How To Fix An iPhone 8/8 Plus That Won’t Turn On? (Troubleshooting Guide)

We all firmly believe that iPhone is not just a phone, it’s a status symbol among the most of the population around the globe. It has said to be the brand that has been spread beyond the region, gender and ethnic limitations. Androids come at second preference for most of the consumers when it comes to responsiveness and efficiency. There are some great and imminent aspects that make iPhone, iPhone. First things first, the camera is the most significant feature of the iPhone. Considering the wide resolution and sharp clear graphics, it delivers photos that are as great as the reality, might be more than that. Secondly, the updated software does complete justice to the brand by providing the users with smooth and responsive functional operations.

The originality of the OS Build and the innovativeness of each model brings more and more curiosity in the user’s mind for more and more features. But there is one fact that nobody can disagree with, any device with even the greatest software and build material can have some issues in it at some point of time. And so does the iPhone devices as well. We don’t see it happening all the time but we sure do. The users who own iPhone are often confident that their device is working smoothly and it is always supposed to function properly because of its brand image. But when it does, you have to be careful in how you make the problem go away with wise and calculated steps. And worry not, we are here to guide you through the way.

Among all the issues, the most significant one is the power issue. This issue is prevalent in Androids as well as iPhone. In Androids, it mostly happens because of a corrupt OS or an overburdened CPU. But in iPhones, the underlying reasons that this issue prevails is different. Have you ever thought that what are you going to do if your iPhone 8/8 plus gets switched off out of nowhere? Would you start blaming Apple for faulty OS or build or would you jump on conclusions with opinions from your whereabouts or would you consider running to the repairing shop to get it fixed at your earliest or would you at least rationalize and do your homework on the causes that might be causing this problem? We are covering the issues and solutions for iPhone 8l8 Plus. What if a simple solution can save you from facing this problem again or you might never face it again with our troubleshooting steps. We are going to give you a thorough step by step problem and solution context to help you get through this. Whether it is a software malfunction or a responsiveness issue that caused your iPhone 8 plus to switch off, we will tell you how to switch it back on. We are covering all the aspects on as to why this could have happened and what you can do it fix it.

Underlying causes as to why your iPhone 8/8 Plus won’t switch on

There could be so many reasons behind this issue. As it is very common among iPhones and the troubleshooting methods are quite less than needed. There could be a component lying in any part of your phone that caused it to shut down. Not all the times is there a problem when a phone is switched off on its own and it won’t switch on upon doing so. Sometimes, the phone switches off its functions to protect the hardware and OS. You might have put some extra burden on your phone or it has caught a virus from an external source. The OS could actually get malfunctioned too and stopped working. The apps that we download on our phones are not all trustworthy, any app can carry a hidden virus in it and attack the phone’s software right after entering the phone. That is the reason we notice some apps taking more time to load than some of the apps that work comparatively faster. The hardware of iPhone 8/8 Plus might need some fixing of its own as well because hardware problems trigger the phone to switch off. You might’ve updated your phone and in between, it lost connection and couldn’t download the whole update that caused it to not function properly and switch off. Your phone’s OS could be outdated and needs updating that’s why it could get switched off. There are major chances that most of the time, it would be the software malfunction. No matter the odds, we will guide you through it all!

How to get your iPhone 8/8 Plus to turn on?

Fixing an iPhone 8/8 Phone Plus in this regard can be a tricky task for a beginner but we are jotting down all the possible solutions that you can follow to go on with the procedure to get the lead on problems. All the possible solutions for this cause have been listed, you can try all of them one by one and see which one turns your iPhone’s power on. Two things will happen, you would get to know the actual problem and you would have a clear solution for next time you face the same problem.

1.    Force restart or hard reset

This method helps in eliminating the bugs that resist the operation of your iPhone 8/8 Plus and leads to a frozen basic white or black screen where it’s on but won’t response no matter what you do. These problems are usually caused by hardware issues that can be determined by observation. You have to keenly observe your phone before any problem occurs and notice if any app or game is causing your phone to slow down. That way, you can delete it beforehand and stay safe from the upcoming problem. Well, even if you don’t, the force restart and hard reset method will help you do so. Your phone will overcome the resisting bug and turn on upon doing this. Follow the steps on how to fix the iPhone 8/8 Plus that won’t turn on.

  1. Firstly, press the Volume up button on the left side of your phone and quickly release it.
  2. Secondly, press the volume down button on the lower left side of your phone and quickly release it too.
  3. Finally, press the power button on the right side and hold it until the Phone restarts and the screen lights up with Apple logo.

This method is for when your iPhone 8/8 Plus is stuck at a black or white screen and won’ response even for hours.

