How to Upload Photos & Videos in HD to Facebook on Android and iPhone/iPad

Tired of the shitty quality Facebook turns your photos and videos to? Here’s a quick tweak you can do to your Facebook settings to get this situation fixed and upload photos & videos in HD to Facebook using the Android app and the native app on the iPhone and iPad..

I’ve included screenshots below for each step you need to perform in order to get it done inside the Facebook settings within the official application. For this tutorial, I have used an iPhone device. However, it’s the same app for both Android and iOS platforms. So the procedure will mostly be identical. Let’s get started now!

How to Upload Photos & Videos in HD to Facebook on Android and iPhone/iPads

Step 1. Open the Facebook App on your Android smartphone or iPhone or iPad.
Step 2. Tap on the “More button” at the bottom of the application window. It will look like three horizontal lines stacked together.

Facebook App
Step 3. Once that is opened, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on the “Settings” option under the “Settings & Privacy” category.
Step 4. Then scroll down below until you see the “Media and Contacts” settings.

Facebook Settings

Step 5. Tap on “Videos and Photos”.
Step 6. And there you will the “Upload in HD” option. Tap on it to turn it on. It should turn green once enabled.

Facebook Upload in HD

That’s it folks. As simple as that. If you found this tutorial helpful, share it across your social channels and maybe help a friend out. Until the next time, this has been Mr. Walker and good to have hosted you on our site. Peace.

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