How to Open Links in a New Tab on Chrome, Firefox and Safari

There comes a time when you click a link and it opens up on the same tab that you are currently using. To avoid such mess, you need to learn how to open links in a new tab on a different web browser. The following report will teach you to open links in new tabs on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari web browser.

This is an essential thing to do especially if you are working on something important and the link just opened on the same page. You might not want to re-open that page or even if you do, it will take a lot of time. The same thing might frustrate you when you are about to fill an online form. There’s a way to open links on a new tab and you can easily avoid such annoying things in future. Let’s see how you can do so!

On Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular web browsers in the world and most computer users have Google Chrome as the default web browser.

To open links in a new tab, all you need to do is press the Control button on the Windows system while clicking on to the link. The new link will be opened in a new tab and you can work on the current web page without leaving it. On the Mac systems, you need to hold down the Command button instead of Control Button.

Windows PC: Hold Down Control button+ Click the Link

Mac PC: Hold Down Command button+ Click the Link

Alternatively, you can click, hold and drag the link on a new tab on the Chrome browser to open it with a new tab using your Mouse. Most people like to use the Control and Command buttons to do so. We also recommend you to follow the same technique.

Apart from this, you can also right click on to the given link and select Open link in a new tab option to launch the selected link in a new tab.

On Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox comes with an advanced option to let users open links in a new tab every time they click on a link given on the webpage. Let’s see how you can setup this thing on a Firefox browser.

Step 1: 

Launch Mozilla Firefox browser on a respective PC system.

Step 2: 

Open the webpage containing multiple links.

Step 3: 

Now, press and hold the Control button and click on to the given link. The clicked link will be opened on a new tab.

Apart from this, you can also change the default settings for the Firefox browser to make it automatically switch to the newly opened tab. To do so, follow the below-given path.

Go to: Options>> Select Tabs>> enable “When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately”

Now, whenever you open a new tab with the given link, you will be automatically switched on to it without using your mouse on a Firefox browser.

You can also right click on to the link and select the Open link in a new tab option from the menu. Use your mouse to do so.

On Safari Browser

Mac offers different ways to launch links in a new tab while working on a Safari browser. Safari browser is mac’s default web browser which lets you surf different types of websites with faster browsing speed.

Go to a page that contains a link or multiple links on a Safari browser. Now, press the Command button given beside the space bar on a Mac system, and click on to the link. The given link will be on a new tab and the existing tab will still be there.

Alternatively, you can right click on to the link. This will open a new menu bar from which you need to select the Open link in a new tab option.

If you are working on a Mac system, then you can setup this option manually from the Preferences menu of the Safari browser.

Go to: Safari Browser>> Select Preferences option>> Click Tabs>> Make sure the option Command+ Click to Open a link in a new tab. The other option should be selected as Automatically.

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