20 Best Sublime Text 3 Plugins for Power Users and Developers

Sublime Text 3 editor bundled with a number of useful plugins. But for power users and professional programmers, there are plenty of other useful plugins also available to improve the productivity level of the coders. In this article, we have picked the 20 Best Sublime Text 3 Plugins for Power users.

Sublime Text 3 editor is the highly recommended tool by the programmers and coders. The latest edition i.e. Sublime Text 3 is now compatible with numerous plugins that let you work on the editor smoothly. With supportive plugins, power users can improve their coding and can accomplish the project faster.

The text editor comes with built-in plugins and other tools which is why it is considered as the best text editor tool for the professional users. If you too are using this tool for coding, then the following list of Plugins will help you to add a few other useful plugins to your software. Let’s check them out now!

20 Best Sublime Text 3 Plugins for Power Users and Developers

1.Package Control

Package Control is the most essential plugin for power users. It is also known as the Package Manager tool for the Sublime Text 3 editor that lets you easily manage and install new plugins and packages to the existing Sublime Text 3 software.

Install Package Control

2. Sublime Linter

Sublime Linter has been upgraded for the Sublime Text 3 tool with the new interface. The newer version of the Sublime Linter brings a set of new features for the power users. You don’t need to keep all the Linters in one package, the plugin lets you pick the useful linters only.

Install Sublime Linter

3. Package Resource Viewer

As the name suggests, PackageResourceViewer lets you easily view and edit the packages from the Sublime Text 3 editor. Apart from this, you can also extract the existing packages that can be copied to the tool so that you can easily edit the package.

Install Package Resource Viewer

4. Terminal

Terminal Plugin is a highly recommended tool for power users and professional developers who can launch the Terminal Window within the Sublime Text 3 Editor. The user doesn’t need to close the Sublime tool, just click the Terminal option and the Terminal Window on your screen will be launched. You can execute command lines easily within the folder and can copy and paste the commands from Terminal to Sublime Text 3 Editor.

Install Terminal

5. CanIUse

CSS and HTML codes are useful while implementing new codes for a program. You can highlight the CSS property or the HTML elements within the main page of the editor. You can right-click on the copied code and select the Can I Use the option to open the codes in a new Window of the Can I Use’s the official website. You can understand the basic use of the code and elements using this plugin.

Install CanIUse

6. Alignment

Alignment is a very useful plugin for the Sublime Text 3 editor that is not only useful for the power users, but a normal user of the editor can also make use of this plugin to align the code lines. You can align all of your codes that include PHP, JavaScript, and CSS.

Install Alignment

7. ColorPicker

ColorPicker plugin brings an easy-to-use Color Picker Wheel that lets you easily pick the suitable color for the code lines. You will be provided with a native color wheel on the main editor page from which you can select the suitable color for specific code lines. It’s a very useful plugin for the power users that lets you figure out and view the required codes from the main editor page.

Install ColorPicker

8. HTML5

HTML5 Snippets is yet another useful plugin to add snippets to your HTML codes. The tool comes with several features that let you easily use tab triggers instead of typing HTML codes. If you work with HTML tags while coding or while programing, then HTML5 Snippets is a must-have plugin.

Install HTML5

9. CSSComb

As the name suggests, CSSComb plugin is there for the CSS users. If you write your codes in the CSS and want to sort out the properties of the CSS codes, then CSSComb is the right tool for you. With this plugin, you can customize and sort out the properties of your CSS codes within the editor’s page. It’s also a great tool for those who work in a team or with the community members.

Install CSSComb

10. Sublime Enhancements

Sublime Text 3 editor is an all-in-one editor for coders who can view resources, codes, suggestions and other information from the left sidebar of the main editor’s window.

Now, the Sublime Enhancements plugin lets you easily customize the sidebar of the editor by working with the folders, duplicating of files, browse new files, working with the packages, adding or deleting suggestions etc. It’s a must-have plugin to improve your productivity level while working on the Sublime Text 3 Editor.

Install SublimeEnhacements

11. Materialized CSS Snippets

If you work on the modern design or for the responsive design on the Sublime Text 3 editor, then Materialized CCS Snippets helps you to stay organized with your codes. This plugin brings all the useful CSS components and elements directly to your editor’s screen. You can bring down the useful CSS components with the shortcuts or just by typing in the first letters of the command.

