How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr? Step by Step Guide

As you may have known, the best place to get those daily GIFs and cool memes is Tumblr. It is a social network where you can explore or share music, artworks or ideas. You will always find any salacious material that interests you.

Today, NSFW content is very rampant across the internet. Many adult-related blogs have been restricted – having a “Safe Mode” warning on them. This is the same for Tumblr. Users are getting an error, “This Tumblr may contain sensitive media. Go to my dashboard.“.

For a while now, Tumblr has developed massive notoriety for adult content. A new user may not be aware of this at first. By default, a user of the tool will have the Safe Mode already turned on. This keeps him/her away from any naughty blog.

If you are not yet 18, you shouldn’t have any reason to turn on the ‘Safe Mode’. So ignore this altogether. Stick only to those cute animal pictures you love. You can come back when you clock 18.

Are you an adult and you desire some nice, uncut experience from Tumblr? You can have fun in the city of forbidden lust by turning off the Safe Search.

Read more to learn how you can turn off the Safe Mode. Either you have an account with Tumblr or not, you can do this and have access to the restricted content.

You will need to turn it off, manually.

For Android phone

Here’s how to turn off Tumblr Safe mode on Android:

  • Step 1: Just like you would launch any application on your device, launch Tumblr.
  • Step 2: At the right corner, just in the bottom, choose the humanoid symbol.
  • Step 3: At this point, you need to tap on the Gear icon in order to get to the Accounts menu. It is just at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Step 4: At the top of the menu, choose ‘General Settings’.
  • Step 5: Scroll down and tap ‘Filtering’.
  • Step 6: The field for Safe Mode will be visible by now. To know if the Safe Mode is on, observe a blue button beside it. Simply tap this button in order to turn off the Safe Mode feature. That’s all.

By now, you are free to explore those NSFW content in Tumblr. Have fun with it!

For iPhone or iPad

This one is quite different. You will need to turn off the Safe Mode off from the app for setting iOS – instead of doing it from the Tumblr application. Follow the steps below to turn off/bypass Tumblr Safe mode on iPhone or iPad:

  • Step 1: From the Home screen, open your Settings application. Scroll down and select Tumblr.
  • Step 2: Tap the Safe Mode while you are still in the Tumblr Settings.
  • Step 3: For you to turn the Safe Mode off, just tap ‘Don’t Hide Anything’.

After this setting, you can easily access any NSFW content after relaunching the Tumblr application. That’s it!

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Your Desktop

If you desire to use Tumblr with your desktop browser, just visit the site url and login. Then follow the steps below to turn off Tumbl Safe Mode on computer:

  • Step 1: After you log-in into your Tumblr account, click on an icon with a human figure – located just at the upper-right corner of the dashboard.
  • Step 2: Select ‘Settings’ from the menu, after a drop down.
  • Step 3: Find a field that is marked ‘Filtering’. It has a button next to it, ‘Safe Search’. Just click on it in order to turn off the ‘Safe Search’. That’s it.

Remember this, anytime you log out, you will automatically lose the access to any NSFW content. Ensure that you login in order to regain access. Your recent preference will be saved.

Tumblr Safe Mode Off without Account

If all you want is just to have access to a certain Tumblr blog in order to view some appealing content, you can do that without having an account with Tumblr. Even if the content is a type that is blocked.

You don’t need to create a Tumblr for you the disable the ‘Safe Mode’ to access its NSFW content.

To do this, there are some sites that will allow you to access Tumblr directly. They let you bypass those restrictions.

Below are some of these cool websites to turn off Tumblr safe mode without account:


This site has a simple design and functions very good. Its features are powerful, with great speed. All you need to do here is to type the name or keyword of a blog you want to view. It 2ill load up GIFs and photos in thumbnail format, instantly. If you need a quick scan of thousands of content, this is an amazing tool in your hand. In order to access a full resolution of an image, simply click on the thumbnail.


This is another cool website, very useful. With Tumbex, you can access any restricted content in a jiffy. This website allows you search posts, individually. Here, images are displayed in a more customizable grid format. It simplifies navigation and let you enjoy browsing those Tumblr blogs.

In terms of the quality, you make your choice. From HD, to MD, and SD, images load good to maintain the bandwidth.

A feature that makes this website standout is that a user can also sign-in via a Google account or a Facebook account. Interesting posts and blogs can be bookmarked in order view later. That’s a cool one you would love.


Experiencing restrictions while surfing the internet can be frustrating sometimes. Some restrictions are understandable, the likes of viewing NSFW content which are not for just anyone.

With the options to turn off or turn on the ‘Safe Mode’, Tumblr has done enough to suit the taste of different users.

Also, you can try out any of the websites discussed above to view every blog on Tumblr easily. They offer simple and cool navigation. Now, go have fun on Tumblr, with no restriction.

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