FIFA 20 Standard vs Champions Edition vs Ultimate Edition

FIFA by EA Sports is getting better and better, year after year. FIFA 19 was a big hit back in 2018 but EA Sports hasn’t stopped at that and now every seasoned gamer is eagerly awaiting the release of FIFA 20. This release will be the 27th of its kind in the FIFA series. For all supported devices, the base release date will be on 27 September 2019. Although for early access/ pre-order, the release date will be on 24 September 2019. Members with EA Access had the privilege of accessing FIFA 20 as early as 19 September 2019. The Ultimate edition and Champions edition are the ones available for early access.

FIFA 20 is expected to have some additional skills and changes and everyone is waiting for it. Just like the 2018 version, FIFA 20 will come in three editions – Standard, Champions, and Ultimate. If you are wondering which one to buy, this short article will give you a brief lowdown on some of the things to expect from these three editions. Let’s get into it.


The price for FIFA 20 will vary depending on the dealer so the figures below may not necessarily be the same for all. You will expect to find FIFA 20 at Amazon, Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Origin, GameStop, and Sony.

  • Standard: goes for $59.99
  • Champions: goes for $79.99
  • Ultimate: goes for $99.99


  • Standard: Access is on 27 September
  • Champions: 3-day early access which means you start playing as early as 24 September
  • Ultimate: 3-day early access as well

Gold packs

All the editions have Gold Packs included though the number differs depending with the edition

  • Standard: You get 3 gold packs for a period of 3 weeks (one each week)
  • Champions: Comes with 12 gold packs over a period of 12 weeks with 1 each week
  • Ultimate: Gives you 24 gold packs distributed in a span of 12 weeks. Each week you get 2 gold packs

FUT kits

  • Standard: Includes special edition FUT kits
  • Champions: same as the standard edition
  • Ultimate: same as the standard edition

Loan Icon Player Pick

  • Standard: for 5 FUT matches, you are allowed to choose one out of five mid-version Icon Items
  • Champions: same offer as the standard edition
  • Ultimate: same offer as the standard edition

Digital or disk

  • Standard: Available in both digital and disk
  • Champions: Available in both digital and disk
  • Ultimate: Available only in digital

Some of the changes and additions to expect on FIFA 20

Volta mode

Volta mode is the new face of FIFA Street. This mode is usually fun since there are fewer rules of the game. This time around EA sports has paid much attention and has added more detail to this mode. In Volta mode, you will be allowed to select match types (street with or without a goalkeeper), the size of the pitch, perform kick off emotions (toward your team or towards your opponents) and a lot more. There are also additional rules that you will expect to meet while playing Volta mode. For example, it will count as a goal if the ball hits the net just moments after time runs out. Another thing is that players will be able to interact with the walls such as performing celebratory moves.

Setup touch

Setup touch is a new skill move that enables the player to slightly move the ball to the side – left or right. This tactic can be used in a variety of situation like bypassing your opponent or placing the ball in a better position for scoring a goal.

Pass Lock

Pass Lock is a new feature that will be introduced in the coming FIFA 20. What this does is that it allows the player to lock the pass to the receiver. This means that you will not need to worry about running far ahead and leaving the ball behind when a pass is made.

Video arbitration

Video arbitration or VAR as you would call it will not be there anymore in the FIFA 20. VAR is no longer required because the game logic itself is able to identify whether a foul or player violation did happen or not.

Elevated pass

This is a new pass tactic that is slightly elevated rather than your conventional pass where the ball is rolling on the ground. Basically, this kind of pass is intended to keep the ball out of reach from an attacking player or opponent.

No-touch dribbling

The no-touch dribbling which was in FIFA 19 will not be present in FIFA 20. This move aimed at confusing your opponent by making directional movements without touching the ball. Since this move was not used that much and caused animation issues, it is a welcome change.


There are no major changes when it comes to menus. In fact, the menu layout for FIFA 19 and FIFA 20 will be similar apart from the color scheme.


Out of the three, the Standard edition comes as the cheapest option and provides standard packs. If you are looking to spend less on the upcoming FIFA 20 then the Standard edition would be ideal. The packs that come along may not seem like a huge deal but die-hard fans can attest to the fact that they are really helpful. If you spend a lot of money on FIFA while buying packs then I would recommend going for the Ultimate edition. That way you will actually save more. Furthermore, the price difference between the champions edition and the Ultimate edition is just around 20 bucks.

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