(Solved) Fortnite Failed to Connect to Matchmaking Service

Are you facing the ” Fortnite Failed to Connect to Matchmaking Service ” error while joining a game? This is a very common issue for Fortnite players, which happens because of a bunch of reasons. While the issue is annoying – especially when you’re really want to play after a long day of work or studies, but it can be solved easily too!

This error actually happens on every single platform that Fortnite is available for including the PC, Xbox One, PS4 etc, but it can be solved very easily on every single one of these platforms.

Every time Fortnite releases a new update for a game which adds a new platform or new features, the servers are put under maintenance and people who try joining the game at the maintenance hour might face this error. But what if no update happened or the error started popping up without any reason?

We will list the reasons for the error along with the solution to these problems as well. Let’s get started!

Solution #1: Restart your PC

I’m not joking when I say that restarting your PC might solve the issue. Sometimes after an update, the network configuration for the game needs to reset it, and it does automatically when you exit the game and restart your computer.

Fortnite is updated by Epic Games frequently in order to get rid of bugs and to apply new features to the game. These updates sometimes mess with the game files and need a simple restart of the computer to work correctly.

Solution #2: Check if you’re getting any packet loss

Sometimes you might face this error because your ISP might be having some issues. For me, the game didn’t work because my internet connection was not working properly, and I was getting packet loss. To check if your internet connection is getting packet loss, open Command Prompt or Terminal on your PC/Mac and type “ping google.com” without the quotations.

Fortnite Failed to Connect to Matchmaking Service

You should see a result like this.

If your ping’s result shows that you have a loss, then your internet connection isn’t working properly, and you should get it fixed by contacting your internet service provider.

Solution #3: Restart your modem/router

What’s the harm in restarting your modem or router and trying to connect to the servers again? A lot of people on the internet, including Reddit, forums, etc, seem to be claiming that a simple router restart fixes the issue for them.

Solution #4: Reinstall Fortnite

If nothing else works for you, you should try uninstalling Fortnite and install it again from the Epic Games Launcher. Don’t worry about your progress, points etc, since all those things are synced to your Epic Games account and once you reinstall and login to the game, you will be able to go forward from where you started.

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the game will download all the files with their full integrity, which means if a corrupted file was causing the error, it will be fixed after reinstalling the game.

Solution #5: Check Epic Games server status and wait

Epic Games have made it possible for users to check the public status of the servers. Maybe the games are not connecting just because the servers are down?

If the servers are down, all, you can do it wait until the fine people at Fortnite fix the issue for you.

So, these were a bunch of solutions that you can try if you’re facing the “Fortnite Failed to Connect to Matchmaking Service” error.

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