Drone X Pro Review 2020: Is It the Best Cheap Drone?

Times have changed, you no longer have to worry about carrying someone along on your trip only for photography. You can go on a solo trip and have the time of your life and at the same time get to capture all the memories in great quality photos and videos.

Drones have really revolutionized the game. There are many drones in the market with different features that cater to different people. When choosing which drone to buy, you need to factor in what is important to you.

If you just need a small but effective drone for your needs the DroneX Pro is your best choice yet.

Drone X Pro Review 2020: Is it the Best Cheap Drone on the Market?

Do you ever just want to go out for an adventure and not worry about capturing all those great moments? Well having a drone will take care of this issue. Most especially a Drone X Pro.

Drone X Pro captures both pictures and videosin 720p HD perfectly while in the air. It is also designed in such a way that you can remote control, fold and pocket it which makes traveling more convenient.

The best part is that Drone X Pro controlled through an app on your phone both android and iOS. You don’t have to worry about navigating complex remote control. It also makes uploading and sharing with others far much easier.

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  • When folded it measures at 6.5 cm, 14.5 cm, and 3 cm however when unfolded it measures at 15.5 cm, 15 cm, and 3cm
  • It has a coreless motor which helps in rapid acceleration especially for small motors
  • It has a 3.7V 500mAh Lithium Battery  battery life of 6-8 minutes and may take up to 70 minutes to fully charge. 
  • Weighs 85 kgs
  • Its gyroscope is 6-Axis
  • Additional Gimbal is not compatible
  • The battery only weighs 22g
  • One Key Functionality


  • It is foldable

The Drone X Pro has foldable arms which means you are able to minimize the size after use and keep it in your bag.

  • Gravity sensor

Drone X Pro is able to detect any foreign objects and ensure it avoids a collision. Considering the drone is flying among the birds in the air, having this as a feature is extremely important.

  • 720p HP Ultrawide camera

With all these megapixels in your camera, you are assured of great quality photos and videos. The Drone X Pro will definitely meet your needs when it comes to clear and breathtaking shots.

  • 2 inbuilt cameras

The drone comes with two cameras which are both high resolution and can record in 720p HD. However, the quality of the camera depends on what you prefer.

  • Flying time

The flying time on this is increased because of 3.7 V Battery which means you can go for 10 minutes without worrying about charging your batteries. Filming and shooting become easier and way less time-consuming.

  • Replay mode

After your adventure, you are able to play it all back with high definition and see all the motions that have been captured.

  • Lightweight and also incorporates LED lights which add more brightness to the picture and videos.


There are some keys on remote control that you can press when you need the drone to move in a particular direction or do something. These functions include;

  • Forward or back for altitude hold

This helps keep the drone stable even when the winds are strong

  • Headless mode

The drone will move with you and follow your direction with the help of Headless Mode Function

  • Gravity control

Enable the drone to automatically follow the commands on your phone

  • Level calibration

To help the drone fly in a proper manner

  • One key takeoff and landing

One Key ensures that it comes back to where it took off once it needs to land. This ensures that the drone won’t get lost.

How it works

Now that you know all the good thing that comes with the drone, the next step is to learn how to control it. This is a fairly easy task considering all you need is your smartphone.

The first thing is to take a good look at the manual that comes with the drone and follow the instructions. You will need to download an app where you’ll scan the code on your manual to link your phone to the functions of the drone.

However, you should remember to do this over a strong WIFI connection.

Once this is done, you are able to control your drone by using your phone. Take it for a test drive and check all the feature and functions highlighted are actually true.

Take photos and videos to see how well they turn out and get acquainted with your device.

Working with a drone doesn’t have to be hard. You will crash a couple of times but the replacement of the propellers isn’t that expensive. Be patient and pay attention to your manual and learn all the navigation required.

Flight Range

This drone will go up to 150 feet away from the ground. With this distance, you are comfortably able to maintain the connection to your phone and also capture as much as you need.


When you get your drone, you have to take your time to put it together. It doesn’t come prepared for you to fly it right off the box. Luckily the manufacturers provide a step by step guide on what to do.

What do you get in the package?

  1. 1 Drone X Pro
  2. 1 transmitter
  3. 4 covers for protection
  4. 1 manual pamphlet
  5. 1 USB charger
  6. 1 screwdriver
  7. 4 blades / propellers
  8. 1 lipo battery

The first thing you need to do is make sure your battery is fully charged. Connect it and leave it for about 70 minutes. This is to ensure the drone serves you for the indicated amount of flight time.

Flight Modes

Drone X Pro has 3 main flight modes

  • Manual

Mainly used by skilled people who have a good understanding of the controls and the objects the drone is flying close. Would they or would they not affect the drone. With this flight mode, it is best to use it where the objects can’t cause any damage.

  • Altitude hold

With this, you are assured that your drone will fly at a steady altitude and be stable even when the winds are not in your favor.

  • Safe

Mainly used when the drone is flying near objects that may cause it harm or just near people having their fun. It is important to keep people safe even as you strive to get all the good shots.


  1. It is affordable
  2. It is light and portable
  3. It is compact
  4. Has a great battery life   
  5. It is easy to understand
  6. Has different flight modes that meet your needs at different times
  7. Great flight performance
  8. Quality camera with great maneuverability.


  1. The flight range is less compared to other drones
  2. Beginners may experience some difficulties especially when it comes to balancing the drone
  3. May experience some poor images because of the lack of stabilization.

Our Review:

The Drone X Pro is easy to use and is portable. You are able to carry it around with you and use it as you wish.

That being said, The battery life is a bit low compared to other drones which means you have to be prepared each time you fly it. However, this is not a big issue considering all the convenience that comes with such a compact drone.

You are also able to use your phone as a remote control for your drone. The best part about purchasing is that you get great support from their team and also have access to a manual and an FAQ section on their website for any problems you may encounter.


The Drone X Pro is averaging at $120. This is according to Amazon you however also have to factor in any shipping costs and any other accessories you may need.

This drone is by far the best and cheapest drone you will find. It is so convenient and doesn’t take too much from you. It is just right.


Whatever your needs are, trying out the Dro X Pro is going to be a worthwhile investment. All the benefits outweigh the little mishaps here and there. Take your time to learn how to fly it and how to capitalize on it and get the best images.


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