How to Generate a Secure Yet Easy to Remember Passwords

Passwords are the biggest nightmare and the most challenging thing to remember. No matter how hard you try, you can’t remember all the passwords at once! Let me be clear, I am not talking about simple password combinations which is comprised of your mobile or car number, birth date or place of birth, pet names, qwerty combinations, girlfriend or spouse name, and the list go on! To be frank, these go down under the WORST passwords list, and can be easily hacked.

Every time, I questioned to myself that why people are using such most commonly used phrases just because they can’t remember the ‘strong or random’ passwords or there’s something else? Just think of what goes wrong when the security breaches or any vulnerability is discovered? All your personal & important information may get leaked and can be misused. This is the reason, why one must create a SECURE yet easy to remember password.

How to Generate a Secure Yet Easy to Remember Password

As we know that there is no rocket science included in creating strong and random passwords. The real difficulty appears while in remembering it all. Still, we all use one hack to remember a strong password that is using one and the same password everywhere, which isn’t good though! To be on a safe side, one must create a unique, unbreakable and memorable password for an every account which you will be learning in this article.

Before we dive into an actual topic, first of all, we are going to see some predefined rules that must follow while create a super-strong password. The rules are implemented by security researchers and universally accepted by all. So, let’s see what are they up to!

5 Simple Rules for Unbreakable Structure of Strong Passwords

  1. Must be 8 – 15 characters long.
  2. Avoid inclusion of any dictionary substitute, birthdays, pet or friends name, Social Security Number or Mobile Number digits, addresses, etc.
  3. Combination of both Uppercase and Lowercase is needed.
  4. Includes Numbers and Letters.
  5. At last, mix it up with special characters, at least one must be present!

Indeed, a unique and strong password is hard to guess, but yet not easy to remember. Let’s have an example for more detail. Suppose that you have created a random password featuring the above mentioned characteristics, i.e. $fh3G9*&t9Wm and let’s check out it feasibility using ‘Kaspersky Secure Password Checker Lab‘.

Kaspersky Password Checker Tool

The analyzation result comes out to be positive and so you can consider this as a super-secure password. But when it comes to remembering you hardly can!

Indeed, it’s not something that our mind can’t remember except it should make sense. Typing the combination randomly makes a good password, but hard to memorize. In order to deal with this problem, there are proven ways through which you can generate a secure yet easy to remember password. Here, we are going to cover 4 different ways and tips to keep it secure.

4 Ways on How to Generate a Secure Yet Easy to Remember Password

Method 1: Pick a Sentence and Convert into a Password

  • Go deep down into your memory and recall any random sentence. It can be anything like a rhyme, song lyrics, play / movie name, quote, or dream.
  • Once you got a favorite sentence, pick out the words from it.
  • Now, combine that words using the above 5 rules to make it a sensible password.

Confused? Have a look at the example below.

Iw@tObE@1B = I want to be a billionaire

T$@s&dOg#** = The money from selling a dog doesn’t bark

!I@iNa%D^Q = No I worked in a Dairy Queen

Method 2: Doubling your Password

If your password is too small or just fall under 8 characters, then the best option is to double it up. Doubling the password will not only increase security but also helps in remembering it. Besides, to make it more secure, you can hold down “Shift key” while typing the other half of the password.

e.g. tw!NkLe(*)Tw!nKLe

Here, I just converted a rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” into a unbreakable password yet easy to remember. This way, you can convert any of your favorite words, rhyme, dialogue or lines.

Method 3: Power of Mix Words

A most simplest yet tricky way to generate a strong password. This technique is for those people who have hard time in memorizing random characters and still wants their password to be more secure!

Take a phrase or activity of atleast ‘two words’ and mix up all the characters in such a way that all the first characters should come up at first place, all the second should come second, and so on.

e.g. chicken wings = cwhiincgksen

That was too quick and easy, right? Now, let’s make it a little bit more complex by using capital letters, lower-case letters, numbers or symbols, as we have mentioned in above rules.

The final password will be: cWh!iNCgkeN65

Indeed, you can get your own phrase which depicts your memorable place, favorite food, artist / singer name, songs, brand name, etc. Nevertheless, you can also opt-for unique combination of words which includes synonyms with antonyms, countries capital, food and it’s color, work and profession and various others.

Method 4: Phrase Reverse Technique

Reversing words itself make password more secure. For an example, almost everyone loves ‘Black Coffee‘ and it’s too obvious that we won’t be mentioning that clear phrase in our password. To make it stronger and yet easy to remember, we will write it down in a reverse way. So, it will be eEffOcKCaLb.

As usual, you can append conjunctions, use capital & lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.

Finally, the hard time gone when you need to remember strong and long random passwords which doesn’t makes any sense at all. Here are the four unique ways using which one can create a secure yet easy to remember password for accounts. So, what are you waiting for, go and change your passwords right now!

Tip: If you aren’t sure about the strength of your generated password, then you can take help of some popular online tools such as How Secure Is My Password?, Password Meter, Kaspersky Password Check, and Rumkin Strength Checker. These tools will go through your entered password to check minimum requirements of strong passwords.

Tips to Keep Your Passwords Secure and Safe

Strong passwords are indeed unbreakable but sometimes a mistake can lead hacker to crack it down. You may came across various situations where you unintentionally forgot to logout from your account. In this case, the hacker can access all your personal information as well as password and if the password is same for all your accounts then you might be in danger. So, here are some tips on how to avoid such mistakes and keep your secure passwords secure and safe.

  • Strictly avoid reusing of passwords for different accounts.
  • Use two-factor authentication service.
  • Never enter your password in front of anyone.
  • Always use ‘Brower’s incognito window’ to access your account on public computers.
  • Get a password manager like lastpass, dashlane, or 1Password.
  • Don’t change your password too often.

Your Turn:

We would surely appreciate your views on above mentioned methods and also love to hear your favorite one. Besides, you have got an uncovered technique to generate an easy password, then do take out some time to mention in comments.

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