How to Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram from PC (Windows & Mac)

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular photo-sharing platform. Instagram was designed only for mobile users. However, they have also released the web-interface of the platform with some limitations. You can’t directly upload a photo or video to your Instagram feed from a PC, you can only explore the feed and can see your followers’ update on a PC system. In this guide, we will show you how to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a PC.

Some third-party platforms like Hootsuite allow you to upload photos and videos from your Instagram account by scheduling the posts. However, there are some other ways with which you can easily upload a photo or video on Instagram from a PC system.

We have compiled a list of the best ways to upload photos and videos on Instagram from a PC. By knowing these ways, you won’t need a smartphone to upload pics and videos that stored in your PC system. You can pick a suitable way from the list and can start using it to upload them to your Instagram feed directly.

Note: If you choose to go with the third-party apps for uploading the videos and photos to your Instagram, you will be asked to buy a subscription for those apps. If you do not want to pay anything, you can follow the below-listed browser tricks that don’t ask you for any kind of fee or subscription.

How to Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram from PC using Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and almost every PC user uses it for surfing the web. The browser supports plenty of extensions that are available for free of cost. You can enhance your productivity while surging the web using these extensions. You can make use of the extension to upload a photo or a video on Instagram. Or you can also do the same using the built-in function of the browser. The following steps will guide you to do so.

Steps to Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram from PC

1.Sign into your Instagram account 

The first thing you need to do here is sign into your Instagram account on a PC or a Mac system. Head over to their official website, enter your Instagram’s username and password and sign in there.

From the main feed page, click the Profile option to bring your profile page on the main screen of the PC system.

2. Open Developer Tools 

Click the three-dot menu button from the upper right corner. This will open up the menu page of the browser.

From the main menu, hover over to More Tools and then select Developer Tools option. Alternatively, you can also right click on the page anywhere and select Inspect option to bring up the codes page of that particular page.

Both, Developer Tools option and Inspect option gives you the same result. You can choose the one that suits you better. We would suggest you to try out the Inspect method as it is quick and the option is readily available.

3. Select Device

From the Inspect page, click the small icon given at the upper left corner. This is the icon for the devices. You can select the device type from this icon. Select this option using the mouse.

4. Select the Phone 

Once you select the Devices option from the Inspect window, kindly select the Phone model of your choice. You can select it from the main upper bar where you can see a drop-down menu. From this menu, you can select the suitable phone model of your choice. You can choose Responsive option as well.

5. Refresh the Page 

After selecting the Phone Model, you just need to refresh the page. The screen will now be converted into the phone model that you have selected. You can now use the Instagram just like you use it on your mobile phone.

All the options are available to use. You can upload a story, or a photo or a video using an appropriate option from the screen. Just click the + button to upload a photo or a video from your PC to Instagram.

This is how you can post photos and videos on Instagram using the Chrome Browser. If you are using a Mac system and working on the Safari browser, then you need to follow the below given steps.

How to Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram from PC using Safari Browser

Safari Browser comes as a default web browser on Mac systems. Safari Browser is more secured than any other browser on the web which is why most Mac users do use this browser for surfing the web. If you want to upload photos and videos on Instagram through Safari browser, then here’s the step by step tutorial for you.

Steps to Upload Photos and Videos on Instagram from PC

1.Open Safari Browser 

Go to the Applications menu and select the Safari Browser’s icon to launch it.

2. Open Preferences Window 

Once the browser is opened, click the Safari option from the upper left corner. A menu will be presented from which you need to select the Preferences option.

3. Open Advanced tab 

From the Preferences Window, select the Advanced tab. You will be presented with a number of tabs here in this page.

4. Show Develop Menu 

In the Advanced Tab window, you will see a number of options. At last, you will see an option Show Develop Menu, make sure to tickmark this option to bring the developer’s page on the main screen.

5. Sign into Instagram Account

Now, come to the main page of the browser and open Instagram’s website. Sign into your Instagram account by entering the username and password.

6. Select the Phone Model 

From the upper menu, select Develop option and then User Agent option from the given menu.

From the right-side menu, select the iOS or the model name that you want to bring on the main screen of your account.

7. Start Uploading 

Once you select the iOS option or the model, your screen will be converted into the mobile screen. You could see the + icon on the main page just like you see it on the Mobile device. You can start uploading photos and videos to your Instagram feed by clicking on to the + icon.

How to Post an Instagram Story from Mac or PC?

Instagram’s Story feature allows users to show off what they want to their friends and followers. The videos or the Pictures you upload in this section of Instagram will stay live only for 24 hours. You can save your Instagram Stories in the Feed as well. A lot of customization options are given to users to customize their Instagram Stories. If you wish to upload or post an Instagram Story from Mac or PC system, then you can do so by following the below given steps.

Steps to Upload Instagram Story from PC

1. Open Instagram 

Go to your Web browser and open Instagram’s official website. Sign into your Instagram account by entering the username and password there.

2. Open Developer Tools option 

Now, you need to change the view screen of the page. You can follow the above given steps to do so. Right-click on the page and select Inspect option. Then select Devices and select the phone model of your choice. From the list of devices, you can select whichever device you want. You can either choose an Android device or an iOS device from the list. For best results, select Responsive option from the given list.

3. Click the Story Option 

The screen will be converted into a mobile screen. This means you can now post a story on your Instagram account through a PC system. To post a new story to your Instagram account, just click the Camera option from the upper left corner. You would be allowed to select the photo or video from the drive.

Once you select the photo or video, click the Add to Story option from the bottom of the page. The selected photos or videos will be uploaded to your Instagram’s Story section.

You don’t need to follow any other steps, just follow the same steps as you do on your mobile phone to upload or to post an Instagram Story from the PC. All you need to do is converting the page into a mobile page by using the Inspect option.

You can also make use of third-party tools that are available for PC and Mac systems. However, these tools are paid ones and they are not available for free.


This is the easiest method to upload photos and videos on Instagram from PC. We have provided the default methods for both, Windows and Mac systems. You can follow these methods to upload photos, videos and even Instagram Story from PC.

If you know any other way or have any questions or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section given below this post. We would like to interact with you and will help you out with your queries and questions.

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