2. Connect with iTunes

iPhone iTunes

Any minor problem that arose in your iPhone 8/8 Plus will be gone after the hard reset or force restart. If it continues to be unresponsive, connect it with your computer that it already recognizes and access the phone through iTunes. If iTunes is successful in communicating with your phone, quickly make a backup of the data and try and do a system restore. Keeping the backup of your data is necessary as you will lose all the data after the system restore. Follow the steps below to restore the system of your iPhone8/ 8 Plus,

  1. Get your access to a Windows or Mac PC where you can easily install iTunes or your personal computer where iTunes already exists and cherry on top, it recognizes your iPhone as well.
  2. Bring your iPhone’s charging cable in and attach it with the phone and your PC.
  3. Open the latest version of iTunes, update if not latest, to access your phone through it.
  4. When your phone is connected to iTunes, follow these steps meanwhile, the steps are same as the hard reset, you have to press and release the Volume Up button quickly, then press and release the Volume Down button quickly, then hold on to the Power button longer than the hard reset. Keep holding it until your phone enters in Recovery Mode after the Apple logo, when you see the Recovery Mode screen, that’s when you leave the side button.

As mentioned earlier, you have to keep a backup of your data as soon as you attach your phone with iTunes. If you haven’t, do it after the recovery mode because preceding this, your data will be lost.

  1. You will be taken to a screen where two options will prompt open in front of you. Either Restore or Update. Go with Update because that gives you a chance to save your data and fix the problem without the restore. iPhone will try and update the OS if it’s outdated, and this might fix your problem. Otherwise, go with the Restore option and let your iPhone Restore the system from a previously accessible backup.
  2. This process can take some time and you have to wait up until your phone is switched back on. This method will boost up your phone and keep it running without the problem that arose.

Also, this method declares and clears a few things for you. If your phone responses when you connect it with the iTunes that means the problem lies in the display and you need to follow the methods to fix that first. If you are not able to access your phone through iTunes as well, there might be a hardware issue caused by a broken app or software code, physical damage to your phone or any fluid material entering in the phone’s screen.

3. Ways to fix the hardware issues in iPhone 8/8 Plus

The above methods are helpful when a display issue arrives. If you have followed them thoroughly and your phone hasn’t turned on, there could be a hardware issue that needs catering. A damaged hardware can cause such issues in the iPhone such as the unresponsive switched off one. There are a few steps that you can follow to get it fixed before you even panic and jump to the repairing centers.  Follow these simple steps,

  1. When your phone has been unresponsive for a while, you can try to turn it on by putting it on charging for a while. Plug your iPhone 8/8 plus to the charger and leave it for half an hour. If the battery charging sign doesn’t show up, try to connect it with different sources like your PC, any other adapter or try switching the charging cable that you are using to charge it. After the battery charging sign shows up, leave your phone for a while and sit back. After half an hour or so, try switching the phone off by pressing and holding on the side button aka the power button. This will fix and run your phone in a few seconds.
  2. The hardware of iPhone is strong yet weak when it comes in contact with liquids and when it falls down from a higher surface. If that’s the case, it can be seen on the physical condition of your phone. The fluids or liquids inside the screen can get it to turn off and freeze. A hard fall can also cause your phone to turn off because the hardware gets busted and affected. If such is the case, you should contact the Apple store and get a replacement for your iPhone if you are still in span of your iPhone’s warranty period.

4. A Few Other Fixes if Your iPhone 8/8 Plus Still Won’t Turn On

  1. If you have followed all the methods to try and turn your phone on and none of them have worked, you can try various other solutions that are readily available online. Like the Android flash and recovery tools, you can flash a new OS in iPhone as well. You can check online for various flash tools that come by as recovery tools for iPhone. All you have to do is choose a software that is updated and download it in your computer. Make sure the source you are downloading from is credible and worthy of it because it can affect your phone negatively if done wrong. After the download is complete, install the downloaded OS through the recovery tool and restore the device following the same steps we mentioned earlier in the above methods.
  2. If you have tried all methods mentioned above and are still unsuccessful in turning your iPhone 8/8 Plus on, you sure have to take it to the Apple store and get it checked by a professional Apple technician who can determine the problem that is not mentioned here. There are majority chances that you wouldn’t need to come to the last method because the methods above will definitely work on your phone and switch it back on.


The listed methods are all tried and tested, if a method mentioned above doesn’t work for your phone, then you need to seek professional help. In that case, your phone might need major catering of the issues it is surrounded with. At the end of the day, Apple or Android, any OS can get corrupted and any app can have glitches. Trying and fixing a problem is always handy and wholesome rather than blaming, worrying and panicking. We hope that the above methods have solved the issue that you were facing.

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