7 Best Alternatives to Google Inbox by Gmail for Android and iPhone/iPad

In today’s technology era, there are many types of Email apps available for both, Android and iOS smartphone platforms. Google has been in the market since 2004 with its popular email app, Inbox by Gmail. Gmail has been dominating the Smartphone platform with its popular Gmail. With increased popularity, the company has been taking care of the users of this app and releases a regular update with new interface and features. Today, we are here with a list of the Best Alternatives to Google Inbox by Gmail for Android and iPhone/ iPad.

No matter how good the app is, there are people who always search for an alternative to their favourite thing after some time. If you get bored by the same interface of the Inbox by Gmail app, then the following list of its Alternatives will help you to explore the related apps which serve different interface and provide a new emailing environment to the users.

After passing 10 successful years with the Gmail app, the tech-giant had introduced their new emailing platform named Inbox by Gmail. The service was requiring an invitation from other users and that’s how they have managed to attract millions of users to this platform. However, people didn’t like the overall interface of the app which makes them search for an alternative to this app.

After its successful announcement, the company has been releasing a regular update to this app by providing new email sorting tools and advanced interface to work with multiple emails easily. The app has started gaining its popularity back, but still, a large number of its users are looking for an alternative app to reside on their Smartphone. If you are curious to know about the alternatives to this app, then here’s the list for you.

Before we jump on to the list of its alternatives, let’s check out what Google has changed to its native email app, Inbox by Gmail over the past few years. Here, we have tried to explain the differences between the original Gmail and the new Inbox by Gmail app for both, Android and iOS platforms. The following comparison will let you understand more about this new app and its functionality.

Gmail Vs. Inbox: Email Sorting

Gmail and Inbox are designed with an algorithm to group your emails into different categories. Basically, the Gmail app lets you categories the emails you receive into five different categories such as Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. All the emails will be sorted automatically by the app itself, and you don’t need to worry about sorting them out manually.

Gmail will itself sort out the emails into various categories as per the contents and links shared into them. This makes the whole process easier for the users, they can easily read out the important emails from the Primary category. They can explore various other categories as per their requirements.

On the other hand, Inbox by Gmail lets users create their own personalised category of Emails. Inbox offers eight different categories and it organises your email with a straightforward way.

Here, are all the eight categories of Emails that you are going to get from the Inbox by Gmail app.

1. Promos

This category gathers promotional emails of advertisements and other promotion of products from various brands. All the marketing-related messages will be saved into this category in the Inbox by Gmail app.

2. Social

This category is all about your social networks and its services. The notifications you receive on the social media platforms will be sent as a notification to the associated email ID. All such emails will be saved into this category.

3. Updates

Updates category is basically about the new updates of your software and other platforms.

4. Finance

We do make online transactions and receive a proper email with full details to our email address. All such money-related messages will be saved here in this category.

5. Purchases

Here, you will see the purchased items and invoices of them. This category keeps you alerted with what you have purchased and how much money you have spent.

6. Trips 

As the name suggests, this category keeps your travel scheduled updated. The tickets you have booked with your email ID will be saved here and you will also receive proper notifications about your upcoming trips.

7. Forums 

This category is about the services you have subscribed from various websites.

8. Low Priority 

The emails which are not important to you will be saved in this category.

Apart from these eight categories, with Inbox by Gmail, you can create your own Categories as well. You can receive relevant emails to the selected category and that’s how you can sort out your emails in the Inbox by Gmail app on Android and iOS.

Apart from this, Inbox comes with an advanced interface to keep things organised. The app is synced with other Google services and lets you view different things easily in the inbox itself. The Inbox by Gmail app has a Blue coloured bar instead of red. The overall interface is much better compared to the original Gmail app.

There are some people who don’t like the complex environment of the Inbox by Gmail. They are still using the old Gmail app which is also redesigned with new features and interface. If you are not convinced with the Gmail or Inbox by Gmail app, then the following list of its Alternatives will help you to pick a new email platform to use on your Android and iOS devices. Get on to the list now!

