Asus ROG Orion Pro Review 2020 – Not Your Average Headset

Asus ROG Orion Pro Gaming Headset Review

Whenever we are up for a new gaming headset search there is always an Asus product on the radar. Whether it is a true surround like the Centurion 7.1 or a more budget-friendly option like the Strix 7.1, there is always a product to satisfy a demanding gamer.

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So what about people who are interested in more reasonably priced accessories? Well, there is an Asus for that too. Let’s take a look at the ROG Orion Pro headset. It is on our best gaming headsets of 2020  list so it must have something going for it.

ASUS ROG Orion Pro Review 2020

Design And Features

The Rog Orion Pro has more of a classic look rather than a full-on gaming beast thanks to the black and red color scheme. The earpads and the headband are very soft due to the comfy plush material. On the outside of both ear cups, there is the ASUS Republic of Gamers logo. The ear cups sport 50 mm neodymium magnets and are very comfortable but cannot rotate. Nevertheless, there are the over-ear cushions that cover even bigger ears and manage to isolate some background noise. Even if the headset looks a bit bulky, its 268-gram weight actually feels quite light.

The Orion comes with a built-in retractable mic boom which is very flexible. Useful elements included in the set are the Spitfire USB Audio that serves as a headphone amp too. There is a cable organizer for traveling. The 2.5-meter cable is very handy and durable and it gives you the freedom to use the set with any kind of setup. The braided cord gives the impression that it could endure a lot of use. Considering the length of the cable, the cable organizer is without a doubt a very useful edition. The in-line inline volume control and the mute panel/clip also prevent the cord from hanging heavily. The cable divides into two braided connection cables for mic and audio.

The microphone will need some adjustment if you want your teammates to hear you properly at normal speaking levels. The mic has a noise canceling feature that in real life it doesn’t work too well, but at least it captures your voice adequately.

With the Spitfire, you get a basic set of features such as 7.1 surround simulation, FPS EQ setting, and an amplifying mode. The USB dongle is also very well designed, and solid. Being USB powered, the Orion is not able to offer the best quality but then again, the USB’s aim is to provide convenience. Still, you can always plug the Orion Pro straight into your computer if you want to squeeze the best audio from the set.

Sound Quality And Performance

With regard to the headset sound performance, the surround sound of the Orion may confuse you because you may think that the enemy is coming from behind when they are actually attacking you from the front. The ROG Orion Pro also doesn’t separate instruments very well in music. Vocals may get lost in the mix, and not stay focused in the center. With the ROG, the ambient sounds of thunder and stamps don’t have the sense of realism that is present with the Roccat Cross, for example, and the Rog lacks the transparency of the Cross, but its performance is not far off. The Surround is better when used with the Spitfire amp though.

The Rog model does have its positives, though, considering its gripping, deep bass, the adequate thump for cannons and explosions, and the delicate and very crisp treble. When watching TV series, action and dialogues are super clear, however, some Top Gear episodes, for example, with the growling engines and squealing tires sound better with the Cross.


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Overall, the Asus Rog Orion’s performance is above average at a very good price for an ASUS product. While the included Spitfire USB audio is powerful and enhances surround, the headset has better depth and clarity when connected to a good sound card. Then again, Orion Pro’s true power is the plentiful and deep bass and crisp highs. After a long session of gaming, ears may get moist, but that aside, the Orion is a lightweight and comfortable headset that everyone can enjoy. If you’re looking for something more high-end or wireless, you can head out to our headset buying guide that can be found on this link:

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the headset features or performance figures in the comments below!

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