God of War History and Previous Stories: Read this Before You Play God of War on PS4!

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God of War is a part of action-adventure, hack, and slash, mythology games that were created originally at the Sony Santa Monica Studios by David Jaffe. The first game in the series was released in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 and the game broke all records to become a flagship game for the PlayStation platform. There have been a total of seven games in the series while the eighth one is releasing today. However, we already got a chance to try out the new God of War game for PS4. You can check out our review on that here. But in this post, we will be covering the whole history of all the God of War games, as requested by some of our curious readers. So, let’s get started!

God of War – The Original Story

The story and plot of the game revolve around Kratos who is a Spartan and was tricked into killing his own wife and daughter by the Greek God of War – Ares. Ares was also his former master. Kratos is able to kill Ares and then takes the place of the new God of War. But his past still haunts him with the nightmares.

Kratos then goes on to free himself from the influence of gods and seek revenge from the gods his fate. The whole game series is about Kratos who goes on to take on the gods and Titans to get his revenge and after years of him taking his revenge against the Greek gods, Kratos ends up in the world of Norse god and has a son named Atreus and turns his life around for the good.

God of War – All the Games

The God of War games are divided into two eras. The first one in which the games are based on Greek mythology and based around Kratos’ vengeance against the Greek gods. This series has a total of seven games in this era including the original God of War released in 2005 along. The whole list is given below.

  • God of War (2005) – PlayStation 2
  • God of War II (2007) – PlayStation 2
  • God of War III (2010) – PlayStation 3 (There’s also a PS4 remastered version. Check the review here)
  • God of War: Ascension (2013) – PlayStation 3

Apart from the above mentioned four games for consoles, there are 3 more games for different platforms. You can find them below.

  • Chains of Olympus (2008) – PlayStation Portable
  • Ghost of Sparta (2010) – PlayStation Portable
  • Betrayal (2007) – Java 2 Mobile Edition

The eighth title of the game which is titled God of War (2018) for the PlayStation 4 will begin the second era of the God of War franchise and will take place in the Norse Mythology. Sony has also released a short prequel of the game in the form of a text-based game which can be played through Facebook Messenger.

God of War – Remastered Games

Two collections of the remastered versions of the God of War games were released for the PlayStation 3 which included both of the PS2 version of the God of War games, the PSP collections. One more collection named the God of War Saga (2012), was released for the PS3 which consists of the God of War Collection, Origins Collection, and God of War III.

The God of War Collection was ported to the PlayStation Vita in 2014. In 2015, Sony celebrated the franchise’s tenth anniversary by releasing the God of War III Remastered for the PlayStation 4. These God of War games have been a major selling factor for the Sony PlayStation consoles and with the release of a whole new God of War in 2018, the series is going to reach a lot more people than it ever has.

God of War – Releases through the Ages!

history of god of war

God of War (2005) – PlayStation 2

The first God of War was released in North America on March 22, 2005, specifically for the PlayStation 2. The story was simple and interesting.

Story: Kratos has been in the service of the Olympian Gods for 10 years. He is tasked by Athena to find Pandora’s Box which is nothing but the key to defeating Ares – the God of War. It is revealed in a bunch of serial flashbacks that Kratos used to be the servant of Ares. Ares had saved Kratos and his army in battle from annihilation. But it is also revealed that Ares tricked Kratos into killing his wife and daughter. After finding the Pandora’s Box, Kratos is able to kill Ares and goes on to become the new God of War.

God of War II (2007) – PlayStation 2

The second installment of God of War was released on March 13, 2007, and for PlayStation 2. The storyline carries on from the first game and takes it further.

Story: Kratos is angered at his fellow gods and runs amok in the city of Rhodes. Zeus had to intervene and he ends up betraying Kratos who is saved by Gaia the Titan. She guides him in his search for the Sisters of Fate who can change his fate and prevent his death by the hands of Zeus. The whole campaign is about Kratos trying to find the Sisters of Fate and being successful in his search. As Kratos is about to kill Zeus, Athena sacrifices herself to save Zeus and save Olympus and revealing that Kratos is the son of Zeus. Kratos goes on to join hands with Gaia and the other Titans to attack Olympus.

God of War: Betrayal (2007) – J2ME

The only game to be released outside of the PlayStation platform is the God of War: Betrayal which was released in 2007 for phones that could run Java games. The game is a 2D side scroller and the events in the game take place between the first and second God of War games.

Story: Kratos has been framed for murder and he is on the hunt for the real assassin and goes on across Greece in a rampage. He ends up killing Ceryx who is the son of the god Hermes in bloodlust. This act separates him from his fellow gods.

God of War: Chains of Olympus (2008) – PlayStation Portable

The game that was released in 2008 for the PlayStation Portable showcases Kratos’ life when he was serving the gods for ten years.

Story: Kratos has to stop the Persian invasion on the city of Attica and he realizes that the world has been expunged into darkness by Morpheus. Helios, the sun god has been abducted and it is up to Kratos to find Helios and he also has to prevent the goddess Persephone’s plan to use the Titan Atlas to destroy the world.

God of War III (2010) – PlayStation 3

The third version of the main game was released for the PlayStation 3 in 2010. The game comes with the continuation of the main Greek Mythology storyline in which Kratos is abandoned by the Titans.

Story: Kratos learns that the Titans were using Kratos so that they can use him to exact their own revenge. Kratos is now helped by the spirit of Athena who helps him to find the Flame of Olympus so he can defeat Zeus. The battles in the games are epic and Kratos has to battle with Titans and the gods across Olympus and the Underworld. He finds out that Pandora’s Box is within the flame and that Pandora herself is how the Flame can be pacified. Kratos is finally able to kill Zeus and after killing him, he abandons Athena who was hoping to take the role of the new patron of mankind.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta (2010) – PlayStation Portable

The game released in 2010 for PSP takes place between the God of War original game and God of War: Betrayal.

Story: Kratos who has now become the new God of War still has nightmares about his past and he goes on a quest to discover where he comes from and tries to find his mother – Callisto. He later comes to know that his brother Deimos was taken by the God of Death who has imprisoned him. Kratos goes on to save his sibling but while he is in the process of saving him, Thanatos, the God of Death engages his brother in combat and kills Deimos. Kratos then goes on to kill Thanatos and returns to Olympus with much more rage inside of him at the gods.

God of War: Ascension (2013) – PlayStation 3

The game released in 2013 in the month of March for the PlayStation 3 and the special thing about this game is that it comes with a multiplayer game mode which features competitive and co-op play options.

Story: The game is set around six months after Kratos killed his wife and daughter. He has now been imprisoned by the three Furies for breaking his blood oath to Ares. With the help of the oath keeper Orkos, Kratos learns that Ares and the Furies plan to overthrow Mount Olympus. The Spartan escapes his imprisonment, subsequently killing the Furies, and Orkos, who begs for release. Although free of Ares’ bond, Kratos begins to suffer the nightmares that plague him for years.

God of War (2018) – PlayStation 4

The new God of War for 2018 has been under development for 5 years now. It is now finally out and available for purchase and the reviews are amazing. The game itself starts a whole new era in God of War series and the storyline in the 2018 version of the game is based on the Norse Mythology.

This is also the first God of War game for the PlayStation 4 platform and it takes advantage of the powerful PlayStation 4 system and produces amazing graphics and visuals. The game has also changed a lot when it comes to controlling the main character – Kratos. Talking about Kratos, we can see a whole new version of him in this game. He is much gentle as compared to all the older God of War games and he lives with his son in the woods. Go ahead and read the full review of the God of War (2018) for PlayStation 4 from the link below.

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