10 Best Text To Speech Services

Text-to-speech services can be enormously beneficial to anyone who grapples with dyslexia, visual impairment, or literacy in general. They can also help conquer language obstacles for those who read a language but do not speak it or those who are in the process of studying a new language. Text-to-speech services are also outstanding for those looking to multi-task, especially if you find it easier to absorb the information you’ve heard, or if you want to check something you’ve written. There are plenty of text-to-speech services available today to make life a little easier. We’ve rounded up the 10 best text-to-speech services down below.

Text to Speech

Text to Speech

Notevibes (Free to $90 a month)

  • 157 Natural voices
  • Free Mp3 downloads
  • Up to 18 languages

With a realistic voice generator and 157 natural sounding voices, Notevibes is an online text to speech tool that can be used in numerous ways. Whether converting a text file to audio, downloading an mp3, or creating a voiceover for YouTube, Notevibes makes the process easy and straightforward. Great for users of all ages, this service can be geared towards the education, professional, or creative user.

Natural Reader (Free)

  • Built-in Browser
  • Dyslexic Friendly
  • Built-in OCR

Natural Reader is a completely free text-to-speech service that can be used in a myriad of ways. Users can upload documents into a library and have them read aloud from there. Multiple files can also be managed at one time, including e-book formats. There is also an OCR option, which allows users to load a photo or text scan into the system and have it read to you. Natural Reader can also be used as a floating toolbar, allowing one to highlight text in any application and use the toolbar to customize text-to-speech. This enables any user to utilize the feature on a wide number of programs, including a web browser.

Voice Dream Reader ($14.99)

  • Multilingual
  • 186 built-in voice options
  • Easy to use with cloud platforms

Voice Dream Reader is a great text-to-speech service that can be used on mobile devices. It can convert documents, articles, e-books, and documents into a natural sounding voice. Unlike similar apps, Natural reader has 186 built-in voice options across 30 unique languages, including German, Greek, Dutch, and Finnish among many more. One of the most unique aspects of Natural Reader is its full-screen distraction-free mode for focus and learning.

Voice Reader Home ($49.99)

  •  Range of supported files
  • 67 voice options
  • Multiple language options

Voice Reader Home is a widely used text-to-speech service that can very quickly convert any text into audio files. A bit pricier than other options, users can convert word documents, emails, publications, and PDFS with total ease. Anyone can listen on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. With 67 voice options and 45 languages, the goal of this software is to improve overall productivity among its users.

Balabolka (Free)

  • Bookmarking tools
  • Can create audio
  • Plentiful options to choose from

There are several ways anyone can use Balabolka’s text-to-speech services. The most popular is copying and pasting text directly into the program. You can also open supported file formats such as HTML, PDF, or Docx. Unlike similar free tools, Balabolka allows you to adjust the speech, pitch, volume, and speed of playback to create an audio output that actually works for you.

TextSpeech Pro

  • Support for impaired users
  • Download only
  • All document types

TextSpeech Pro is a service geared towards those with impairments. It reads all of the most popular document types, including PDFs and HTML. It has an excellent selection of natural voices and the capacity to change voice-speed and overall voice volume. This application also gives you the option to have your emails read aloud.

Panopreter Basic (Free)

  • Good range of voices
  • Easy to use
  • For Windows only

Panopreter is a free basic text-to-speech conversion tool without all of the bells and whistles. While it may lack some features, it is so simple and easy to use that most people can utilize the platform with total skill. Unlike similar free services, Panopreter accepts both plain and rich text files, as well as web sites and Microsoft word documents.

WordTalk (Free)

  • Customizable voices
  • Speaking dictionary
  • Works with Microsoft word

WordTalk is an online text to speech service that first developed by the University of Edinburgh. It is a toolbar add-on for Word that enables customizable text-to-speech within a Microsoft Word document. It works with every edition of Word and is easily accessible through the toolbar or ribbon. While the toolbar is a bit crude, the customizable voices, speaking dictionary, and natural voices make the clunky toolbar well worth the hassle.

Zabaware (Free)

  • Voices are pricy
  • Windows Only
  • Customizable Voices

Zabaware Text-To-Speech may not be the most attractive platform, but it does have quite a bit to offer. Not only can you open numerous files, but you can just copy and paste text if you find that easier. As long as the program is running, Zabaware can accurately read any text you copy to the clipboard and does offer several customizable voices. This is an easy-to-use online service that can hold its own against more expensive options.

Capti Voice ($17.99 a year)

  • Best for education
  • User friendly
  • Lots of voice options

Capti Voice is a popular text-to-speech synthesis tool that works best in the education world. It can be used to improve reading comprehension by allowing users to listen to anything they want to read. Learning and teaching styles can be personalized, as well as overcoming language barriers. There is a free version for personal use, but the paid-for version does offer more educational benefits and is geared towards those needing a bit of help in the learning sector.


In Conclusion

Whether you’re looking to go basic or advanced, there are plenty of online text to speech services to help you convert any text to an easy to understand the audio file. Know your needs and find the service that suits you best today!

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