working on a Mac system. To use this new feature, users can connect two devices with the help of a USB Data cable. Or they can also be connected over the same WiFi connection.

Whenever you start a Desktop program on a Mac system and whenever it will require a secondary display, your iPad’s screen will be there to handle it. Using the Sidecar option, you can use the iPad’s Apple Pencil to interact with the existing program.

13. An advanced Screen Time

Screen Time finally arrived on the Mac system with macOS Catalina. It is an advanced Parental Control feature designed for the users to put a limit on yourself and your kids to make use of the apps on a Mac system. The same feature is already available on the iOS devices. However, the new macOS update brings it to the Mac systems as well.

Screen Time can be found in the System Preferences with which you can set up the time limit for the apps. You can use the same feature to monitor the time you spend on particular apps. It saves you time and improves your productivity.

By setting up a time limit on particular apps, the apps will be blocked themselves and you will have to give your permission to re-open those apps again.

14. Updated Find My App

Apple has recently updated its Find My App application for all the Apple devices to its iOS, iPadOS and macOS with their respective latest versions.

The updated Find My App helps you in finding your Apple devices easily than before. If your misplaced Apple device is offline, then this app will help you to find it using the other person’s device. You will be given all the controls to add people to the list.

You can launch the updated Find My App from the Applications folder or can launch it from the Spotlight directly.

15. Quick Access to your Apple Account

Apple has also changed the way how you manage your Apple Account. Gone are the days when you have to visit Apple’s menu to see your profile. You can have the access of your Apple account right from the System Preferences window.

This is a small yet very useful update. Whenever you click the System Preferences option, you will your Profile including the Apple ID i.e. your Apple Account with Profile picture and the rest will be as it is. You can manage your accounts right from here quickly.

If you have any more tips or tricks which are not included in this article, feel free to share them here with us. We would definitely add them in this list for our readers. Put them into the comments section given below this post.

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