Best Alternatives to Google Inbox by Gmail

1. Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft has been providing a list of its free-t0-use services for millions of its users across the world. The popular Microsoft Office Outlook is the perfect alternative to Inbox by Gmail in terms of its interface and services to the users.

The app is available for free for both, Android and iOS mobile platforms and delivers user-friendly interface. Power up your productivity and collaboration with full time connected email service with other Microsoft Apps. Mobile app lets you stay connected with other services and the app is always synced and ready to use.

Being a Microsoft’s product, this app comes with Microsoft’s tough security to keep your data protected. You don’t need to worry about the data loss or any type of virus attacks as the app is fully secured.

Apart from its security feature to safeguard the data of the users, the app also lets users keep the like-minded people on the top of the list of the inbox. The app lets you easily collaborate with other people or employees of the company and allows you to directly send them an email by mentioning them with @ sign before their name.

With the use of the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies, Microsoft delivers the best of experience of using an email service app on an Android and iOS device. The advanced algorithm keeps your email organised and keep them in different categories itself. The same app sends regular notification about the new update and email in real-time.

Microsoft Office Outlook: Key Features

  • Rich and simple user interface designed for everyone
  • Equipped with Artificial Intelligence
  • Delivers connected experience by syncing different Microsoft services with the app
  • Manage your emails with ease
  • Microsoft’s own security to safeguard the users
  • Quick emails with @ sign before the name
  • Keep the like-minded people always front in the raw

Microsoft Office Outlook app is available for free and you can get this app installed on a respective Android or iOS devices from the following links now!

Install Microsoft Office Outlook on Android

Install Microsoft Office Outlook on iOS

2. Spike Email

Spike is an innovative Email service provider app for Android and iOS smartphone platforms. It is the world’s only app that lets you use the email service as a Chat Messenger app. The app lets you unleash your creativity with a new environment to improve your productivity.

It lets you stay connected with the people and share things between each other on various mobile platforms including Android and iOS. The app combines email service, Chat with instant messaging and much more. It’s a new way to communicate with people.

If you get tired of dealing with the traditional email app, and searching for an innovative one to improve your productivity level, then Spike is the option for you. This Email app has been upgraded with its latest version which now lets you use the app with a stunning dark mode for better viewing experience in the dark light.

Furthermore, the app also lets you integrate with other email service providers. You can integrate with multiple mail accounts and can start using them simultaneously with one single platform.

Apart from one-on-one messaging, the app also lets you create a group of people with your contacts, with whom you can share things just like any other instant messaging app. The file manager app is also included within this app so that you can view all of your files from one single place.

With cutting-edge email encryption for multiple accounts, Spike is the safest email platform to keep your data and other information protected. The app is widely popular across the world and is available for all platforms including Android and iOS for free.

Spike Email: Key Features

  • Integrate multiple email accounts
  • Real-time messaging within the app
  • Create a group and chat within the group and share files
  • Built-in file manager app
  • Cutting-edge email encryption
  • Enjoy better readability with the new Dark Mode feature
  • Easy organize of your calendar’s entry
  • Available for free

If you are impressed with the interface and features of this innovative Email service provider app, then you can get it installed from the following links now!

Install Spike Email on Android

Install Spike Email on iOS

3. TypeApp Email

TypeApp Email is a new-generation email servicing app designed for multiple mobile and PC platforms. It’s an easy to use app with a lot of functions to make the most of your emails. Users can integrate multiple accounts to this app and the app is capable of handling an unlimited number of accounts.

If you want to replace the existing Inbox by Gmail app, then the TypeApp Email is the perfect option available for you. Intuitive and easy-to-use design of the app lets you explore a large number of emails easily. Composing a new email and sending it to the recipient has never been this easy.

Being an advanced app, the TypeApp Email lets you set push notifications to your different email accounts such as Gmail, AOL, iCloud, Exchange, Office365, Yahoo and many other more. It also comes with a DND feature to snooze the notifications for a limited period.

Apart from this, there are several other innovative features available to make the app look visually rich. You can mark the messages, can save them as a draft and can organise them easily in various categories. There is a quick filter option also available for the users to filter the emails easily.

