How to Change Currency in Google Sheets and Excel

If you are working in the international market then you have to deal with different currencies concurrently. Without affecting certain cells changes have to be made. If numbers so mentioned is converted in currencies work becomes easier.

Both Google Sheets, as well as Excel, offers you the facility to format currency as per regions. If you want to know how to get it done, stick to the tutorial.

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Before beginning let’s see how to insert a currency symbol in Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheet.

Inserting Currency Symbol in Google sheets:

1. Select the number of rows and columns you want to modify.

2. Select 123 icons from the top toolbar

3. Select the currency

4. You can even custom apply currency by typing its symbol. For example, Dollar $ etc.

Inserting Currency Symbol in Microsoft Excel Sheets:

Select the cell and go to the home tab and choose the format as Currency and your job is done.

How to Change Currency Symbol in Excel sheets?

Excel offers you a vast accounting format that allows you to change currencies of different countries. If you want to convert one currency to other follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Select the specific cell whose currency you wish to change. Click on More Number Formats and now pick the required currency.

2. Excel’s default currency can be obtained by Control Panel Settings. For that:

Control Panel> Format> Region and Language Setting> Additional Settings

3. Now select the Currency tab and fill the symbol manually. This is a time-saving option.


To make it easier for you let’s take an example:

Suppose you wish to change Dollar symbol into Euros symbol. Then

Select Euros cells> Number> Home> Number Format> Category> Currency> Click on Symbol> Scroll list> Select Currency Symbol>Press Ok.

You will see that selected cells now show the desired Euros symbol.

There is a symbol section in the Home tab known as Accounting Number Format. This is the easy way to get your currency symbol changed; however, it’s not the standard method. Click on the button and select “Euro”. It will display currency in accounting format which will contain decimals and symbols will be aligned on left, which may appear odd.

How to Change Currency in Google Sheets?

1. Open Google spreadsheet on your PC

2. Select the cells you want to format

3. Click on the Format icon> Number> More Formats> More Currencies

4. Custom currency format and apply.

It’s not that easy to explain changing currency in Google Sheets via GoogleFinance but this tutorial will teach you in detail.

Let’s take an example:

Changing USD into INR i.e. US Dollar to Indian Rupees

The main formula of GoogleFinance is:


Answer is 63.575

Auto Update your Google Sheets and get different exchange rates. Later you can check for currency codes from that has all the formulas for currency conversion.


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