How to Get Mac Spotlight Search on Windows 10 PC?

Windows 10 is undoubtedly the most significant OS update by Microsoft. The latest Operating System brings a ton of new features and functions to users to make the most of their computing life. However, the company has not changed the way how one can search for things on their systems.

You have to deal with the same old-age Search Toolbar to search for the files or app or anything on the system. Everyone is amazed by the macOS’ Spotlight search, it gives you an option of a quick search of anything within your system. You want to get Mac Spotlight Search on Windows 10 PC system, then follow this tutorial.

Windows 10 features an old-age Cortana Search which is indeed a nice search toolbar but most of the Windows users who have used the Mac’s Spotlight Search want to bring the same Search bar tool on their Windows systems. Since Mac and Windows are products of different companies, you can’t actually get the same Spotlight Search officially on your Windows 10 system. However, there’s a way to get it. Yes, by using the third-party app.

Microsoft tried to add the same Spotlight Search like Search Toolbar on the Windows 10 System a couple of years back. However, we couldn’t see any positive results from their announcement which was made by the company way back.

About Jarvis Spotlight Search Tool

Jarvis Program for Windows 10 System launched about two years ago. Since then, they haven’t released any update of this tool. What makes this tool so much popular amongst the Windows 10 users is it doesn’t ask for any special system configurations. It works well on the old versions of Windows Operating Systems smoothly. We hope to see the new update of this tool in the coming weeks.

If you are curious to add the Mac Spotlight Search on a Windows 10 system, then here’s what you need to do.

Get Mac Spotlight Search on Windows 10 PC System

Note: Microsoft’s default Web browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer will send you a warning message before you could download it on your system. Since it is a third-party app and not the official app, you will have to install it with a little risk which is absolutely normal.

If you are a proud Windows 10 user and have decided to bring the Mac Spotlight Search on your system, then there’s a third-party app or we can say program called Jarvis. Jarvis is a free program that can get you the Spotlight Search like Search toolbar on your Windows PC system.

Apparently, the Jarvis Searchbar doesn’t replace the standard Cortana Search on your Windows 10 PC. The built-in Searchbar will be there as it is since it is a default Searchbar from Microsoft.

To bring the Mac Spotlight Searchbar on your Windows 10, you need to press the alt+spacebar simultaneously. Yes, just like you do it on a Mac system. A Spotlight Searchbar will be there on your screen, you can type in anything to locate the file or app or software. You can launch the Jarvis Searchbar whenever needed while keeping the standard and the default Windows Searchbar as it is.

Jarvis has designed the Mac Spotlight Searchbar with a number of improvements where you can easily search for things on Google or Wikipedia. If you want to search anything on Google, just type in g and then your query. The search results will be displayed on your screen. The search results will open the default web browser.

If you have set Google Chrome as your PC’s default web browser app, then the search results will be displayed on the same web browser. Jarvis Tool works with the PC’s default web browser. To search for things on Wikipedia, you need to type in Wiki and then add your query to bring the results from Wikipedia.

Most of the Windows 10 users are completely unaware of this advanced Searchbar as it is still in its early stage. Developers are currently working hard to make it more stable. It comes with a lot of customizable options to customize your search results.

You are allowed to select the folders and files which can be searched through this Jarvis Spotlight Searchbar on a Windows 10 system. You can easily change things as per your requirements by selecting the Jarvis’ icon from your system and right-click on to it. From the presented menu, click on to the Settings option.

The Settings page of the Jarvis Spotlight Search will show you the customization options which you can change as per your needs. It’s a good way to search for things quickly on a Windows 10 system. It does a good job for the tech-savvy who can improve their overall productivity.

It’s a good treat for those who liked the Mac’s Spotlight Search. You will get the same Mac Spotlight Search’s experience through this Jarvis Tool on a Windows 10 system. Try it now from the below given official link!

Get Jarvis for Windows 10

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