Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Slowing Down PC: 6 Ways to Fix this Problem

For this who have PC systems which have a label titled, “Integrated Digital Tuner,” “Digital Tuner, “Digital Receiver,” or other terms related to these words, then most likely your system has its own built-in Digital TV tuner. This is really a part of many PC systems which has its advantages, especially if you want to view local TV network channels from your PC system.

However, there have been some complaints of the digital tuner slowing down because of the “Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application.” It’s quite an irritating issue, even I’ve been there and had so much trouble in remedying the problem! Fortunately, there are easy solutions to it that don’t cost anything, as long as it’s executed properly.

With that being said, how can you remedy the “Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application” issue? Read on as I show you the top five solutions to help you out today!

What Is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

The Digital TV Tuner is part of the Windows Media Center, a pre-installed software from Windows. The app is used to help your PC receive and display digital signals. As a result, it enables us to watch local TV networks or digital cable channels from our PC.

As for the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application, this is actually a scheduled task that runs a process known as ehPrivJob.exe. The process’ main use is to scout for any digital cable tuners which are attached to computers. “Eh” stands for eHome, which belongs to the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application.

While it does incur problems, specifically from Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, it’s actually quite safe. However, it may affect boot up times and performance, which potentially slows down your system.

Why Does It Happen?

There are various reasons as to why the Digital TV Tuner has issues and affects your performance. However, the main culprit can come from the process (ehprivjob.exe) itself. This is because it’s a non-system process which may create invalid entries from the fragmented registry. As a result, your computer system slows down.

Also, whenever your Windows Media Center runs, all of the commands from the process would execute. While the process isn’t CPU intensive, it may affect your system’s performance especially when there are a lot of programs running at the same time. In the end, it all boils down to ehprivjob.exe.

Why Is It Important to Fix It?

A lot of people have found benefits in remedying the Digital TV Tuner issue by switching it off. However, there are just as many people who discourage you from uninstalling it or removing the process as a whole, as it’s a part of your Windows Media Center.

So, who’s correct? That depends. If you have used trustable software that shows the Digital Tuner TV registration application being the main culprit, then it may be time to switch it off. However, if it’s not the biggest issue or hasn’t made a huge drop in performance, then there are other solutions to utilize rather than removing it from the system.

Besides that, removing the TV Tuner actually depends on how you use your PC as well. If you don’t watch TV channels from your PC, then removing it is fie. However, if you use it for TV tuning or watch TV from it, then it’s not a good idea to remove the process from your system.

Check If The Problem Is From Your Digital TV Tuner

If you’re unsure if it’s the Digital TV Tuner’s process causing the huge problem, then you can check it yourself using the Task Manager. This utility helps to point out which processes are using large amounts of your system resources. Follow these steps to find out more:

  1. Open up the Task Manager. Click the Process Tab and find the entry titled ehprivjob.exe or Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application.
  2. Check its CPU and Memory Resources. If it’s larger than 100MB, or more than 10% of your overall CPU capacity, then it’s best to disable or remove it. If not, then dig in further to see what the true culprit is.

6 Ways to Fix the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Issue

Now that you’re familiar with what the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application is, how are ways you can keep it from happening again? Here are the top six effective solutions to follow:

1. Use Resource Manager to End Process

One of the best and most effective ways to remove the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application issue is to end the program causing it. You can close the Digital TV Tuner from the Task Manager, making it the quickest solution. Make sure to follow these steps when doing so:

Step 1: Open your PC’s Windows Task Manager. You can locate it from the system or use shortcuts, doing so by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc together, or Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Step 2: Once the Task Manager is open, select the Performance tab and then Resource Monitor.

Digital TV Tuner Device

Step 3: Find the ehprivjob.exe process, which is located under the Process tab. End the process by selecting the process and clicking on the End Process button. You can also evaluate the different processes you don’t need and affect your system and end it as well.

Step 4: Click OK to confirm the ending then close your Windows Task Manager and restart the system to have the changes take effect. Monitor the performance and see if it has improved since you ended the process. After that, you’re done!

2. Turn the Windows Features Off

Besides using the Task Manager to end the process, one of the first and easiest fixes you can do is to switch off Windows Features itself. You can do this by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the Control Panel through clicking the Windows Key or selecting your Start Button and typing in Control Panel to find it.

Step 2: When Control Panel is open, search for Programs and Features. Alternatively, you’re also able to open the Run dialog box with the shortcut: Windows key+R pressed simultaneously.

Step 3: When the dialog box opens, tip in appwiz.cpl, then press Enter or click OK.

Step 4: Select the Turn Windows Feature On/Off button then scroll down, looking for Media Features. Select the + sign and expand it.

Step 5: Find the Windows Media Center and uncheck its box beside it. Click OK and apply the changes.

Step 6: Restart your PC and see if that was able to fix your PC’s performance.

3. Disable Your Scheduled Tasks, If Any

Another issue many people report is the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application sometimes stops and crashes, which prevents people from using the tuner on the system. Someone found a solution to this by disabling a scheduled task at the background, which is called EhDRMInit. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Task Scheduler through pressing your Windows key or select the Start button and find the Task Scheduler option.

Step 2: Once opened, click the arrow beside the Task Scheduler Library. Select Microsoft, then Windows.

Step 3: Find the folder where EhDRMInit is from, right-clicking and disabling it right after.

Step 4: Close all your folders and restart the entire PC system. Again, check if your system’s performance has improved. If not, you can try using the next method.

Step 5: Delete Your PC’s DRM Folder

Another solution to your Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application from stopping and crashing is by deleting all the contents from the DRM folder. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Open My Computer from the system and select Programs, then find the Data folder.

Step 2: Open the Microsoft folder, selecting Windows.

