Best Bluetooth Earpiece of 2020 – Our Top 15 Picks!

The Bluetooth technology is now making its way back to the latest technologies, with Bluetooth earpieces being all the rage today. So if you’re looking for the best Bluetooth earpiece of 2020 today, read on! I’ll be sharing you our top 15 picks to help you find the one fit for your individual needs.

Best Bluetooth Earpiece

The Best Bluetooth Earpiece of 2020: Our Top 15 Picks!

Bluetooth earpieces, headsets, or earbuds are such beneficial and handy gadgets to use just about anywhere with ease. You can go to the gym, talk while walking, or even use it in the office without the wires tangling and messing up your performance. So based on all our tests and thorough research, these are the top 15 best Bluetooth earpieces to invest in today:

1. SENSO Bluetooth HeadphonesSENSO Bluetooth Headphones

What’s great about the SENSO Bluetooth Headphones is that they are made for just about anything! It’s best used for the gym or outdoors because of its amazing strength and construction. Not only are these headphones swear proof, but they also offer the comfortable and secure fit you need as you exercise.

Another advantage to those headphones is that they have the flexible ear hooks and keep your ears pain-free no matter how long you use it for. Furthermore, it has an excellent sound quality and is noise-canceling, perfect to keep you free form distractions. With all these in mind, you really get your money’s worth and will find it better to use when in the gym or your next hike and camping trip!

2. Yuwiss Bluetooth Earpiece

Yuwiss Bluetooth Earpiece

What you’ll love about the Yuwiss Earpiece is its excellent quality built for all. However, I recommend it the most for driving, especially if you need the earpiece for calling or tailing on the phone. This is because it comes with the seamless Bluetooth connection for any type of phone, as well as the quality mic to make it more functional.

The Bluetooth earpiece is made of the excellent noise-canceling features which remove background noise well. Besides this, the sound quality is crisp and clear as well, so you can enjoy listening to music, people, or videos. Furthermore, it offers hands-free calling so while driving, you can answer or reject calls with your voice.

3. Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset


Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset

If you're looking for something adequate for business and office use, then the Plantronics Voyager is an excellent choice. What makes it best used for businesses is its sleek and modern design, which has you look even more professional as you use it at work.

Besides this, it also offers the professional-quality sounds and performance you need, which is what everyone expects based on the earpiece's price. It has the enhanced voice claret and the highest audio technology to make everything you listen to comprehensible without problems. Furthermore, it also has the advanced technology which automatically answers or rejects calls as you need, also having the voice recognition to make calls easier to control.

4. AMINY Bluetooth Headset

AMINY Bluetooth Headset

If you're focusing on a longer battery and lifespan for your long drives or outdoor trips, then the AMINY Bluetooth Headset is for you. It comes with the excellent battery life, lasting for up to eight hours when fully charged! It comes with two batteries, so when both are used, it can last for up to 16 hours, an excellent feat and ensures that you're able to use the earpiece well without worry of it running out of power.

The batteries are also extremely efficient and easy to charge, only taking up to two hours or less until it's ready to be used again. It also has the excellent money back guarantee and warranty to ensure that you have something that will last.

5. FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth EarbudFOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth

The FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud is made for just about anyone, but best for those who want something professional and to last for the long run. Many will love its mini size, which is made best if you want something compact to bring around. It's also well-loved for its convenience as well, having the amazing feel and the comfortable feel which looks hidden for different situations.

Besides this, I appreciate its long Bluetooth connection distance (up to 33 feet) and the way of charging the earbud. While it doesn't have the longest battery life, the magnetic inductive charging is just as convenient as its compact design. All in all, a good investment for the long-term!

6. Mpow EM1 Bluetooth Earpiece

Mpow EM1 Bluetooth Earpiece

The sleek and technological design is what makes the Mpow EM1 Bluetooth earpiece a treat to use. It's known to be one of the smallest and lightweight earpieces available, so it's easily hidden and hassle-free to carry around. The earpiece only weighs three grams and fits your ear perfectly, so you won't even feel like it's inside!

But don't underestimate this small earbud, as it comes with the amazing connection that can work as far as 33 feet away. Furthermore, it can be connected with two gadgets simultaneously, AND have a battery life of up to six hours, longer than more earbuds. With all these features combined, you definitely get more than what you pay for with this earbud.

7. ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth HeadsetICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset, Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece

While the ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset may not be the smallest or hides well, but it has the sleek and professional design made for work. It's also the features that make it such an enjoyable earpiece to use. That's because it comes with the technology that makes connection quick and fast, with it staying stable the entire time you use it for.

You're able to use it with your devices up to 33 get away, also pairing with up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Furthermore, it comes with the excellent battery life of up to ten hours of use, as well as an eight-day standby lifespan. From its mic to sound quality, it's definitely worth checking out, especially if you are looking for something to use for calls and the like.

8. KINGWorld Bluetooth Headset

KINGWorld Bluetooth Headset

The KINGWorld Bluetooth Headset is made best for calls or when listening to music for long periods of time. It has the longest battery life I've ever experienced in Bluetooth earbuds, lasting for up to 36 hours when fully charged! That's one of the main reasons you should invest in it, especially if you're going outdoors and need something to use if you have no access to charging ports.

As for its sound quality, it has the clear sound and the noise-canceling earbuds and microphone, which reduces background noise and has you talk in peace. I highly recommend it for long drives and calls without feeling any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

9. Jabra Talk Bluetooth HeadsetJabra Talk 2 Bluetooth Headset

If you're after simplicity and versatility without the frills, you'll like the Jabra Talk Bluetooth Headset. It's best used for calls and recording, though you can enjoy listening to music and videos with this headset. Not only does it come with the clear sound quality but HD voice features which make conversations clearer and have you listen to everything crisply.

As for its lifespan, it can last for up to nine hours when fully charged, allowing you to use it the entire day! I also appreciate its intuitive design making it easy to power on or off, as well as a battery LED light that signifies when it's time to charge it. Convenient and affordable, I believe it to be worth the investment!

10. HONSHOOP Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset

Another excellent choice for Bluetooth headsets is from the HONSHOOP, which is known for its noise reduction features and clarity of sound. It also comes with the advanced boom microphone and the dynamic speaker, broadcasting speech clearly while allowing you to listen to songs and voices just as crisply.

Furthermore, it has the ability to adjust according to your needs. It comes with an extendable ear hook to fit any ear shape, as well as the lightweight properties that make it comfortable to wear for a long time. For its unique design down to its crisp and clear sound quality, it's definitely a long-term investment to last for a long time.

11. COMEXION Bluetooth HeadsetBluetooth Headset, COMEXION Wireless Business Earpiece

I really love the light and friendly design the COMEXION Bluetooth headset has to offer. It's not only lightweight but has the excellent adjustability to fit your individual comfort and ear size. It's extremely versatile as well, with you being able to use it in various gadgets like your PC, phone, or other Bluetooth devices.

Besides this, you'll love its smart functions made with advanced technology. It has the operating range of up to 33 feet away, as well as only one button to use when answering or rejecting calls, redialing and ending calls, even used as a power button. For these handy features, it's best used mainly for calls!

12. BDKING Bluetooth Headset

BDKING Wireless Headset, Wireless Headphones

The BDKING Headset is another excellent choice if you need something for the business and office. It's also great for driving because it offers the comfortable soft rubber material to use for long drives, as well as the long battery life if you don't have access to charging ports.

It offers the excellent quality sound that makes it nice to use as you talk or listen to music. Furthermore, as the noise reduction and offers the best signal quality to make sure that the connection stays stable as you use your device with it. Plus, it has such a long battery life AND a ten-meter working distance!

13. NENRENT S570 Bluetooth Earbuds

NENRENT S570 Bluetooth Earbud

I like the NENRENT for its adorable design and the cool casing it comes with, having one of the smallest designs to make it hidden during use. Furthermore, it has compatibility with most Bluetooth devices while staying comfortable regardless of your preference and ear shape.

It has the long operating distance of up to ten meters, as well as the long service time that lasts for up to six hours. For its price, you get more than what you pay for, especially since it has adequate sound quality to hear things clearly without any issues in operation. Affordable and cute, it's great for teenagers and young adults alike!

14. Motorola H370 Bluetooth Headset

Motorola is really well known for their excellent quality, with the H730 Bluetooth Headset being no exception. I really love its well-known Motorola design which amps up its professional look, making it suitable for work and business strings. Furthermore, you'll love it for its extremely long battery life, giving you the 12 hour talk time for the entire day's use without the need to charge it.

