Improving Your Experience as a MacBook Gamer

As a gamer, you are unlikely to pick a MacBook as your go-to platform. If anything, these computers are the opposite of what video game enthusiasts prefer. The lackluster hardware and discomfort using the keyboard can be quite off-putting.

Nevertheless, things have improved recently. Nowadays, Mac models have pretty decent hardware, and you can purchase external accessories, such as mice and keyboards.

Thanks to these developments, more and more MacBook owners discover that playing video games on their laptops is not that bad. And the experience can improve even more if you take certain steps.


Pick Right Servers When Playing Online

Single-player games are not as popular as multiplayer games. The problem with the latter is that having a decent computer is not always enough to enjoy the gameplay to the fullest.

If you are playing online, make sure that you pick the right server. Checking the ping from your location should determine whether a server is right or not. Ideally, your ping should not be more than 50 ms.

Now, as for how to ping from mac, you can use Network Utility or Terminal. The SpeedTest is worth a shout as well, though it only shows the speed on your computer rather than what it would be like on a server you want to join.

Having decent ping means no lag. Lagging in online games is not a fun experience as you will not get to enjoy a video game as much and even get in the way of other players.


Play With Friends

Speaking of other players, you might find it more enjoyable to play with your friends instead of playing solo. Of course, a lot depends on the games you prefer. Some titles have no multiplayer option but they excel in stories one can experience.

If you have no friends to play with, check forums or Discord servers. When a video game is popular, it should have an active community where you can meet like-minded people and make new friends you can play with.

MacBook Gaming


Take Breaks

After a while, you might find that playing a video game has become a chore rather than a fun activity.  When that happens, take a break and do not force yourself to play a video game if you do not feel like it.

Once you spend some time away from gaming, you will likely have more pleasure in the hobby again after not doing it.


Invest in Accessories

Like already mentioned, accessories like mice and keyboards are a neat addition that will make the overall gaming experience more enjoyable. However, you should not stop with just these two.

A pair of headphones with great sound quality will enhance the experience, especially if audio is one of the strengths of a video game you enjoy.

Cooling pads are worth a shout as well. Since video games consume a lot of resources, your Mac’s internal fans might struggle to keep up with the demands, which leads to the computer overheating.


Maintain the MacBook in Good Condition

Maintaining the computer in good condition is one of the best pieces of advice you can find. A new Mac should not have problems with its performance, but you will notice hiccups with its performance after a while.

For starters, make sure that you clean the dust inside regularly. The filth that accumulates inside the MacBook clogs the internal fans.

Next, we have malware and other cybersecurity threats. Even minor viruses can get out of control and cause performance problems.

Freeing up enough drive storage should also be one of your priorities. Since Macs are not the best when it comes to total available space, running out of free gigabytes is quite easy when you install modern video games.

Lastly, keep tabs on Activity Monitor. The tool shows which background processes consume the most resources. If you find an app that should not be running in the background, quit it to free up the MacBook’s resources.


Try Different Video Game Genres

Those who become tired of playing the same genres over and over should consider trying different video games. Even if you encounter something that looks out of your comfort zone, trying such a video game could be just the thing to make the gaming more enjoyable.

Given how popular gaming is these days, various gaming companies develop new titles to persuade players to spend money on the video games.


Upgrade Hardware

While MacBooks are not that flexible when it comes to hardware upgrades, you can still make some improvements.

Replacing an HDD with an SSD, adding extra memory, and getting an external GPU are some of the most popular hardware upgrades that MacBook users can consider.

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