How to Freeze Top Row or First Column in Google Sheets and Excel

If you are a newbie or have little knowledge about spreadsheets then your work turns out to be fiddly. Recently, my friend asked me to teach him the spreadsheet. When opened one, his face became pale as if it was too complicated. Working on many spreadsheets have jiggled him and he was facing a lot of difficulties to find specific data. For that, a detailed overview of the spreadsheet has to be given. Have you ever experience the same situation or going through this snag?

Don’t worry. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to work on large spreadsheets by freezing a specific row or column in Google Sheets as well as Excel spreadsheets.

When you are working on several spreadsheets at one time it is difficult to view a specific row or column. Sometimes it does multiply in other sheets as well. A heading plays an important role to keep track of the data and it’s hectic to track particular row or column.

Do you know what a Freeze Pane mean?

Freeze Panes stands for freezing a specific number of columns or rows in your spreadsheet. This helps you to stay at the place while scrolling in any direction. It keeps you stick to it until you remove freeze pane.

The role of freeze panes in Google sheets or excel sheets is imperative. When you work on a large number of spreadsheets at the same time first few rows or columns may appear on other sheets too. In such cases freeze the rows or columns that you want to print.

To make it simple for you let’s split the tutorial into five major parts:

1. How to Freeze Top Row or First Column in Google Sheets (On a Web Browser)

2. How to Freeze Top Row or First Column in Google Sheets (On a Tablet or Smartphone)

3. How to Freeze Top Row in Excel Sheet

4. How to Freeze the First Column in Excel Sheet

5. How to Freeze Top Row and First Column Together in Excel Sheet

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Without much ado let’s begin with it.

How to Freeze Top Row or First Column in Google Sheets (On a Web Browser):

Usually, people like to freeze top row in Google sheets that contain columns and headers. There are two consecutive ways to get this done.

1st Method: Drag and drop the thick grey bar to select the rows and columns you want to freeze. Google sheets have a dark grey bar at the top left corner when a spreadsheet is created.

Click and hold the row or column and move it. Once you have completed the task release the bar. By this method your top row or first column freezes.

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2nd Method: Click on the view menu, it is located at the top of the sheet. The menu will drop down, choose the Freeze option.

Following are the options that will pop on your screen, choose which fits your need:

No rows: Unfreezes all row

1 rows: Freezes first row of your spreadsheet

2 rows: Freezes two rows

No columns: Unfreezes all the columns

1 column: Freezes first column

2 column: Freezes two columns

When you have chosen your specific spot scroll horizontally or vertically. You will notice that the freeze panes still remain in your spreadsheet.

Unfreezing row or column:

Select menu> Freeze option> selected rows> no rows or no column.

**Note: If a check-mark isn’t present at the bottom of your Google Sheet, you are using its old version. For older versions: To freeze rows and columns go to View Menu> freeze rows or freeze columns.

How to Freeze Top Row or First Column in Google Sheets (On a Tablet or Smartphone)

Follow the mentioned steps to Freeze or Unfreeze top row or first column on Android or iPad, iOS and iPhone:

Launch Google sheets on your gadget

Open an existing spreadsheet or create a fresh one

Select top row or first column you want to freeze by tapping it once. It will become highlighted

Tap on the highlighted row again and the context menu will appear on your screen

Select freeze row or freeze column

Scroll horizontally or vertically. Freezing panes will still remain in your view.

Unfreeze Row or Column:

Open spreadsheet> tap on selected row> context menu> select unfreeze row or unfreeze column.

How to Freeze Top Row in Excel Sheet

The most common task on an excel sheet is to freeze the top row. For this you need to follow the given instructions:

Open Excel Spreadsheet

Click View option given on the top left

View Menu will drop down. Select freeze panes button

Select freeze top row

Scroll down your sheet so that you make sure that your top row is locked.

Shortcut Keys for freezing Top Row are Alt +w + f +r


How to Freeze the First Column in Excel Sheet

Similarly, if you want to freeze the first column in excel. Do the needful:

Open your excel spreadsheet

Click on the view button

Double click > Freeze Panes.

Tap on freeze First Column

Scroll through your spreadsheet for surety.

Shortcut Keys for freezing First Column are Alt +w + f +c

How to Freeze Top Row and First Column Together in Excel Sheet

To get rows and columns in the excel sheet locked, refer to the steps given below:

Open Excel spreadsheet

Tap on cell B2

Click View tab

Double click Freeze Panes

Click Freeze Panes option

Scroll down horizontally and vertically to make sure rows and column are locked.

Unfreeze top Rows or first Columns:

If you don’t like your command or want to undo them. Click on Unfreeze Panes.

Shortcut Keys for freezing Top Row and First Column together are Alt +w + f +f

That’s all about Freeze Panes. Hope this tutorial served your purpose well. If you have any query or feedback do write us in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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