To improve your productivity, you can create a group of people and can share things between each other within the group just like an instant messenger. The app keeps your data stored with the auto-sync feature to view the emails and attachments offline without the need for Internet connectivity.

TypeApp Email: Key Features

  • Smart Conversations with decent user interface
  • Lets you integrate with multiple email accounts
  • Instant and Smart Push Notifications
  • Auto-sync with Calendar and Contacts
  • Configure different text styles
  • Easy organise emails and messages
  • Create a group and start a group chat with your loved ones
  • Collaborate with other people and share things between quickly
  • Account colour coding for multiple accounts

This innovative mobile email app is available for free for Android and iOS smartphone platforms. You can get this app from the following link now!

Install Email TypeApp on Android

Install TypeApp Email on iOS

4. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is designed for the new-generation people and keeping Business in mind. In this modern world, most businesses run online and they need a reliable email service app to hold multiple email accounts under one app. If you are searching for kind of the same app to handle multiple email accounts of different platforms, then Zoho is the perfect app for you.

With easy email service, the app lets the users organise business meetings by communicating with each other over the platform. It has a built-in chat platform that lets you chat with your loved ones. Mailbox management feature lets you keep emails of multiple accounts organised. The app comes with easy integration with the world’s popular email service apps so you can easily integrate those apps to the Zoho Mail app.

Apart from the email service and communication features, the same app has a built-in Calendar and Email app which work independently as per your requirements. It’s an innovative app that lets you customise the push-notifications from various email accounts. With easy swipe action, a user can archive, delete, move and compose messages just by swiping the finger.

The app also integrates with the Contacts available in the multiple email accounts. You can sync the contacts and can easily search the desired contact from the search bar. You just need to type in the name of the recipient and the app will show you the user name. Built-in file manager keeps your attachments safe and secured. You can search for the file attachments within the Search bar using this app.

Zoho Mail: Key Features

  • Easy access to multiple email accounts
  • Customisable push notifications
  • Swipe control for removing, composing and archiving messages
  • Sync with the Calendar app to conquer the calendar
  • Easy access to contacts linked to your account
  • Filter emails and files as per your requirements
  • Work offline
  • Collaborate, Socialise and Integrate quickly

The Zoho Mail app is available for free for Android and iOS users. If you really want to use this app and want to test its features and functions, then go ahead and get it from the following link now!

Install Zoho Mail on Android

Install Zoho Mail on iOS

5. myMail Email

Manage all of your email accounts with one single app, myMail Email. This popular email app lets you organise uncountable emails from various services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, iCloud, GMX, Exchange and many other more. All the email accounts can be easily integrate with myMail’s mobile app which is available for free for both, Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The app serves user-friendly interface making the process faster. The app lets you even preview, read and replay the messages easily. It keeps your data secured with multi-tier security features. The service also keeps your files and attachments safe from virus attacks and internet threats.

As per your work-schedule, you can customise and change the push notification settings for the services you want. The app lets you customise your email accounts as per your needs. With an easy menu icon, users can navigate to different items with avatars of profiles and other useful information. Everything will be there on the main page of the app and you can navigate through various options by clicking on to the Menu button.

The app also features a dedicated search bar allowing you to search for emails, attachments or anything from the app. A user can instantly browse through different files from the app with a single click. Filter option lets you label the emails as favourite, unread, important etc.

Apart from this, the app also lets users create, add, delete, move folders within the inbox. Users are also allowed to create different categories for the emails where they can move related emails received on various platforms. You can respond to the emails or can delete them instantly from the homepage.

For Android and iOS device, the app comes with an enhanced security features. Android users can setup a PIN code to open the app on a respective Android device, while iOS users can make use of Touch ID feature to get through this app. No other person or user can have the access of this app without the Pin code or Fingerprint. This is an important feature to add an extra layer of security to your email account.

myMail Email: Key Features

  • Serves user-friendly interface with simple theme
  • Real-time customisable push-notifications
  • Navigate through various features and tools with menu button
  • Dedicated search bar
  • Browse files quickly to attach within the email
  • Organise your mail box as per your needs
  • Filter your inbox with a number of labels

If you are impressed with the set of features of this app, and want to give it a try, then follow the below given links to install the app to your Android or iOS device now.

