With all the IPL craze that’s going on, Dream11 is the perfect platform to make a lot of money off of your passion for Cricket. Many people across India made lakhs of money using Dream11. Dream11 is the official Partner of Indian Premier League 2020, so they are definitely legit and you can win real cash on the platform.

What is Dream 11?

Dream11 is a Fantasy Sports platform where you create a team of real players for an upcoming Cricket match and compete with other fans for big cash prizes. Your team earns points based on your players’ performances in the real-life match, so make sure you make the right choices! Remember, there are cash prizes for every match, so you create your fantasy teams and win real money every day.

Can You Make Real Money with Dream11?

Dream11 Earnings

Yes, Absolutely! Lots of players have already won big prizes on Dream11 and you can too. We host different kinds of cash contests, each with its own entry fee and prize money. Some contests have even up to 2-5 Crores Rs. of Prize Pool, and there are usually thousands of winners for each contest. So, you have a very high chance of winning real money if you get your predictions right about which players will perform the best in the upcoming IPL match.

Choose a contest that you want to play, defeat the competition, and win up to 20 Lakh Rs.

How to Make Money with Dream11?

Step 1:

Sign Up for an Account Here. (Special Link to Get ₹200 BONUS)

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Step 2:


Select an upcoming match that you want to play for. I will select RR vs. DC that’s gonna be played today.

Step 3:


Select your Dream11 team based on your predictions of who’s gonna perform the best in this match.

Step 4:

Dream 11 Contests and Prizes to Win Cash

Once you’ve created your Dream11 Team, you’re ready to join contests. There are different tiers of contests. Some contests have prize pools of over ₹20 Crores and some have around ₹25 Lakhs.

Step 5:

Choose the contest you wanna play, and you are ready to win Real Money with Dream11.