How to Get Read Receipt Gmail – 5 Ways to Tell if Someone Read your Email on Gmail

Gmail is definitely the most used email service in the world thanks to its amazing and functional user tier that is free to use and a professional tier that is included in G Suite. Gmail recently received a massive redesign that brought a new look as well as new features to the service. With every small update, the email service becomes better and more useful to use but if you use Gmail professionally, you might want to know a few tricks to use Gmail to leverage its full potential.

Professional uses of Gmail include creating surveys and using Google Forms and Gmail to send them out together and more. One such feature that is not a part of Gmail is tracking the email read receipts. While there are so many extensions for both Google Chrome, Firefox and others, we still need to know which ones work the best. This is exactly why we have compiled this list of extensions that will help you track Gmail read receipts easily.

5 Ways to Tell if Someone Read your Email on Gmail

#1. Mailtrack

Mailtrack - Email tracking for Gmail is an extension for Gmail which also works on Google’s other email service – Inbox. It lets you track your email delivery and read receipts that you can see with the green check marks. Using the extension is really easy. Once you have installed the extension in your browser, you just have to connect your Gmail account to provide you with a dashboard. The dashboard shows the read receipts data and timestamps as to when the receiver opened the email. is free to use but there is a paid tier which starts at $4.99/month or $2.49/month when paid for a full year. The paid tier lets you track unlimited email just like the free tier and apart from that, you can have no signatures in your emails mentioning Mailtrack. You also get reminders, daily reports, email and phone support and more.

Free tier users can simply install the extension and use it. Every time the free users send an email, there will be a signature that can be removed manually. Mailtrack is simple and a to the point service for tracking emails and it works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

#2. HubSpot Sales – Email Tracking

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot is a service dedicated to people who work on online sales. The extension provided by HubSpot which is an online platform that allows you to manage your online marketing and sales helps you do a lot more than just email tracking. You can download the HubSpot Sales extension for Google Chrome and have the email tracking feature for free. The extension also lets you schedule emails, create email templates, and the extension also works on Android and iOS which means you will be able to use it on your smartphone as well.

The extension is perfect for those people who have to connect with clients and other parties through email and they need a centralized dashboard with all the information that is crucial for you. The other features like email templates, CRM support, and others make sure that you have a great tool for your online sales.

#3. Yesware Email Tracking

Yesware email tracking

Yesware is a HubSpot alternative with all the sales and marketing features that will help you manage your online sales platform. It has a lot of tools for Gmail integrated out of which email tracking is one of them. Yesware does not have a free tier and their most basic tier starts with $12 a month for one user and for that price it gives you a lot of email tracking features, CRM features, email scheduling and more.

The extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Outlook for the desktop which makes Yesware one of the best premium sales and email tracking software available.

#4. MailTag for Gmail

Mailtag for Gmail - Email Tracking is a service just like Mailtrack and it works both with Gmail and G Suite. It is also supported on Firefox and Outlook for the desktop. Not only does it let you track emails and their read receipts, but it also lets you schedule emails with the free tier. The premium tier that costs $25 a month per user gives you a lot of other features which includes link click tracking, auto-BCC to CRM and unlimited pings. MailTag can truly be counted as one of the best alternatives to out there.

#5. GeoTrack – Location based Email Tracking

GeoTrack - Email tracking with Geolocation goes an extra mile when it comes to tracking emails. The extension is only available for Google Chrome right now but it lets you track emails and the recipient’s geolocation from where the email was opened. No other extension or add-on mentioned here does this and this is what makes GeoTrack unique when it comes to email tracking.

The service is available in one free tier and two premium tiers priced at $2.42 per month when signed for a year and $3.17 per month when signed for 6 months. These plans apply on a per-user basis and brings the price of GeoTrack closer to Mailtrack while providing better features. Having the knowledge of geolocation when an email is opened can be leveraged for so many useful things.

Wrapping it up!

In this post, we saw a bunch of extra services and extensions for Gmail and all of these have one common feature that will help you track the email read receipts easily. All of these services are compatible with Gmail and G Suite email which also works similarly to Gmail but on a custom domain. The list includes free options like Mailtrack, MailTag and premium options like HubSpot Sales and Yesware both.

If you are a normal user who only wants to track email receipts, the free options will work for you and fulfill your requirements. Premium options like Yesware and HubSpot Sales will let you leverage a lot more with their extra services and features. GeoTrack on the other hand lets you also track the geolocation from where the email has been opened which is something that might be useful for a lot of people.

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