How to Install Package Manager on Sublime Text 3?

Sublime Text 3 is the best plain text editor for professional coders and programmers where they can work on a project and do coding on it. The platform supports multiple plugins that make it easier for users to improve their productivity by coding faster. In today’s article, we will guide you to install the Package Manager on Sublime Text 3 tool. The following tutorial will guide you more on this.

What is a Package Manager?

Package Manager is nothing but a specialized Sublime Manager that makes it easier for the users to install and manage all the packages of the Sublime Text 3 tool. It is there to make the installation of the packages more convenient. Ultimately, it saves a lot of time of the users which they can invest in the development of their program or project.

Because of its easy functionality and useful nature, Package Manager is the first package that you should install on your Sublime Text 3 Editor. If you are ready to install the Package Manager on a respective system, then the following step by step tutorial will give you more information about this.

How to Install the Package Manager on Sublime Text 3?

Step 1: 

The first thing you need to do is visiting the official page of the Package Manager. Go to the following link and copy the given long command from the page.

Go to:

Step 2: 

Now, open the Sublime Text 3 tool on a respective PC system.

Step 3: 

Sublime Text 3 editor’s main window will be presented on your screen. Make sure to paste the command copied from the first step here.

Step 4: 

Once you paste the copied command, click the Enter button.

Step 5: 

The installation process of the Package Manager or Package Control on the Sublime Text 3 editor will begin. It will take a few seconds of time to finish.

Once the package installation process is done, kindly close down the current Window or the Sublime Text 3 editor tool on your system. Restart the tool from your PC system to start using the recently added Package Manager tool.

Now, you can easily install and manage the different packages of the Sublime Text 3 tool.

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