It has the classic flip boom design and with the crisp sound quality without instability of connection. Besides that, it has an upgraded dual miss to make it easy to talk with no extra noise.

15. TOORUN M26 Bluetooth HeadsetTOORUN M26 Bluetooth Headset with Noise Cancelling

Last but not least, we have the TOORUN M26 Bluetooth headset, which is really well known for its strength and durability to use for just about any purpose. I like that it comes with the one button for every option needed, from the voice prompt function down to the power button.

It can pair with two Bluetooth devices and offers the one-year guarantee period so you're assured an earbud to last for a long time regardless of how you use it. Overall, a worthy price that comes at such an affordable price, best for those who are on a budget!

Bluetooth Earpiece Buying Guide

Bluetooth Earpiece VS Earphones

If you're wondering: what are earpieces, anyway, just know that they are actually different from the typical earphones many of us own today.

A Bluetooth earpiece is usually a one (sometimes two) piece gadget which would be pressed into your ear canal slightly. It may or may not have any cushions included, meant to be by your concha ridge located at your outer ear's center. While it may sound a bit uncomfortable, most earpieces today now have the adjustable ridges, which provides the perfect fit according to your individual ear shape.

This is in contrast to earphones, which are sitting inside your ear canal. Furthermore, earphones may not have built-in microphones, while earpieces would come with it, as they are best suited for the professional setting.

So the two main differences of both earpiece and earphones are its placement and the fact that earpiece is usually worn in one ear, while earphones are worn in both ears.

Who's The Bluetooth Earpiece For?

A Bluetooth earpiece is highly beneficial and comes with the following advantages:

  • You won't have to hassle yourself with wires and untangling or folding them. Simply pop the earpiece in the case and you're done.
  • They have long battery lives now, so one full charge can last you a day.
  • With Bluetooth connectivity, you can continue to talk or listen even while your device is away from you.
  • Most earpieces are now adjustable and will fit your individual ear shape for better comfort.
  • It has the versatility so you're able to use it in many settings (which I'll get into in the next section).

When to Use Bluetooth Earpieces And Earphones

What I love about Bluetooth earpieces is that it can be used in a variety of settings, such as:

  • When you're driving and/or need to be handsfree while calling or listening to music
  • For work or personal purposes if you're the type of person who makes a lot of calls throughout the day
  • If you run or workout outside and need to use only one earpiece for safety and to listen to your background noise

Whereas with using earphones, they are highly recommended to use in different settings, like:

  • They are better used in the gym, where you're able to cancel out noise and focus on your music and workouts
  • If you're more focused on listening to music or watching videos, as using two-piece earphones provides the full sound experience

However, these all depend on the type of Bluetooth earpiece or earphones you get, as some are recommended for specific purposes, too!

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Earpiece

Now that you're familiar with what a Bluetooth earpiece is and the advantages it has to offer, how can you choose the best one? Here are the top four important factors to consider when selecting the right earpiece:

The Size and Fit

You need to make sure that the earpiece you choose has an excellent fit according to your ear size and shape. That's why I recommend earpieces with adjustable ridges and optional cushioning so you can adjust the length as needed.

Durable Material and Construction

The earpiece you choose should be strong and durable to last for years of calls and listening. I highly recommend getting quality earpieces that are sweatproof and water resistant, which is best for those working out or always on-the-go.

Excellent Sound and Mic Quality

Of course, sound and mic quality is one of the most important factors, as you want the crisp and clear sounds that can be heard and understood. This makes your calling and listening experience much better and without any issues.

Battery Life and Bluetooth Connectivity

The typical battery life is about three to six hours when fully charged, while others can go as long as eight to ten hours. Your earpiece should have the adequate battery life based on how much you use it throughout the day.

Furthermore, it should also have the excellent Bluetooth connectivity that keeps you connected with your earpiece from a certain distance (some up to 33 feet!). Get earpieces with the strong connection and the compatibility of many Bluetooth devices for versatility. Some earpieces can be connected with up to two devices if needed!

Wrapping It Up

Through the proper Bluetooth earpiece, you'll be able to enjoy your tunes or talking with people without the hassle of wires. From the gym down to the home and office, you can use these anywhere and have a more convenient time! It's definitely a worthy investment to ditch the messy wires and look great while walking.

I hope that this article on the best Bluetooth earpiece of 2020 helped you out. So don't wait any longer and look into any of these products now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on any of these Bluetooth earpieces, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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