12 Best CotoMovies Alternatives Android, iPhone, and FireStick – 2020 (Updated List)

CotoMovies, a popular application amongst video streaming enthusiasts, used to let its users watch movies and daily soaps for free. This free movies app was particularly popular among Android, iOS, and Firestick users and boasted of a relatively large userbase. However, recently CotoMovies has succumbed to legal pressure from the film industry, and pulled down its application.

This popular video streaming app faced a lot of heat from the makers of ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Angel Has Fallen’, which eventually led to its shutdown. Currently, on its official website, CotoMovies has issued an apology note to the various filmmakers, whose rights may have been breached. There’s worse that the users of this application need to deal with because CotoMovies has reportedly handed over all the user data and communication to Millennium movies. If you are wondering what Millenium Movies is, then it is the production house that produced the motion pictures ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Angel has fallen’.

A point worth noting is that Millennium films have recently appreciated CotoMovies for accepting its mistake. Now while that indicates the possibility of a settlement agreement between the two parties, all isn’t good for the users of the CotoMovies app. The users may still get sued for illegal streaming and infringement of copyrights as the production house now has all the user data. So it is clear that the app-maker has shifted the burden onto its users. If you have been a CotoMovies user, then you must know that there are several legit free and subscription-based video streaming apps available. You could use them as an alternative for CotoMovies, or at least use a VPN to protect your identity.

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10 Best CotoMovies Alternatives for Android, iPhone and iPad

We understand how boring it can be when you can’t stream the content that keeps you amused and entertained for hours. Below-listed are some of the most sought-after CotoMovies alternatives that you can choose from:

1. Netflix


Netflix is currently the market leader in the video-on-demand industry and has been around for over two decades. With an enormous collection of movies and TV shows, it is the most reliable and dependable alternative for CotoMovies. Netflix is the seventh largest internet-based company, revenue-wise. Also, it is listed on the stock exchange and serves as an absolutely legit medium that lets you stream from thousands of movies and TV shows.

Plus, it makes no sense to buy a VPN and stream movies illegally when you can do that legitimately over Netflix, and that too for a nominal fee. A monthly Netflix membership costs just as much as you would pay for a large pizza and that’s definitely not much. It is also legit and therefore safer compared to most third party apps, which promote illegal streaming and may land its users in trouble.

2. YouTube

Youtube is the most entertaining app for the sole reason that it lets you choose whatever you want to stream, so you are no longer on the receiving end. If you want to find out how to make Texan Chili, then you can simply look for that, and you may even find a video posted by your favourite chef. In fact, there are several celebrities and production houses that post their content on this platform, for free. While most of the content is free, there are also some YouTube channels that may charge you a small subscription fee for their “exclusive” content. However, if you wish to stick to the free videos, there is no dearth of it. According to statistics, every single minute, over four hours of YouTube video content is posted. So you can either explore your favourite TV shows and movies or choose to watch content posted by new creators.

3. Hulu

Hulu is yet another US-based video-on-demand service provider that lets you stream movies and TV shows. Since Walt Disney holds a majority stake in this company, you can be sure that your money is in good hands.  Hulu is a subscription-based service provider that offers its services for a nominal fee and its basic plan costs just around $5.99. Now that’s around $3 lesser than Netflix’s $8.99 per month starting subscription fee. Also, Hulu is quite popular amongst news and sports buffs, as you can stream most of the ESPN channels, NBC, Fox News, CNN and a host of other popular channels. Again, you don’t have to be a user who’s worried about getting sued, since Hulu is absolutely legit. Hulu obtains the necessary rights from the concerned production houses, before letting you stream any piece of content. They strategically work out copyright agreements and allow legitimate access.

4. HotStar

This video streaming company commenced its operations in the year 2015, and it is a product of Star India, held by Walt Disney. Although it is in its nascent stages, this video streaming service offers some promising content ranging from sports, news, TV shows and movies. With exclusive rights to stream content from HBO, you can imagine how much potential HotStar has. However, the main focus of HotStar seems to be on regional content, and is completely concentrating on the sub-continent. Nonetheless, if you are into gaming or Anime, then this isn’t a good choice, but since it is a Walt Disney investment, this may eventually change. Hotstar lets you stream content in three different resolutions — 720, 360 and 120 pixels. So if you wish to save some data, then you can pick a lower resolution.