Step 3: Find the DRM folder and delete the entire folder, also emptying the trash, if needed.

Step 4: Restart your PC system and see if it helped with your issue.

However, this solution, as well as using the Task Scheduler method, may not work with all users. There are some people who have said that these solutions worked, while others claim that it didn’t help at all.

If ever it didn’t help, then it’s best to proceed with the next solution, which is to remove the entire Digital TV Tuner. But if you need the tuner for various uses, then skip the next solution and go straight to the sixth solution.

  1. Uninstall the Digital TV Tuner Itself

If any of the issues I mentioned above do not work at all, then this is the last solution you can try on your own. For those who know that the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application is the main culprit, then this is the most effective way to quicken your system’s performance right after. To uninstall or remove the Digital TV Tuner, follow these steps:

Step 1z: Open the Control Panel and select Programs and Features.

Step 2: Click on Installed Programs, and Select the Digital TV Tuner. Click Uninstall located on the upper portion of its window. Uninstall the program, following the steps the Uninstallation Wizard provides. It will take a few minutes until the process completes.

Step 3: After the uninstallation, head on to the Registry Editor, holding the Windows Key+R. Type regedit when the Run dialog box opens.

Step 4: Go to this address (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\) then look for the folder which contains the Digital TV Tuner. Delete this folder.

Step 5: Next, go to this address, deleting any entries from it: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\eg ui

Step 6: Once it’s officially uninstalled, restart your PC and see if it has helped with your problem.

Step 7: Using Other Repair Software or Take It For Repair

If ever nothing works and your PC system is still acting very slow despite even removing the Digital TV Tuner, then that wasn’t the main culprit! When push comes to shove and you’re at your wit’s end, then it’s time to have it checked using legitimate software.

In some cases, there are viruses which act as the Digital TV Tuner, which put the blame in the software when it wasn’t really at fault. Other times, there are different processes and software running simultaneously, along with the Digital TV Tuner, which slows down your PC entirely.

That’s why for those who experience a slow PC, it’s best that you either install software which removes all antiviruses or helps speed up your PC performance.

But if that still doesn’t work, then it’s best that you take your PC to a repair shop or the company, if your warranty is still valid. They will help diagnose the problem and find ways on how to remedy it, as it may be even deeper than the Digital TV Tuner itself.

While installing premium and legitimate software or having it repaired may be costly, it’s the best and most effective solution to your PC woes. That way, you’re able to enjoy your PC and its maximum performance for years to come. Just make sure that you do your research when selecting your chosen software or repair shop.

Feedback From Forums and Users

So we can understand the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application even better, I did my research and checked various tech forums related to the problem. I wanted to learn more about what people had issues with when it came to the Digital TV Tuner, and here is what I found:

Generally, more users were interested in knowing about how to uninstall or remove the Digital TV Turner as a whole, which was the culprit in slowing down their PCs. Furthermore, users asked and wanted to know about the exact location of their PC’s Digital TV Tuner device.

First Complaint and Solution

One forum poster has complained about the PC behaving abnormally, stating it was performing slower than expected. Even after using software to remove any old junk files, the performance didn’t improve at all. After using another software to determine the program that slowed down his system, he found out it was the Digital TV Tuner.

The user then located the Digital TV Tuner device from the Windows Media Center, which was the main cause of his system slowing down by up to 75%! After asking from forums, many experts answered that he runs more diagnostic tools, verifying that the Digital TV Tuner is the true cause of the issue, and to check Task Manager to discover the programs that utilize the highest CPU.

Second Complaint and Solution

There is another notable complaint, with one user stating his software discovered that the Digital TV Tuner utilized too much of the PC’s resources. He had to downgrade to Windows 7 from 10 because of the lag.

One forum member advised the user to uninstall and reinstall the system’s video card to see if it can fix the issue. Another said to disable the whole Windows Media Center using the Control Panel.

Third Complaint and Solution

Someone else reported that the Digital TV tuner slowed his system down by up to 72%, noticing a significant drop in the computer’s performance. He wasn’t able to find the Windows Media Center from the Control Panel and asked anyone how he can safely remove it.

One expert advised that he should select “Turn Windows Features On/Off” to find Media Features. That is where the Windows Media Center is so he’s able to locate it.

Is It Really the Digital TV Tuner?

Another forum user pointed out that it may NOT be the Digital TV tuner slowing down the system, convinced that the registration application can affect the system’s performance by that much if there aren’t any issues with the video card.

He did the research and stated that the software many users have might be falsely detecting that the Digital TV Tuner is the only problem, just as a way for people to upgrade their software to a premium version. What should be done is to test the system’s performance using other tools or to take it to a professional for further evaluation.

Others even advised against switching off the Windows Media Center, since this is what can keep media files in one area for various uses. One also mentions that there isn’t a Windows Media Center for Windows 10 and that there shouldn’t be any more issues after upgrading your system.

Another forum member observes the process which is related to the Digital TV Tuner, which is called ehprivjob.exe, a standard process for Windows. This is a legitimate process and isn’t malicious, not causing any problems.

The forum member states that the Digital TV Tuner is a scheduled task located in the Task Manager, launching automatically each time you log in. It would warn if there are viruses which disguise as the Digital TV Tuner. He advised that you scan the system with reliable antivirus programs to check if the application is malware and needs to be taken out.

Haven’t set up your Digital TV Tuner yet and are eligible to do so? You can check out this video on how to get digital TV on Windows Media Center to get you started:

Wrapping It Up

The Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application can be annoying and cause the entire PC system to slow down. But there are quick ways you’re able to remedy it without having to spend any money. But if push comes to shove and any of these solutions don’t work, there are other software and repairmen who are able to fix your system for you at affordable rates.

I hope that this article on the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application solutions helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these solutions now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application issue, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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