Cougar Immersa Review 2020 – The Affordable Gaming Choice

You might have seen our best gaming headsets list and there is no surprise that the Cougar Immersa is on it.  With regards to Cougar, it is marvelous that their products are targeted at affordability without sacrificing quality. The same applies to Cougar’s Immersa gaming headset which delivers a comfortable yet high-performing gaming experience.

Cougar Immersa Gaming Headset Review 2020

Let’s take a quick look at the specs of the Cougar Immersa gaming headset:

  • 40mm Neodymium Magnet Drivers
  • Quality Stereo Sound
  • Lightweight
  • Omnidirectional Adaptive Ear Shells
  • Retractable Microphone
  • Volume Control
  • 100 mm Earpads
  • Noise Cancellation

Design And Features

In terms of design, Cougar has chosen the stylish but not quite low-profile black and orange color scheme. Immersa’s colors may match other Cougar peripherals, if you own any, but may clash with anything else in your home in terms of design and color palette. The headset features an overarching headband that holds the ear cups in place and a suspended headband for cushion and support. Thanks to them, the headset can normally fit any head size and feels very lightweight. The Immersa comes with a 2m cable with 3.5 mm jack with inline volume control and mic switch. The set, unfortunately, lacks foldable ear cups and they are a bit chunky which makes the headphones not as transportable as others. The pads are made from faux leather while the inner section, where the driver sits, is covered with soft black foam. Overall, despite being large, the Immersa feels light enough, provides great comfort for prolonged use with minimal ear fatigue. What’s more, the headset’s advantage is the retractable mic which is very flexible and can be slid back into its hole.

Sound Quality

Music Performance

While the Cougar Immersa is primarily a gaming headset its music performance is quite decent, keeping in mind the price. The set has clean, tight bass, there is no distortion while turned up, both mids and highs are present but maybe a little muted at times. Overall, the music quality of the Immersa is very satisfying, despite the headset lacking power and crispness of dedicated audiophile cans.

Gaming Performance

In terms of gaming, the Cougar Immersa creates good positional audio for most game situations, even though it doesn’t feature true surround sound. Every detail sounds crisp, focused, and bright. The footstep, gunfire, and explosion positioning is top-notch in first person shooters like Battlefield and Call Of Duty, for examples.

Microphone Performance

The microphone quality of the Immersa is acceptable. Spoken words are heard clearly and the mic can be put positioned quite easily close to the mouth. Of course, it is not as good as those on much more expensive headsets. It’s a decent mic without fluff – more than enough for team chat and basic communication. You can’t really expect any wonders for the price asked.

Cougar Immersa Gallery

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Review Overall

Cougar ImmersaIn conclusion, the Cougar Immersa is a lightweight and well-made and actually a quite good gaming headset for both Xbox One and PS4, despite looking bulky. Your ears may get a little warm after long gaming sessions but that often happens with leather pads headsets and warm climate. The mic is retractable with acceptable quality. All in all, the Immersa delivers high-level sound and it is strongly recommended considering its price tag. That if you can stomach the wild color combination.

It is a solid performer, but if you can’t stomach the orange and the wild, at times, branding, the Logitech G430 might be an option with a dialed down style and features.



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