Logitech G430 Review 2020 – Good Choice For Gamers On A Budget

I personally find the G430’s combination of black and vibrant blue very much to my taste. It’s no wonder it is on our best gaming headsets review. The frame, however, is made from thin plastic and metal making the G430 feels a little fragile. The G430’s ear cups, unlike those of other headsets, can swivel which makes the set easy to store or wear in a bag. The headset has an expandable headband with comfortable foam padding which ranks this Logitech among the most comfortable headsets, ensuring no fatigue even after long gaming sessions. Moreover, the G430 provides the same comfort, no matter if the user wears glasses or not.

Logitech G430 Review

Logitech G430 Dolby Surround Gaming Headset

With regard to the adjustable microphone, it sits at a comfortable distance from your mouth, but it is not flexible enough. You can put it out of the way, but it doesn’t automatically mute, as the Razor Man O’ War and HyperX Cloud Stinger do. While the headset uses two 3.5-millimeter jacks to connect the headphones and the microphone, a nice and efficient touch is the included useful USB connector. Even though the only controls are a volume control wheel and a microphone mute switch on an inline panel, more controls on the ear cups would only make the set heavier.

Gaming Sound Performance

In terms of pure gaming performance, the cans allow you to hear enemies coming from different directions – gunshots, explosions, and attacks are easy to distinguish. In Assassin’s Creed Unity, for example, the orchestral music and the roar of the crowd are well present but they sound a little bit flat. The G430 does work as promised, it makes the game perfectly playable and enjoyable, but it falls slightly to enrich its sound design. The main issues come from the ear cups and the surround sound options. The ear cups are large and comfy, but they do tend to let a little sound out. As for the Dolby 7.1 surround, it does help you to hear everything sharply but at the same time, it gives details a bit of an echo. The direction is well present and easy to orientate to, but the echo that sneaks in sometimes can be quite annoying.

Music Sound Quality

In terms of music performance, the Logitech G430’s both treble and bass are not very distinct. Overall, the produced sound is a bit dull. The available software equalizer is able to improve somewhat the audio, but you have to tweak the settings yourself every time.


The microphone of the Logitech G430 performs decently, ensuring perfect clarity. A minus point is that it doesn’t have a noise-canceling feature, so it cannot prevent the background noise pickup.

Logitech Gaming Software is one of the best software for headsets, but unfortunately, the G430 lacks many of the features that are available for other Logitech devices. With the G430, you cannot make individual profiles for games; therefore you’ll have to manually redo the settings each time for each game. This can get tiresome and annoying very quickly. You can control general bass and treble, fiddle with 10 different equalization settings as well, but it is annoying to waste so much time when you cannot save all your changes at the end.


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Review Overall –

Logitech G430 Dolby Surround Gaming HeadsetAll in all, the Logitech G430 produces a good sound, provides the necessary comfort for hours on end, and has a decent mic. Putting aside the absence of profile-making feature and the music performance, the G430 gaming headset is a good deal for most budget-conscious buyers.

It is far from a stunning set of cans or a true surround sound piece, but it doesn’t claim to be and can be had for a very decent price.

Sure, the ROG Centurion is in a different league altogether, for example, but you can buy more than a few G430s for the price of a single Centurion or a Strix, for that matter. Overall, it is a recommended set if you are not willing to spend more than a few dollars on a kit.

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