Liquid Web Black Friday Deal 2019

As the Black Friday 2019 draws closer, there are a lot of great Black Friday web hosting deals are coming out and the Liquid Web hosting isn’t sitting out on this. Liquid Web is a very popular and reliable web hosting company which provides their clients with high performance managed servers. They feature different ranges of processors and they are great for anyone who wants to start a site, either a beginner or a company; or someone who is not happy with his current host’s performance and want to move to a host provider that can handle very high amount of traffic without losing site performance.

Liquid Web is one of our highly recommended managed dedicated server providers, and if you were bothered about the price before, the LiquidWeb Black Friday 2019 deal is offering you a chance to jump in and get started at an affordable price.

Details About the Liquid Web Black Friday 2019 Deal and Discounts

This Black Friday, the Liquid Web hosting provider is offering all clients a maximum 50% discount for two months. This means that for two months, you only have to pay half of what a client will pay on a normal day.

This discount is running on all of their plans, and they offer different forms of hosting such as WordPress hosting, Dedicated hosting, Email hosting and VPS hosting. Apart from these, they have different plans for Linux and Windows VPS hosting.

Looking at their WordPress hosting plans, you will really enjoy a lot if you cash into their Black Friday deal. The lowest plan in this category is the Professional plan which costs $99 a month usually. With their deal, you can pay $49.5 for two months before going on with the usual plan. If you choose this plan, you will enjoy 50GB of SSD storage, ability to create and manage ten sites, and 5TB bandwidth, all for a cheap price.

Next, there’s the Business plan which costs $149 every month. The Black Friday deal makes this $74.5 for two months. This plan offers you 100GB of SSD storage, capacity for managing twenty five sites and also 5TB bandwidth.

Lastly, here is the Agency plan which is the most expensive and more ideal for companies. It costs $289 monthly but the Black Friday deal reduces it to $144.5 for two months. This plan provides you with 200GB of SSD storage, allows you to manage up to fifty sites and also offers 5TB bandwidth.

To get started, all you have to do is check out the Liquid Web website for the coupons and instructions.

Liquid Web’s Unique Features

There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when using Liquid Web’s hosting services. Any hosting package that you purchase comes with the benefits of monitoring your sites full-time, amazing server hardware and great network infrastructure.

Liquid Web provides users with a staging site to allow them plan the design and workability of their site before making the site live. Only the great hosting services have this.

Also, they protect your site from DDOS attacks that can damage it and this comes with no extra charges. They also provide you with some tools to help with managing all the sites, and they automatically compress images and update the plugins.

You also get unlimited access to the server and the database when using Liquid Web.

All of these benefits can be enjoyed by you as long as you go to their website in time for Black Friday, and start enjoying the deal!

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