HyperX Cloud Stinger Review – The Budget King

The HyperX Cloud Stinger headset is another budget device offering from HyperX, a brand of Kingston – a major supplier of computer components such as memory, SSD drives and more. The Cloud Stinger is a very reasonably priced quality headset. Let’s dig a little bit deeper:

Hyper Cloud Stinger Review

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

The Cloud Stinger is not too elaborate in style. The design is quite simple and plain. The headset is mostly black with the exception of a red HyperX logo on each ear cup.

Design And Features

The Stinger has a textured finish, but the prevalent material is scratchy plastic. It feels durable enough to survive daily use, but as a budget headset, it would hardly make it through repeated drops on the floor. The set weighs 275g but feels really lightweight. While wearing the Asus Centurion 7.1, for example, would look out of place on the street, you can go anywhere with the Stinger without the headset screaming gaming. What is more, the ear cups fold flat, so you could stash the set in your bag and put it on without too much of a fuss. The over-the-ear cups are made of a breathable foam material. The headband is padded generously and covered with faux leather. The headband is able to fit any head sizes with adjustments available. The Stinger is quite comfortable to wear for long stretches too.

In addition, the left ear cup sports an adjustable microphone that can be moved up and down. Unfortunately, the mic is neither bendable nor detachable. A volume slider is present just below the right cup, which ensures an easy way of adjusting audio volume. As an analog headset, the Stinger is compatible with anything that houses a standard 3.5mm port. The first meter of the cord ends with a single 3.5mm jack that can connect to mobile devices and game consoles. For PC use, the included extension cable ends with two 3.5mm jacks, where the one is for audio, and the other for the microphone.

Sound Quality

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Top

In terms of performance, the HyperX Cloud Stinger delivers an excellent sound for the money. Not really in the class of the high-end true surround headsets like the ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1,  but it holds its ground especially considering the reasonable price. Game dialogue is likely to sound a bit dull, while the music of some games can be brassy and distant. In other games, sound effects and voice appear clearly and directionally, but there is no real depth to the sound. An important fact that should be pointed out is that the unit is a stereo headset with no virtual surround sound. With regard to music, there is no hissing, fuzziness or anything to get in the way of a good sound. The Stinger produces a rather bland, lifeless sound in certain situations while shines in others. Overall, this HyperX sounds good but lacks that richness of the audio signal distinctive to high-end audiophile headphones.

Connections and Microphone

The Cloud Stinger is not a USB headset, so it doesn’t come with any complicated software to fiddle with. A nice touch is the ability of the microphone to mute automatically when you slide it all the way up. While recordings have a slightly nasal quality and the mic may pick up background noise, all words are perfectly understandable. Overall good microphone for the price but don’t expect any miracles out of it. It’s perfectly capable of trouble-free chat with teammates while playing competitive games.

Review Overall

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming HeadsetIn conclusion, Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Stinger is a “good enough” headset which delivers a solid sound, it is quite comfortable, and gets the job done for both single and multiplayer titles. The gaming and music performance, as well as the microphone, is а bit above average, but the Stinger is a bargain at that price. It is a headset that works as promised and delivers reliable connection, sound, and quality. If you are looking for a more upscale or a wireless headset, please take a look at our gaming headset buyer’s guide that can be found on this link.

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