Panzoid – How to Use it to Make YouTube Intros on Android, iPhone, and PC

YouTube intros are a short video clip that is played before the main video to give a short introduction and draws the attention of the viewers. If the intro is not short then the viewers will get bored and will not find any interest in watching the full video.

How to make a good intro for YouTube?

To make a good intro for YouTube it is necessary to maintain some criteria to make it more interesting and acceptable. Though you can make videos without intros, there are some issues that make it a necessity for making intros. To make a high-quality YouTube intro you must maintain a few criteria.

  • While making an intro video one must set his mind to make it a very brief one. A prolonged intro video for YouTube must be fun but becomes a waste of time sometimes for the viewers. Some viewers may close the video if the intro is too long and time-consuming. So the main point is a good intro video must remain short.
  • In the intro video, the channel name and the topic of the video should be inserted to give a clear idea to the viewers about what they are going to watch for the next few minutes.
  • Moreover, Try to make your intro video a unique one with the effects of sound and templates.

In this article, we are going to explore how to create intro videos with panzoid software. It’s a free software of making intros and it doesn’t need any signup to start. Moreover, it is trouble-free to use and each and every template is free of cost. Another important feature of panzoid software is it has a 3D effect which can make the intro video more attractive and interesting to the viewers. Videos made with panzoid look more professional though it is more friendly to gamers for making gaming videos.

Steps to Use Panzoid for making a YouTube Intro video

To make an intro video with panzoid, first of all, you need to go to the link on your browser. Then you can follow the step by step procedure to make your desired intro video for YouTube.

  • At the beginning of the process, you need to proceed to the website.
  • On the panzoid website, from the three alternatives click on the clipmaker box as you are going to make a video clip for an intro.

  • After clicking the clipmaker box you will find a list of clips on the left side. Scroll down and click on ‘more creation’ for finding your desired intro clip.


  • While searching for more clips, type intros and press enter in the search field. Here you can find many clips and choose one for making your intro video with. In case of not getting your desired intro clip click on all categories and find one according to your choice.


  • After clicking on a specific intro clip it will appear on the upper left corner of the page. Clicking in ‘open in clip maker’ in panzoid will lead you to the next step of creating your video.


  • Therefore, click on the 3D box located in the menu to edit the clip according to your criteria.


  • After clicking the 3D box you will find some default written text and you need to replace them with your video intro, brand name or the subject of your video.


  • From panzoid, you can also change the letter format, size, color as well as the place where you want your text to be shown on the clip.


  • Again, as it is a 3D text, you can change the color of the shadow and you also need to adjust the shadow text accordingly. Otherwise, the 3D shadow text will remain as the default text. It will look attractive if you adjust everything according to the main text.


  • Moreover, you can also adjust the sound as well as the music from the left side where the music icon is given on the menu.
  • Once you have done all the editing, click the eye icon just at the adjacent right bottom side of the menu to check the editing.


  • Similarly, you can check the intro video through the play option. Most importantly, you can reedit the intro video by clicking the pause option if you do not like it and can choose a different template.


  • If your clip is okay then download it with the down arrow located on the same left-side menu.


  • After clicking the download option select your desired mode and format of the video and click on start video render. While rendering the video, do not leave the page until the next instruction.


  • Lastly, after rendering the video a download option will appear which will lead you to save your intro video from panzoid.


  • After all the steps have done perfectly, your intro video is ready for making your full YouTube video.

The process of making an intro with panzoid is the same for Android, iPhone, and PC. The only variation is  PC makes every work easier. Moreover, working on a phone is much convenient as you can move with phones everywhere.

As in panzoid, you need to work through the website its use is not limited. Panzoid has not launched an app yet. You also do not require any additional software to use panzoid.

If you think you can make an intro video within a minute through panzoid you are wrong. Though you can create one intro video within minutes, it will not be that much good if you operate it for the very first time. To make good attractive intros you need to have a good practice on it. Only then you will be qualified to make a good intro video within a short period of time with panzoid.

Panzoid is easy to use. If you are a new user, all you need is just to follow the steps which will proceed you to make your first intro video without any difficulties through Android, iPhone or even with PC.

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