How to Delete Google Photos from Cloud Only & Keep Local Device Photos

Google offers a variety of services to its users for absolutely free. Most of the services offered by Google also support non-Google devices and platform such as iOS, Windows, Mac etc. Google Photos is undoubtedly the best platform to store/ backup photos and videos from your device. Today, we will show you how you can delete photos Only from Google Cloud but not from the device.

Google Photos works automatically and takes a backup of all the photos and videos of your device. Once you setup the app, it will take a backup of every single photo and video itself and stores it over the cloud. Interestingly, it syncs the backed-up photos to all the devices and platforms working with the same Google ID.

You can easily explore, edit and download the backed-up photos from anywhere even if you do not have the access to the main device. That’s why Google is everyone’s favorite place for storing photos. However, there are many users who have found an issue with this app and i.e. not allowing users to take photos in the main Gallery after deleting them from Google Photos app.

Once you delete the backed-up photo from Google Photos, it will be deleted from the device’s gallery app as well. If you want to delete photos only from the Google Photos’ Backup and not from the main device’ gallery app, then the following guidelines will help you to do so.

Before we jump on to the main instructions, we should understand why Google deletes photos from the Gallery app when we delete them from the backed-up files.

Why does Google Photos Delete Photos from the Gallery?

Google Photos is present in every Android device as it’s a product from Google itself. Thankfully, you can even install it on an iOS device as it supports cross-platform. You can easily sync photos and videos between the smartphones, tablets and PC systems quickly.

Google Photos has a backup & sync option which is disabled by default. To start taking regular backup of photos and videos from the Gallery app, you have to enable the backup & sync option from the Google Photos app. When you enable this option, the app will start fetching the photos and videos from the main Camera folder of the Gallery. The same feature will not take backup of the other albums of your gallery. If you have an album with WhatsApp media, then you will not find any of the photos from this folder to the backup files.

This means Google Photos takes a backup from the main Camera photos folder only. Of course, you can take a backup of other folders too by visiting the Google Photos app.

Now, Google Photos lets you delete the photos and videos from your Device’s Gallery app to free some space. The photos and videos will be stored over the cloud on Google Photos and you can view and explore them anytime you want. You can delete the photos or videos manually from the device’s gallery app to save or free-up some memory space.

However, when you delete the backed-up file from Google Photos app, it will be deleted from the Gallery app as well. Yes, the photos and videos which you delete from Google Photos app, will also be wiped out from the main Gallery app.

If you are worried about it and searching for the perfect solution to this, then here we have prepared a step by step tutorial with all the useful instructions. Go through the steps and follow all the instructions wisely, your photos won’t be deleted from the Device’s Gallery app.

How to Delete Photos from Google Photos but not from Device’s Gallery?

Many people have shared different strategies and methods to keep the synced photos and videos in the main device after deleting them from Google Photos, however, none of them works. To do so, you need to do a little extra work with the File Manager app. Let’s see how it is done!

Step 1:

Go to the device’s Apps menu and select File Manager app. If the File Manager app on your device is a basic app, then you can install an advanced File Manager app such as Ex File Explorer etc. Launch File Manager app from your Android device.

Step 2: 

Now, select the Main Menu option and then Internal Storage. Here, you have to select Create New Folder option and add a new folder to save the photos and files for your device. Make sure you give a suitable name to the new folder which you are creating.

Step 3:

Once you create the folder, go to the Internal Storage Memory folder and select DCIM and then Camera option. Camera folder holds all the photos and videos taken by your device. DCIM folder holds all the albums of the Gallery app. Since, Google Photos syncs with the Camera folder, open that folder first.

Step 4:

From the Camera folder, select the photos you want to Delete from the Google Photos cloud. Tap the three-lined button or the options button which will show you a lot of options. You need to select the photos and videos from this folder and then select Cut/ Move option.

Step 5:

Now, navigate to the newly created folder. Go to Internal Storage option and select the newly created folder from there.

Step 6:

Now, tap on to Paste button. All the selected photos and videos from the Camera Folder will be pasted here.

That’s all you! The selected photos and videos will be deleted from the Google Photos app. However, you can access all of them through a newly created folder. You can view the photos from the main Gallery app by exploring different albums or folders name.

Note: While doing so, backup & sync option should be deleted. If you keep it enabled, the photos will be synced again and you will have to go through the same process again. You can disable this option by following this below-given path from the Google Photos app. Go to Google Photos app where you will see all the folders of the albums. Make sure that the backup icon in the newly created folder is disabled. Tap on to the folder name and disable this option.

If you see the deleted photos and videos from the web version of the app, then you have to delete them manually. It will not affect the newly created folder. Your photos and videos will be safe in the new folder.

As mentioned above, Google Photos works automatically with the backup & sync option enabled. The photos and videos that you take from your device will automatically back up by this app. If you don’t want Google Photos to take a backup of them in future, you can simply disable this option.

To do so, go to the Google Photos app and tap on to the Three-lined menu button from the upper left corner and then select the Settings option from the drop-down menu. Select Back up & sync option and you will see a Toggle button there. Turn it off from there!

Final words:

This is the only way to keep photos and videos on the device’s main gallery app and not in the Google Photos once you took a backup of the Gallery app. We hope that Google will come up with a simple way to delete Photos from the Google Photos backup while keeping them in the main Gallery app.

Google Photos is indeed the best solution to keep your memories saved and alive over the cloud. When your device gets stolen or lost, your photos and videos will be there in the Google Photos app which can be accessed from anywhere on a different device.

You can also try out different Cloud-storage apps to take a backup of your Gallery. However, Google Photos is the best one and highly recommended app!

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