The only reason why you should start using this plugin is to save a lot of your time while working on a particular project. You can also work with different packages within this tool.

Install Materialized CSS Snippets

12. Shell Exec

Shell Exec plugin is there for running the useful Shell commands such as git, rvm, rspec, ls, etc. with many other elements on the main editor page. Hackers and online threats always work on their end to fetch the implementation of your codes. This Shell Exec plugin provides a secure and easy-to-use platform that lets you easily work with the Shell commands. Make sure to turn on the Firewall on your system to prevent hacking.

Install Shell Exec

13. LiveReload

LiveReload is yet another useful plugin for the power users of the Sublime Text 3 editor tool. This tool allows you to make proper changes to your project quickly. The same tool lets you aware of the main changes in the project after implementing the new changes. It’s a simple yet very useful plugin to save your time and work on project smartly.

Install LiveReload

14. HTMLAttributes

HTML5 is used by everyone who works on the development side. We all know the importance of working with the HTML5 as it is the most modern computer language which is highly used by the power users.

HTMLAttributes Plugin helps you to autocorrect or autotype the commands and attributes within the main editor window. You can easily write or add HMTL5 syntaxes and commands with a few clicks. With the first letters of the syntax or the command, you can quickly add useful attributes to the main coding window as per your requirements.

Install HTMLAttributes

15. Advanced New File

There comes a time when you need to add a quick file to the main coding window or the editor window while working with the Sublime Text 3 editor. With this useful plugin, user can add a new file to the editor window right from the root paths or from the directories. The plugin is there to enhance your workflow within the editor. Ultimately, it saves a lot of time of the user.

Install Advanced New File

16. PlainTasks

PlainTasks is a user-friendly plugin that lets you stay organized with your project. PlainTasks plugin allows you to create a list of the tasks which you need to do on a specific time period. You can add proper roadmap for the project on which you are currently working on! It makes the entire process much simpler and allows you to implement codes as per the tasks.

The access to this PlainTasks tool is right there on the main screen. You can click the tab button of this plugin to see the current task and the upcoming task that you need to work on. It offers a streamlined interface to finish your project within the deadline.

Install PlainTasks

17. jQuery

jQuery is the most popular plugin with over 500,000. j Query is the popular computer language which is highly used by the developers to work on modern projects and software development.

This plugin works automatically for you where it will automatically figure out on which program you are currently working. The plugin gives you hints, suggestions and autocompletes functions while writing the jQuery Codes. JQuery requires a ton of commands and codes and this JQuery plugin allows you to add new JQuery Code to your main editor.

Install jQuery

18. LESS

LESS plugin for Sublime Text 3 acts as a preprocessor for the tool. This plugin helps you to autocomplete things and allows you to work faster. This tool autocompletes the syntaxes and commands that let you easily accomplish your code. The plugin has over 370,000 active installations. This highly recommended plugin packs with hundreds of useful features and functions.

Install LESS

19. JsFormat

Js Format tool is yet another popular and useful plugin for the users who work on JavaScript and JQuery. As the name suggests, this plugin helps you to format and sort down your JavaScripts etc. You can also optimize your JQuery Codes and that’s how you can stay organized and well-formatted.

Install JsFormat

20. All Autocomplete

As the name suggests, All Autocomplete helps the coders and programmers to add codes, commands, syntaxes etc quickly. You can quickly add new commands, texts, codes etc in the main editor window by using this All Autocomplete plugin.

Of course, the existing Sublime Text 3 Editor comes with a built-in autocomplete function to make it more streamlined. With its intuitive interface, this plugin offers a user-friendly interface where you can work on multiple computer languages effectively.

Install All Autocomplete


Sublime Text 3 Editor is not so much popular because of its simple interface, but for the compatibility of the hundreds of extraordinary features and plugins. You can expand your working platform and can enhance your productivity by installing the useful plugins to this editor tool.

The above listed contains all the highly recommended Sublime Text 3 Plugins for Power Users and Programmers to work effectively well on the platform while creating codes for the software. All of the above-listed Plugins are there to boost your productivity.

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