Best WiFi Router Under $100

Are you tired of working your way through that slow internet? The hassle of loading and reloading has taken a toll on you. And now you are seriously considering buying a new router for faster and smoother streaming?

Since there are hundreds of options available online, to choose the best WiFi router is a daunting task. To make the right choice out of the plentiful options, it might help to refer to a source with shortlisted options. We present you the top 10 best routers that are perfect for surfing, gaming, searching, streaming and more. These routers are designed to give you uninterrupted Wi-Fi signals; that make your work smoother and faster.

Note: If you have a good budget, make sure to check out Mesh WiFi systems for WiFi Signals all-around your house.

Top 10 WiFi Best Routers Under $100 – Updated List for 2019

We have spent quite a lot of time researching the top ten latest wi-fi router models to suit your budget. Here’s our list of the best WiFi routers under $100 in 2019:

1. TP-Link AC 1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router 

TP-Link AC 1750 Smart router works with an Alexa device, a virtual assistant introduced by The AC 1750 is a Dual Band router. It can offer up to 1750 Mbps high-speed internet that reduces buffering even at 4K streaming.

TP-Link AC 1750 comes with three external antennas that provide Wi-Fi signals even at long distances. This smart wi-fi router has an integrated USB port that acts as a media server. You can download the TP-link tether app from Google Play Store. The app can be used to monitor your device. TP-Link company provides a two year long, 24/7 technical support.

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router

Nighthawk router also offers AC1750 high-speed internet. The wireless connection can reach up to 1500 square feet. It is great for family use. The router works best with up to 25 devices connected to it. The wired ethernet ports allow you to connect four devices at once like computers, game consoles, and streaming players. You can connect your printers and storage drives through the USB. Moreover, you can create personal cloud storage with a 1 into 3 USB port.

NETGEAR router allows you to monitor your network usage. You can download the Circle App Parental Controls to make surfing safe for your family. You can view the internet usage history, pause your internet access and filter the websites you do not want your children to access. You can also schedule a specific time and a specific period for the device to access the internet. This feature can be accessed by paying $4.99/month.

NETGEAR also offers NETGEAR Armor which is an antivirus, antimalware, and fraud security software. The NETGEAR Armor keeps your connection free from malware on an unlimited device subscription.

3. WAVLINK Wi-Fi Router

This wi-fi router from WAVLINK offers a 1200 Mbps high-speed internet that reduces buffering while gaming online. The WPA/WPA2 PSK secures your Wi-Fi through password encryption.

The router comes with 4 LAN wired ports that offer fast and smooth connections to your devices. It has 4 high performing antennas that cover a broader range of your home. So, you don’t have to constantly keep moving near the router for a smooth connection.

Lastly, the company offers a 1 year and a 30-day warranty with a money-back guarantee which makes WAVLINK Router a reliable purchase option.

4. ASUS Dual-Band AC 1300

ASUS Dual-Band AC 1300 offers a super-fast 1300 MB per second internet speed. It has four external 5dBi antennas that cover a wide range of areas. For best results, it is suggested to use devices that are 802.11ac compatible.

ASUS company has set up an ASUS network app. This app lets you monitor your home or office wi-fi usage from your mobile. The ASUS AC 1300 is also encrypted using WPA2-PSK.

This wi-fi router is simple to install. It can be set up effortlessly using an ASUSWRT web-based interface. Lastly, the ASUS AC 1300 has integrated USB ports to connect your storage drives and flash drives.

5. RAVPower FileHub Travel Router

This travel router comes with a special feature. The RAVPower FileHub can transfer data to your devices. All you need to do is connect your storage devices to your computers and transfer documents, music, photos, and videos.

The latest version of this travel router is upgraded with a 300 Mbps internet connection. An AP-router can also convert a wired network to private and transfer the connection to multiple devices.

6. Linksys Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router for Home

The LinKsays Wi-Fi Router, your internet connection can reach up to 1000 square feet. This wi-fi router can provide wi-fi signals to more than 10 devices. You can easily run the router setup using the Linksys application.

This dual-band router from Linksys provides the option to enjoy 4K High Definition streaming without buffering. Dual-band Wi-Fi upgrades to 1.2 Gbps fast internet. It comes with Ethernet ports that provide wired connected devices to fast streaming connection.

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Motorola AC1700 Dual-Band wi-fi router supports up to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It has four antennas attached to the router that result in an extended range for the internet connection.

Plugging in the AC1700 into a modem, you receive high-speed internet for all your home devices, like the HDTVs, game stations, computers, and smart devices. High definition video streaming websites like YouTube can be accessed by many devices at the same time. Motorola promises a 2-year warranty and technical support from the USA for AC1700.

8. NETGEAR N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Dual-Band Wi-Fi provides a speed of 300 + 300 megabytes per second. If you are looking for a router for home, it can be a good choice. It provides internet connection perfectly in medium to large homes.

NETGEAR home network manager provides easy installation. You can also monitor and control internet activity through this support app. It is a comprehensive package for home usage with a safe surfing experience option.

9. Medialink AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Router

Medialink AC1200 router has Gigabit ports which give you 1000 Mbps fast speed internet connection. The two large antennas make sure to cover large homes. The router has robust firewalls and that protects the wi-fi from unauthorized access. However, the guest connection gives a separate connection to guests. It comes with the Universal Range Extender Mode to cover larger areas.

Medialink AC1200 also grants you complete control over the usage of your internet. For, example, you can restrict access to your children for certain periods.

10. TP-Link AC-1900 Smart Wireless Router 

The TP-Link AC-1900 wi-fi router is compatible with all wi-fi devices. It has 4 gigabit LAN ports which make connecting multiple devices easier. The three external antennas offer long-range coverage. It also has a beamforming function that detects the area where you need a faster internet connection.

Its 1 GHz dual-core processor is enough to handle laptops, smartphones, computers, Alexa enabled devices and more. The AC 1900 by TP-Link offers smooth sharing of media through USB ports. The company provides a 2-year warranty and free 24/7 technical support.

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How to Choose a Wireless Under Budget – Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you know about the top ten Wi-fi routers under a hundred bucks, it might help to know some shortlisting techniques.When you do not understand the technical jargon, you end up buying the wrong device. There are so many aspects that need to be considered before buying a wi-fi router. For instance, dual-core processor, Beamforming, AC and more. To make sure you make the right purchase, carefully go through the following pointers:

  • Single Band or Dual Band:Dual-band or a tri-band router is better than a single band router. Dual-band routers have two frequencies that you can work with. Single-band routers only offer one frequency. Moreover, the single-band router works with a standard 2.4 GHz frequency. This results in network congestion. Dual bands work with 2.4 GHz and 5GHz which reduces congestion.
  • AC 1200 or higher Router:The router below AC 1200 gives you less stability. However, routers above AC 1200 offer improved security, stability, and speed even when you connect to multiple devices.
  • Ports:A router should have a minimum of four ports, one Wide Area Network, and four Local Area Network connection.
  • Internet Connection:A 10/100 Mbps is good enough. However, a Gigabit router will be more ideal for gaming, video streaming, and extensive surfing. This will offer you internet speed and data transfer of 10/100/1000 Mbps.


When it comes to something as essential as a wi-fi router, it is important to look for a reliable option. However, technological advancement and global markets have increased competition. There are hundreds of options to choose from and hence making the right choice that suits your budget can get tricky.

Our top-ten router list includes the best options available online. You can further shortlist to reach the best decision through our wi-fi router selection guide. From a number of bands and ports to connection speed and AC specifications, the list provides a comprehensive technical guide. We hope that you will find the information useful in purchasing the best wi-fi router for your home.

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