Install myMail on Android

Install myMail on iOS

6. Blue Mail- Email & Calendar App

Blue Mail is yet another popular Email Service app available on Android and iOS platform. If you are a business person and have a separate email accounts on multiple platforms, then you can get them into one single platform using this Blue Mail app. It’s a universal email app designed with a simple design to handle your email-related needs.

The app is capable enough to handle multiple email accounts and unlimited emails from various email providers. It comes with a personalised and customisable push notification feature. It’s the perfect replacement of the existing Inbox by Gmail app which provides limited functionality.

It offers an intuitive and easy to use design which can be used by anyone easily. You can integrate email accounts of Gmail, Exchange, Office 365, AOL, Yahoo, iCloud and many other more with an easy integration feature.

If we talk about the advanced features of this app, then it lets you make use of the Smart Mobile Notifications feature to customise the notification of the selected providers. You can also use the DND feature to stop notifications.

Keep your emails always protected with a Passcode and Touch ID support. You can also use create a custom signature for every email account associated with the app. Smart dynamic conversation lets you easily read multiple emails with a thread. Quick reply option lets you configure your own message which will be there once you click on the Reply button.

Apart from this, you will be able to use Colour Coding for the emails, Profile avatars, Services logos and many other visually-rich features. You can also filter your inbox by using the filter option with read and unread emails. It’s a perfect app for those who get tired of the limited features of the Inbox by Gmail app.

Blue Mail: Key Features

  • Beautiful, clean and intuitive design for easy access
  • Can handle multiple email accounts from various email providers
  • Quickly navigate to different sections and tools
  • Comes with an integrated Calendar app
  • Stay organised with simple and easy-to-use email filtering option
  • Be productive with smart email option
  • Preview your email, attachments and other information
  • Dark mode lets you read the content effortlessly in low light
  • Personalise your experience by customising menus and folders

The Blue Mail app is an innovative email app which is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms for free. Get this app installed from the following link now!

Install Blue Mail on Android

Install Blue Mail on iOS

7. Boxer Workspace ONE

Boxer is an advanced email, calendar and contacts app for the business people. It’s a faster, smarter and the most reliable multi-functional app designed to keep you all organised with your emails and events. The app can be configured by the users the way they want as it comes with a lot of customisable features.

Being a new-generation app, it is designed with a number of advanced features such as smart gesture control, easy management of the emails and much more. The app is the most efficient email app that works with a faster way and get your things done in less time.

If you are searching for a productive app and the suitable replacement of the Inbox by Gmail app, then this app will not let you go disappointed as it is packed with everything that you might needed in an email management app. It is integrated with the calendar app to manage the events and upcoming festivals.

With a dedicated search bar, users can search for any other profile, attachments or emails. The app also lets you create a group and can communicate with each other within the same app. It is a multi-functional app which is designed for the business people.

To protect your data and the app from other users, the app comes with a security feature. You can set up a Passcode or can add a TouchID to the app so no one person can have the access of your email app. Apart from this, there are plenty of other exciting features packed in this app to let you spend your day more productively.

Boxer Workspace One: Key Features

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Built-in custom swipe gesture for faster emailing experience
  • Integrated with the Calendar and Contacts app
  • Dedicated Search bar to search for the emails, attachments and more
  • Intelligent and configurable inbox
  • Customise the inbox the way you want
  • Easy navigations through the options using the Menu button
  • Protect the app with a Passcode and a TouchID

If you are convinced with the user interface and features of this app, then you can get this app for free for both, Android and iOS devices from the following link.

Install Boxer Workspace One on Android

Install Boxer Workspace One on iOS


These are the best and top-rated Alternatives to Google Inbox by Gmail. Unlike Google’s Inbox by Gmail app, the above listed apps come with a number of advanced and extraordinary features to keep your email accounts at one place. Depending upon your basic requirements, you can pick the suitable app from the above list, and get along with it!

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