iCloud Unlock using Checkra1n – Bypass/Remove iCloud Activation Lock on Windows 10 and Mac

iCloud Activation Lock is a big problem for those who have bought an old or used iPhone, iPad and or any other Apple devices from the offline store or from any other nearby Apple Store. Thanks to the Checkra1n team that have SSH permissions on DFU Activated devices making it possible to remove iCloud lock on iOS devices. If you have an iCloud locked device, then this article will show you the best possible ways to unlock iCloud using Checkra1n tool.

Gone are the days when unlocking an iCloud is an impossible task. Thanks to the developers who have made it possible with the latest tools and advanced tricks. You can now easily bypass activation lock for iCloud on your device by following simple steps.

If you are not aware of the iCloud lock and its unlocking methods, then this article will give you all the useful information about the iCloud Lock and what steps you can take to unlock it on your own.

The following methods are completely different from the custom firmware restore method. But the core functionality is the same and you might be familiar with the given methods.

Before you start

Before you start the bypassing of your iCloud account, there are a few things that you should know. The iOS device should be running on iOS 12.3 to the latest version. The iCloud locked iOS device must be compatible with the Checkra1n Jailbreak. The installation of Checkra1n Jailbreak is a must and you can follow this detailed tutorial to install it on a compatible device. The same article will show you the devices that are compatible with the Checkra1n Jailbreak tool.

Supported iOS devices to Unlock Checkra1n Method

  • iPad Mini 1 to iPad Mini 4
  • iPad 2 to iPad 7
  • iPhone 5S to iPhone X
  • iPad Air 2nd Generation
  • iPad 5th Generation
  • iPad Pro 1st Generation
  • iPod Touch 5 to iPod Touch 7
  • Apple TV 3 to Apple TV 4K

Supported iOS Versions

The Checkra1n Jailbreak method for iCloud Unlock is from iOS 12.3 to iOS 13.2.3. Check the current iOS version on your compatible device by visiting the Settings menu and selecting the Software update option.


  • iCloud Locked iOS device (Make sure it is compatible with the Checkra1n Jailbreak)
  • Checkra1n Jailbreak tool
  • Mac or Windows PC ( This tutorial is for Mac user, for Windows users, follow this Video Tutorial)

iCloud Unlock using Checkra1n

Basically, there are two different methods which you can follow to bypass iCloud Lock using Checkra1n Jailbreak utility. We have prepared step by step tutorial for each method so that you can easily follow them and unlock a compatible iOS device. Let’s get on to the tutorial now!

Method 1: How to Bypass iCloud Lock using Checkra1n Jailbreak

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do to bypass iCloud lock on an iOS device is installing the Checkra1n Jailbreak utility on a respective device. You can follow the above-given step by step tutorial link to Jailbreak your device and to install this utility. Make sure you do it as mentioned in the tutorial to avoid interruptions in between the unlocking process.

Step 2:

Now, to unlock iCloud, you need to download and install one more supportive tool called brew. Go to their official website and follow the commands given there on the website.

Step 3:

Open the Terminal Window on your Mac system. Go to the Applications menu, select the Utility folder and then click on the Terminal icon to launch the Terminal Window on a respective Mac system.

Step 4:

Now, copy and paste the following commands into the Terminal Window.

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

Once you run the above-listed command, the Brew tool will be installed on the system. You will see the Successful message on the Terminal Window’s screen.

Step 3: 

After the successful process, open a new Terminal Window and run this command.

“brew install usbmux”

Click the Enter button to run the command. You will be prompted with a new message “brew install libusbmuxd“.

Step 4: 

Keep on adding one more command on the same Terminal Window listed below and hit the Enter button.

“iproxy 2022 44”

After entering this command, you will see that the connection is establishing with your system.

Step 5: 

When you see the connection message on the Terminal window, go ahead and launch a new Terminal Window on a system. The command lines will begin with -bash code. If you see the same lines on the new Terminal Window, you are going good.

Step 6: 

After this, enter the following SSH commands on the Terminal Window.

“ssh root@localhost -p 2022”

You will be asked to enter the Password, type in “alpine”. Enter this password and hit the Enter button. After that, add one more command to the Terminal window given below.

“mount -o rw,union,update /”

“rm -rf /Applications/Setup.app”

“uicache -p / Applications/Setup.app”

“killall backboardd”

Make sure you enter the above-listed commands one by one. Type in the commands and hit the Enter button each time.

Step 7: 

Once you have successfully entered the above given commands, you should see that your connected locked iOS device is respringing. You will be prompted with a normal home screen on your iOS device.

The iCloud Unlocking process is done successfully. You should now be able to use the locked iOS device.

Method 2: How to Bypass iCloud Lock using Checkra1n Jailbreak

If you are not familiar with the Terminal Window and commands things, then this new patched method will help you to bypass the iCloud activation. You just need to go through these steps to remove iCloud lock on iOS devices. Let’s get on to the steps now!

Step 1: 

The first thing you need to do is installing the Chekrka1n Jailbreak utility and Jailbreak your iOS device. Follow this step by step tutorial to install Checkra1n Utility on a respective locked iOS device.

Step 2: 

Thanks to @CrazyMind90 & @ajBboCydia these two guys who have developed an instant iCloud Unlocking tool. This tool is developed by these two guys and their twitter handles are listed above. They have developed an easy-to-use software to remove iCloud lock from the iOS device.

Download iCloudByPassCA Software

Step 3:

Once you get the setup file, double click on to the downloaded file and install the software normally on a Mac system.

Note: If you are not able to install this software on your Mac system, then you have to first allow it to be installed on your system. Go to the system preferences and then allow the software to be installed on the Mac system.

Step 4:

After this, go to the Applications folder and click on to the icon of the iCloudBypassCA tool.

Step 5: 

Once the tool is launched, connect the Jailbroken iOS device with the Checkra1n utility tool. The software will automatically recognize the Jailbroken device and you should see it on the screen.

Step 6: 

After this, go to the tool and click on to the Move iCloud to Trash button. iCloud device will begin itself and the process will be done very soon.

Once the process is done, you will see that the iCloud lock is removed from your device now.

Important note:

We do not encourage our readers to follow illegal methods. If you have bought the Apple device with iCloud lock, you should contact the seller or can seek help from the official Apple Support team.

The above methods are not legal ones and your Apple devices might be stuck with the Apple logo and won’t turn on normally. Additionally, you may face many issues with your device such as no carrier, no iCloud id, no sim card connection, not able to use the Internet connectivity and many such known issues can be found after following these methods.

Final Words:

We have tried our best to give you all the useful information about Bypassing iCloud Lock on an Apple device. We have provided two different methods to bypass iCloud Activation. You can follow a suitable method which is more familiar to you.

We request you to kindly follow the above given steps properly or you can seek help from a friend with a little bit of knowledge on jailbreaking the device and doing such tweaks with the Apple devices.

If you have encountered any issues or found any errors kindly let us know in the comments section given below this post. If the process worked well for you, do not forget to leave your precious feedback for the same. The above-given methods are the easiest ones and most experts follow the same to Remove iCloud Lock from iOS devices.

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