How to Fix “Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.” Error

Internet Providers around the globe block down URLs of popular websites such as Torrentz and other sites that serve adult content. Besides this, many video streaming websites and apps also block by ISPs as they have to follow the guidelines of the Government. Step by step tutorial to know how to fix “Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.” Error is given here.

There is no specific reason behind why you are seeing this error while trying to open a particular website. However, there are some fixes that you can try out to resolve this error. For many users, this error message is annoying and they want to get rid of it anyhow.

We have received many requests from our readers asking about the solution for this error. After thorough research and implementation of different methods, we have come up with solutions to fix this error.

Many of you might know about the different methods to fix this error. The most common method that you can try out here is to simply start using proxies of those URLs. Alternatively, you can also start using VPNs to access geo-restricted content from different URLs.

Most ISPs block down the URLs with HTTP domain when you use HTTPS, you will be able to surf that website with no proxy or VPN. Just add HTTPS in the address bar and then write down the URL. If this version of the website is also blocked by the ISP, then you have to try out different other methods which are listed below:

Method 1: Use Proxy Services

The best method to stream out blocked content from different websites is by using proxy services. If we talk about the current web-space, there are numerous types of web proxy services available. You can choose the suitable proxy service as per your requirements from the web itself.

Proxy services are available for free. It acts like a VPN service where a proxy server plays an important role as an intermediate. The destination server first sends responses to the proxy server and then to the user.

What’s good about using the proxy services is it blocks down the IP address of the users and makes geo-restricted websites accessible. For quick access to blocked websites, you should go with the Proxy services that are available on the web for everyone. For regular use of such websites, you should go with the Proxy servers.

Method 2: Use Smart DNS for Streaming Media

In today’s digital world, we have different types of streaming platforms to watch our favorite TV shows and movies. Smart DNS is the best solution for users who want to watch videos and movies from blocked websites.

Smart DNS works only with a specific list of websites. You can’t unblock all types of URLs. However, it works with almost all types of popular online streaming services. If your expectations are very high and if you want to stream out premium content from geo-restricted websites, then there’s an option for you. VPN is the solution to suit your entertainment needs.

Method 3: Use VPN Service

VPN- Virtual Private Network is currently high in demand as it provides numerous benefits to users who use the web regularly. VPN works smartly and gives you the best of advantages of the web.

Thankfully, there are different types of VPN service providers present in the market. They offer different types of service plans to suit your needs. You can use VPN on your computer systems, laptops as well as on mobile devices. Almost every VPN service provider has its own mobile application that works well with Android and iOS devices.

What you need to do here is just search for the reliable VPN service provider and try to collect all the information about their services from the feedbacks of the users. You can also read out the reviews of the best VPN providers before you finalize.

Web-users use VPN services for security purposes. If you want to explore the websites anonymously, then you can use a VPN service. It keeps your system’s IP address hidden, no one can fetch the information about your system and your location.

Moreover, VPN service also lets you change your current location. You will be provided with a list of locations i.e. the servers located in different countries, states, and cities. Depending on your basic requirements, you can change your server location from the given list. Select the server location and click the Connect button.

Method 4: Browser Extensions

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support third-party browser extensions. You can download and install useful extensions or add-ons to your browser to make your web browsing smarter. To access geo-restricted websites, you can add a suitable browser extension that lets you surf the web the way you want.

Popular VPN providers have their own addons which you can add to your browser. If you are willing to use a VPN service regularly, then you can add a reliable VPN extension. By clicking on the addon, you can easily connect yourself to a different server located in a different country.

This method is largely adopted by the web users who work on the computer system or stream out contents of different countries. These extensions work as per your current plan, you will be required to add your username and password.

Before using the extension, you should know how to use them. You will have to subscribe to their premium plan or can even use their services for free of cost as many VPN service providers offer a free trial periods to new users.


These were the best methods which you can try out to unblock the blocked URLs or to resolve the “Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.” Error from your system. Give these methods a try to access blocked URLs.

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