How To Turn Off Google Chrome Notifications on Windows and MacBook

Google Chrome is definitely one of the best web browsers you can ever have but then it can be every frustrating with its pop ups/push notifications which is often used by cyber criminals to spread spam notifications.

Google Chrome by default alerts the user whenever a website or a web application wants to send notifications, this can be very frustrating or some sort of nuisance when at the instance of the receipt of every new mail/message, the notifications keeps popping up on your screen thereby distracting your attention especially when you are more interested on a certain webpage or while playing video games. This distraction is 100% certain because Google Chrome is a notorious memory hogging beast and as such when pops up of website written with heavy JavaScript appears, it will slow down your PC.

Generally, notifications are mostly triggered by the webpages visited or a web application which was visited by the user and same can be pushed from the server to the user even when the webpage or web application is not running or when the webpage visited has already been closed and such might be very disturbing, hence the need to disable chrome notifications.

Similarly, in Google Chrome, it is possible to stop Google Chrome notifications partially, this simple means you can turn off Chrome notifications for some websites or web applications while allowing others.

The following are steps on how to turn off Google Chrome notifications on your desktop or PC:

How To Turn Off Google Chrome Notifications on Windows

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome, look at the top right side and you will see 3 dots.

Step 2: Left click the 3 dots, it will unfold the settings menu, then scroll to the bottom and left click on “settings”.

Step 3: The browser will open a new tab, scroll to the bottom of the tab and left click on “Advance”

Step 4: On the “advance” menu, scroll down till you will find “Site Settings” and left click on it.

Step 5: Then scroll through until you find “Notifications”

You will find the phrase “Ask before sending (recommended)” written against “Notifications”, as cautious as that may sound, I will advise that you ignore it because if it is enabled, a lot of this notifications will provokingly pop up at different intervals on your screen and might as such distract or slow down your work just as argued in the opening paragraph of this page.

Step 6: Finally, left click on the options to turn it off by toggling “Ask before sending (recommended)” to the left as seen below.

Conclusively, you don’t really have to take either options absolutely, peradventure you want to block some sites and add others to the notification list, you can do so by adding the said sites in the section labeled “Allow” and otherwise in the section labeled “Block”. See the picture below;

The above enumerated steps on how to stop Google Chrome notifications is applicable to all Operating Systems.

How to stop notifications on Windows 10 Operating System.

Windows 10 has a superb feature as regards this, which is just a click switch that disables Chrome notifications and all other notifications.

The following are the steps on how to stop Google Chrome notifications and other notifications on Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to the Window Start Menu and click on “Settings” or simply press “Windows Key + I”

Step 2: The click on “System”

Step 3: Look to the left pane of the “System” menu and left click on “Notifications & actions”.

Step 4: scroll down and look for “Get notifications from apps these senders” then toggle off notifications for all the desired apps.

How to stop notifications on MAC Operating System.

Step 1: Click on the Apple menu

Step 2: Find and click on “System Preferences”

Step 3: Then click on “Notifications”.

Step 4: Finally, select the app on the left and deselect “Allow Notification” for the desired application.

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