How to Turn on Windows 10 Dark Mode Theme – Step by Step Procedure

Windows 10 dark mode theme is an excellent display option if you are battling eye strain for staying on the computer for too long or you just want your display to look a bit cooler. Windows 10 readily comes with the dark mode feature which you can turn on or off without much hassle.  Although this effect will take place in a select few windows 10 apps and layouts like the file explorer, settings, calculator, Microsoft store, paint 3d, etc.

In some apps, the effect won’t be applied entirely. In the case of your browser, for example, you will have to enable the dark mode in-app or download the relevant theme. For that reason, we will also take a look at how to enable dark theme on Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. That being said, let’s start with a simple step by step procedure on how to turn on Windows 10 dark mode theme:

How to turn on Windows 10 Dark Mode Theme

  • First off, open the start menu and select the small cog icon to open the settings window. Conversely, you can simply type in the word “settings” on the search bar and select “settings” on the search results.

  • One the settings window, select “personalization”.

  • Next, tap on “colors” on the left side menu.

  • Expand the drop-down list next to “choose your color”.

  • Now, select the “dark” option from the list.

  • And that’s it.

How to turn on Dark mode on Firefox browser

In order to enable dark mode on the Firefox browser, you will have to install a dark theme add-on. Here is how you do it:

  • Open the Firefox browser and tap on the three menu bars on the top right section of the screen.
  • Next select “options”.

  • Now, tap on “extensions & themes”.

  • Make sure “Extensions” is selected on the left side menu. Scroll down and find “Dark Reader” or search for it in the search bar. This theme changes the background to dark even for webpages. When you find it, tap the “Add to Firefox” button.

  • Wait for the add-on to complete downloading then tap the “Add” button. Make sure you grant the required permissions.

How to turn on Dark mode on Chrome browser

When window 10 dark mode is enabled, the settings will also be applied to chrome browser although web pages will still be white. In order to apply dark mode completely on the Chrome browser, you will require an add-on. Here is how you can add dark theme on chrome browser:

  • Open the Chrome browser and tap on the three vertical dots on the top right section of the screen.
  • Go ahead and select “settings”.

  • Make sure “Appearance” is selected on the left side menu then tap on “Themes” to open the Chrome web store.

  • Scroll down and look for “Dark Reader” or simply search for it using the search bar. Tap on the “add to chrome” button when you find it.

  • Wait for the download to complete and tap the “add extension” button.

How to turn on Dark mode on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge comes with dark theme support but this effect is not applied to web pages. We will install an extension for this as well. Here is how to enable complete dark mode on Microsoft Edge:

  • Open Microsoft Edge and tap on the three horizontal buttons on the top right of the screen and select “Extensions”.

  • Scroll down the list of suggested extensions until you reach the bottom then tap on “Explore more extensions”.

  • Microsoft store should open. Now search for “Night eye” and tap the “install” button.

  • Wait for the download and install to complete then go back to Microsoft Edge. On the pop up that appears, tap the “turn it on” button and Night eye extension will be enabled.

You will note that Night light only applies dark mode effect to web pages and not the browser itself (the tabs still have the default color scheme). To change that:

  • Open the menu (top right of the screen) and select settings.
  • Right under “choose a theme”, expand the options and select “dark”.

  • Now the entire browser will be in dark mode.

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