How to Move Photos from Google Drive to Google Photos?

Since the invention of smartphones, selfies and group pictures have become a common occurrence and a common fixture in many people’s daily lives. With every picture, your phones storage reduces and while it may not be obvious at first, it eventually poses a storage problem. With this development came the need for storage space and an alternative storage was found.

What is Google Photos?

Google Drive offer an almost limitless storage space where your photos are safe from phone wipes and viruses. There is also the added bonus of being able to retrieve your photos if you lose your phone of simply upgrade to a new one. Google drive operates on a cloud storage and you may have to download these photos whenever you need them, so Google brought you Google photos. This is also cloud based, but is synced to your phone and serves as an external storage device and you can access your photos whenever you like.

For those who already have photos saved on Google drive, you can just move your photos from Google drive to Google photos. The process is simple and here is a guideline to achieve it.

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Steps to moving photos from Google drive to Google photos 

Once you carry out these steps, you can move your photos from Google drive to Google photos with ease. You can move either all your photos, or a selected few, or even just one. Here are the steps:

    • Sign in to your Google Drive account: Ensure that you sign into your google drive account to be able to access all your photos on it.
    • Go to settings: In settings you can carry out many actions and from here you can also move your pictures. Under settings, ensure you are under the segment “General”
    • Create a Google photos folder: You will find segment that says “Create a Google Photos folder — automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive”. You will have to ensure that this option is selected. If it is not, then select it.
    • Choose your image that you want to move: You can now select the image you want to move. It can be one image or an entire folder of images
    • Select the Actions button: After choosing the image or folder, the action button will appear at the right side of the actions panel
    • Click on move to: Under the actions panel, you will find the ‘move to’ option. Click on this option
    • Select Google Photos: After you click on the ‘move to’ option, you will be provided with a list of folders, select the Google photos folder.
    • Click on the move button: Once you have selected Google photos folder, you will have the option to move, click on this option.




Once you have carried out these steps completely, your photo(s) will have been moved from Google drive to Google photos. You can now access these photo(s) in Google photos.


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