Roccat Cross Review 2020 – Excellent Value For Money

Choosing the top gaming headset for your needs is always going to be a hard task. If your budget is unlimited, by any means the task just got easier – just go for one of the ASUS true surround headset – the Strix 7.1 or the ROG Centurion 7.1 – you can’t really go wrong with either. If you want wireless – the Astro A50 is an amazing piece of gaming sound for the money. But if you are like most people and you can’t justify the astronomical price of high-end headsets, there are plenty of companies out there who offer affordable headsets without too much sacrifice on the quality. Roccat is one of those company and their offering – the Roccatt cross – is a great example. Let’s have a look.

Roccat Cross Review 2020

The design of the Roccat Cross is considerably smaller than many other headsets at this price range. The device comes in elegant black color and is lightweight with its 185g. It is constructed mainly of scratchy plastic, while the headband is made of metal. A nice touch is the soft leather-like material of the headband, etched with the “Roccat” branding. The underside of the band features a thin layer of leather-coated memory foam. The sides of the Cross are height adjustable, and the set has a great degree of flex. Roccat has made a very useful and convenient decision to put a volume wheel on the left earcup.

The ear cups are oval-shaped, and both have a Roccat logo on the side. Since Roccat have chosen to reduce the size of the cups, they may appear to be too small for some gamers. The padding is soft but is not the most comfortable we experienced to date. Contrary to some of the premium headsets, the advantage of this device is the very well-balanced gripping force. Wearing the Cross means no excessive pressure on the head.
Overall, the set is adequate for long sessions, though larger ear cups might improve the experience.

A great advantage of the Cross are the two swappable microphones. The first one is a boom-arm microphone for PC and the second is an inline mic for consoles and smart devices. The cables of the mics are both long and have an anti-tangle technology. What might be a problem is a fact that console gamers won’t be able to use the boom-arm mic because there is no adapter provided. In this respect, Cross’s rivals, the HyperX Stinger and the Logitech G430, both feature a smart solution for both PC and console gamers.

Music Sound Quality

This may come as a surprise, but listening to music with the Roccat Cross is very enjoyable. The 50mm drivers produce a crystal clear sound with plenty of detail in the mids, highs and deep bass. The lows have plenty of punch, and the mids have perfect clarity. Unlike the Corsair Void and some other headsets, the Cross handles the highs with a sense of control, resulting in not too loud or distorted sound.

Gaming Performance And Surround

In terms of gaming performance, the Cross delivers very decent audio for a stereo headset. Without a doubt, the Cross makes the gaming experience a more immersive one. The sound is not muddled; the effects and character voices have remarkable clarity. One flaw of the Cross is the fact that the audio can become slightly chaotic and sounds may start overlapping each other while you are playing Battlefield or Call of Duty and have the surround on. Positioning is generally good but it is not in the class of a proper surround sound headset.


The microphone aboard the Roccat does a respectable job for voice recordings, but the inline mic sound significantly less clear than the boom-arm

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one. As it commonly is with analog headsets, the peripheral picks up a degree of static noise in the background of the recording, but this issue may be solved by a USB adapter.



In conclusion, the Roccat Cross is a great console and PC gaming stereo headset that can be used with a variety of audio devices. It works great with both PS4 and Xbox One. It is simplistic, lightweight, and has a balanced gripping force. The main cons are the possible overlapping of sounds in some games, the rather cheap feel of the set, the inability to use the boom microphone with consoles, and the small ear cups. It almost made it our top 10 gaming headsets list found here, but it just couldn’t edge the competition.  Overall, the Cross features two detachable mics and produces surprisingly good sound quality as well as immersive gaming audio for a very reasonable price.

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