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5. Sony Crackle

This video-on-demand service from Sony is a great alternative to CotoMovies, and for two reasons. First off, it is absolutely free, so you can use it on any number of devices without the worry of paying an additional fee. That’s because Sony Crackle’s video-on-demand business model revolves around monetizing through advertisements. However, its library isn’t as impressive as that of Netflix or Hulu. However, despite being small in size, the library has some of the best classics in the movies section and an impressive collection of the 90s sitcoms. Moreover, since it is completely free, there is little to worry about burning your money on the wrong service-provider. However, there is no ad free version of this application, nor can you watch its content in the HD mode.

6. Cinema APK

This is a free video streaming app that you can download and install on literally any smartphone, PC or even with your Firestick. It is the perfect alternative for CotoMovies and lets you access unlimited content. The makers of this APK claim that they do not promote any content illegitimately so as to promote piracy. However, despite all of that, we would recommend that you stick to using a VPN Service Provider just in case things take an ugly turn. Moreover, since it is not available on the Google Play Store, you would have to enable downloads from “unknown sources” on your device’s settings. The coolest part about this application is that it comes loaded with a user-friendly interface that is easy to get your head around.

7. PopcornFlix

With a large collection of movies that are classified genre-wise, PopcornFlix is currently one of the most trending video streaming apps, that keeps things simple. Straight from its user-interface, to its usage restrictions, this video streaming application keeps it straighforward. What we like the most about it is the fact that this one’s a ‘no signup, no register’ application that a user can simply download, install and start using. Although this video streaming application does not require you to register or sign-up, we still recommend taking the VPN route.

8. SnagFilms

If you are a lover of all that is beautiful and appreciate documentary movies and the art involved in creating those masterpieces, then this one’s for you. Also, if you have kids and wish to keep them engaged with some amazing wildlife or historical documentaries, then try SnagFilms. Although the video streaming speed of this application is not the best but you simply cannot miss out on this one. After all, it lets you download content and watch it offline, whenever you want to. Now that gives you the liberty to download content whenever you have some extra data left and keep your kids busy over the weekend.

9. Amazon Prime

For around $13 a month, you can access several originals, exclusives and premieres on Amazon Prime. Besides videos, you can also access ad-free music which is great for anyone who doesn’t want to spend on Spotify’s paid membership or waste data streaming YouTube videos while driving. Also, you can gain access to some of the most recently released blockbusters, all thanks to Bezos and his strategic partnerships. Plus, with a single membership, you can use it on three devices, which makes it the perfect video streaming app for any family. We say this because of the wide range of content available on Amazon Prime which ranges from funny cartoons to the latest action-packed blockbusters.

10. Kodi

Although it’s not exactly a video streaming application in the strictest sense, Kodi is rapidly gaining popularity amongst video streaming enthusiasts. Basically, there are a ton of files stored in Kodi’s repository, which can be downloaded and conveniently installed with the right add-ons. What you need to watch out for is that some of these add-ons are not legit while others are. Nonetheless, it has a wide range of movies, live TV shows, music and a lot more. With so much of entertainment going on, Kodi is definitely one of the best CotoMovies alternatives. However, you may still have to invest in a VPN.

11. CyberFlix

CyberFlix TV

If you wish to catch up on the latest movies and TV shows, consider this video streaming application which pulls that out from various online sources. So if you missed out on your favorite episode of GoT, then you can easily catch up on that while commuting to the office. That preps you up with all the daily soap gossip with your friends even before you reach your office or college. Moreover, even if English isn’t your native language, you can easily watch Hollywood flicks with subtitles in over 200 languages. That lets you keep up with your favorite shows, at all times.

12. TeaTV


TeaTV is the best free alternative for CotoMovies, which lets you stream videos on Mac, Windows, OS and Android devices. What we like the best about this app is that it is lightweight and does not consume much storage, nor does it hamper the processing speed of the devices. Despite all of that, you can watch free movies in the 1080 pixel resolution. Another app you might want to try out is the MediaBox HD app. It’s working as of 2020.

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